Heartburn and burping

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Avatar n tn Have you tried taking Gaviscon at night and maybe before breakfast again? Try that and if your burping and acidic taste/chest pains disappear, then you have your answer and then you can try OTC Zantac and at some stage go and see a GI Doc for Endoscopy and find out what is the reason for your heartburn: i.e. hypotensive LES valve, Hiatal hernia.
Avatar f tn its gross and scares me! I burp every single day, after every meal, and about two hours after a meal. Some times i feel the pressure in my stomach, and it hurts until i practically force myself to burp, in that case its usually a pretty big burp. does anyone have a similar situation?
Avatar f tn i just started my 6th week this my first child and I am bloated!!! I also constantly burp!!! LOUDLY!!! it is embarrassing. I drink sparkling water and it makes it worse!! Is their anything I can take for either situation??
Avatar f tn Hi I am 13weeks and I can't stop burping and suffer from the worst heartburn does anyone know anything that will help?
Avatar f tn About twenty minutes after i eat i get excessive burping type hick-ups... at times if i open my mouth i would throw up what should i do about this? What is it?
Avatar n tn Many who have reflux do have excessive burping, too .. I used to call it urps, burps and slurps .. any signs of reflux at all? If you go at the top of the page and click on health pages there is an article under FAQ's about symptoms .. maybe that may help?
Avatar n tn An ulcer may cause persistent burping, indigestion, and pain that comes and goes in the upper abdomen. A tumor may cause burping that occurs with nausea, decreased appetite, and persistent abdominal discomfort and fullness after eating. Other conditions that may cause burping include: Slowed movement of food through the intestines (motility disorders). Blocked passage of food through the stomach or intestines (bowel obstruction or gastric outlet obstruction).
Avatar n tn Been burping for awhile now and found out in many cases it's helicobacter pylori. I strongly believe it could be in my case. After getting totally fed up with this ended up I did a "juice" fast for 3 days, actually drinking only water, and then when everything was good and empty out of curiosity tried barfing up a little stomach acid to see the consistency, amount of mucous, etc. A little came up, but surprisingly was not acidic at all.
Avatar f tn Wow, I had no idea this was a problem for anyone other than me. I've been having burping problems for the past few months, and getting nauseous during burping "sessions." I don't have heartburn to go with it. I thought it might be due to a switch in medications, but when I switched to yet another medication, the symptoms persisted.
Avatar f tn As above and if you burp it can come up your throat which feels like what it is you're burping up acid. Feels like a chemical burn.
Avatar f tn For the past 5 days I've been burping all day. And for the past two nights I've been feeling very mild heart burn. It only happens at night when I lay down... Not sure but we shall see.
Avatar f tn Someone please tell me what can help get rid of this severe heartburn and acid reflux I hurts sooo bad and nothing seems to be helping:(
1943416 tn?1324170361 I have been suffering 2days with heartburn I've had heart burn for some months now and I can burn non stop witch I find weird might b my gallbladder idk but I just got fed up rite now and I need help and support I made my self bomit earlyer to see if I can drow u0p the acid I did trow it up but I still have heart burn I need advice I've drank milk n it helps for half n hour I want this gone plz feel free to comment
Avatar f tn I'm 21+3 and I had not suffer from heartburn before, but know, omg it feels like a burning chest! Anyone else getting heartburn at this stage?
Avatar f tn I had AWFUL heartburn.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have major heartburn and really bad acid reflux. It's to the point where I will wake up to It and can't go back to bed. It really *****, I'm so hoping that wives tale Is true where It says somethin' about you having heartburn then your baby will have a full head of hair. If It's true, my baby should be comin' out with an afro of hair hahaha.
Avatar n tn Heartburn is common while on tx. OTC drugs like Prilosec and prevacid are ok to take.......... Plus it doesn't matter when you take them, not the same with anti-acid pills...........
Avatar f tn for the past few months I have been getting severe heartburn, no matter what I eat I seem to get heartburn daily. I tried anti-acids but they dont really work. Now I'm starting to have a lot of bloating & not only am I always burping but also passing a lot of gas.. I dont know if these two are related, I dont know if this is a serious problem. I did go see my doctor and she gave me pills that dont seem to do much either.
Avatar n tn Recently I have experienced frequent heartburn, and near constant burping. I know these are symptoms of gastroparesis, which is a common complication. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and if they have had success in treating it? Next, I also am having issues with ym breathing. It feel like I can never get a full satisfying breath. I have to gasp for air (in a sort of slow and controlled manner) every few breaths or I feel light headed.
Avatar n tn I burp a lot, no heartburn, but have like I would call heart flutters which are relieved when I gas.
Avatar m tn i have partied a lot over the years i am 36 now and dont go so hard but for the parst 2 years i have had excessive burping with bad heartburn that comes and goes. I burp after evry time I eat or drink i do get bloated as well but have started taking some pills called inner health plus that does help a bit with the bloating.
Avatar m tn I have been taking the meds for 6 days now and although I am free of heartburn and my stomach has calmed down, I am constantly burping. I have the feeling that air is trapped in my chest so I try belching to relieve the pressure. Is constant burping a symptom of Acid Reflect? I called my doctor today and he told me to talk my Protonix twice a day now for the next week? Does anybody else have acid reflux with my symptoms?
Avatar n tn I thought i had heartburn but i took the medicine and it didn't go away. This is my third day having it. Does having strep throat make this happen? Or is it something serious?
Avatar f tn for awhile but the last few days I have been burping and throwing up. I have to take very small sips of water. Is burping like gerd -I don't have any heartburn.
8744246 tn?1413298694 Doeas anyone esls have that need of burping all the time and constant headaches ?? Mine started like 3 days ago and it feels like somthing is in my throught and that I need to burp what could this be!??
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and for about 2 years, all the sudden i started burping.. A LOT! you would think that the burps came out of a 250 pound man. I cant control it at all, and it is always very loud. I went to a GI doctor and he told me that i am simply an air swollower, but how is that possible that all the sudden i started to talk different, when i know i havent.the doctor also brushed it under his belt and ignored the problem but it has gone on too long and it is getting old.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else get this 'pressure' feeling and is it related to heartburn? Most the time with exercise at least I don't get the heartburn but just the pressure and hard to breath feeling. Is there anything else that could be causing this? It really puts a damper on doing anything exercise related. Side note: Ive done every single test (endoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound, chest xray, ekg, blood tests) and of course only thing is inflammation and duodenitis.
3581773 tn?1349125510 Also, when I have a pressure in my chest, if I burp it helps. Sometimes after lots of burping, I get heartburn. This is a constant thing, day to day. Burping! I also burp more when I am nervous as well. What is causing it? What can help? Is this a digestive problem? I also have other unknown stomach problems as well. Any ideas? Would love some input.