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7465131 tn?1391026865 He has recently learned he has a heart murmur and further testing revealed he only has 2 heart valves. I have never heard of this before. Generally he feels fine, he works out and runs & does not have a problem with shortness of breath. This came as a real shock! What do you advise? Should he get a second opinion?
17020225 tn?1455753197 The pressures that open and close the valves are build up by the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle. Diastolic dysfunction somewhat influences the pressures and so can influence the speed at which left and right heart valves open and close. Your regurgitation is very little (trace) and therefore will hardly influence the speed of opening/closing of your valves. Does this help you a little?
Avatar n tn Today, he was told it isn't mitro value but that he has two heart valves instead of 3. The person adminstering the test said it was nothing to be concerned about. Is it something to be concerne about? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1109163'>**important.</a>.
Avatar n tn More than half of the time, rheumatic fever leads to scarring of the heart's valves. This scarring can narrow the valve and make it harder for the valve to open properly or to close completely. In turn, your heart has to work harder to pump blood to the rest of your body. This valve damage can lead to a condition called rheumatic heart disease, which, in time, can lead to congestive heart failure....
Avatar f tn My dad has had one heart valve replacement with open heart surgery 3 yrs ago, he is a haemophiliac. He now has two leaking heart valves and he is 71 yrs of age.....How dangerous is it..please be truthful as I'm sure my dad is worried about telling me it all, also, why won't they do it again for him to put it right?
Avatar n tn kayl, thanks for the post. Rheumatic heart disease can cause scaring of the entire apparatus of the valve. This includes the leaflets, the cords of the valve, and the muscles surrounding the valve. Don't focus as much on whats left of the valve and what it took to get the old valve out. Focus more on how they are working now. TEE really is the gold standard to assess the function of prosthetic valves, especially when the trans thoracic images are not optimal.
Avatar n tn valvular regurgitation -- is a condition in which a valve doesn't close tightly, which allows blood to flow backward in your heart. Regurgitation is characterized as trace, mild, moderate or severe. Mild is somewhat normal as one gets older. Ejection fraction of 45-50% is slightly below normal (55-70% is normal). Given that you had 4 bypasses, this is probably an excellent number indicating LV function is almost nomal. "Left and right atrium mildly dilated".
Avatar f tn Weakened heart muscle can reduce the amount of blood it pumps. A common cause of weakened heart muscle is a single, large heart attack or repeated smaller heart attacks (a heart attack doesn't always have symptoms) . Also, conditions that can weaken the ability of the heart to pump blood include medications that are toxic to the heart, infections of the muscle of the heart by viruses and diseases of the heart's valves such as aortic stenosis.
Avatar f tn Hi, My son is 14 years of age and had a physical for his Freshman year in high school and the doctor told us he had a heart murmur. He has had physical for the past 5 years and this is the first we were told of this. He sent us to get a echocardiogram. He called with the results and said my son only has 2 valves in the aorta. We are scheduled to go to a pediatric cardiologist but not for 2 months. He told me this was not serious and for me not to worry.
Avatar f tn Born with vsd Had open heart surgery at 3 Am 52, weight 120 and 5 foot 1 in. Just had a echo done. Doppler data: Mitral v regurg. = mild Aortic valve regurg = mild ejection fraction 54 percent Is there anything I can do to reverse this results?
Avatar f tn I would agree two children can be tiring, but this fatigue has been going on for more than 7 years. I have been borderline hyperthyroid for 7 years almost everytime I have had my blood checked. I don't know what my results were this time. Each time I was "within normal ranges" but close to being abnormal. I thought that maybe the heart issues could be caused by a thyroid issue, which runs in my family. Both grandmothers. I just want to feel better.
Avatar n tn Well, I have one leaky valve and the doctors told me that this is a normal heart for a 44 year old. The heart valves can improve on their own. I have spoke to several elderly people who are in their 80's who said that they had bad valves and that they just got better and they did not need surgery. My grandfather had a leaky valve for 30 years. The heart valves will cause extreme shortness of breath if they become severe and need attention.
Avatar n tn Aortic and pulmonary valve insufficiency indicates the heart valves don't close properly and blood flows back into the respective heart chambers. If moderate to severe, there is less blood pumped with each heartbeat and that can be a factor. Heart failure happens when the heart isn't pumping sufficient oxygenated blood due to weak contractions of the left ventricle. When the heart fails to pump adequately the blood backs up into the lungs and fluids leak into the lungs causing edema...
642877 tn?1281802882 The only explanation I've heard that seems to describe it, is that the contraction is less smooth than normal and as a result the valves slam shut with additional force making the heart beat more pronounced. Although there are no other symptoms that accompany it, the experienc can be a little disconcerting especially since I have a mild cardiomyopathy.
Avatar n tn We have 4 valves to are attached to the human heart each with a very specific duty...with MVP it is the upper valve to the heart that is effected..the easiest way to think of it is placing your two index fingers together and opening and closing them sort of like a church steeple...w/ MVP one side of the steeple does not close tightly as in a seal with the other side and blood is allowed to back up or regurgitate....it is much more common that you would think to have this......
Avatar f tn If this is your case, I don't see any relationship/connection between bypass surgery and development of a heart murmur, which I believe is due either to one or move valves for to a breakthrough somehow between chambers. I also believe most cases of heart murmur and benign, and do not require any treatment or medications... I do not have a murmur so I am speaking form what I have read, not from experience.
Avatar n tn Is it still possible that I have CHF even though my heart cath was good? Yes. Rheumatic heart disease causes your heart valves to become tight (stenotic) or leaky (regurgitant). It sounds like you have a leaky mitral valve. Over time, ventricular function can deteriorate with stenotic or regurgitant valves. You should be followed closely by a cardiologist. If the valves continue to worsen, many patients eventually require valvular repair or replacement.
Avatar m tn Heart murmurs can be innocent sounds (clinically insignificant) heard by stethoscope and the sound is caused by increased flow or turbulance across anatomically normal valves. The valves are a one-way passage of blood from the upper chamber to the lower chamber, and there distinct sounds during the pumping phase and resting phase and the intensity of sound is relevant. systolic, diastolic or continuous.
2177836 tn?1355177477 I read somewhere as the heart develops heart murmers can arise and the baby can be completely.fine. also my dad has a minor heart murmer and the chances of something going wrong.are almost as.bad as winning the lottery some heart conditions aren't very serious sorry I.
17198695 tn?1454510153 When one of your 4 heart valves do not close completely this backward flow happens. Heart murmur from valve leakage is quite common. Often the mitral valve is involved. The amount of leakage is categorized as none/trace/mild/moderate/severe. A lot of people have some leakage and as long as the leakage is mild or less, there is not really a reason for worry and there is no reason to limit your physical activities. In many cases this leakage will remain stable throughout people life.
Avatar f tn I was referred to a cardiologist where he discovered that I had 2 heart murmurs. He is sending me for an echo. I was born with a murmur which the doctor told my parents was harmless and would cause no other problems! The cardiologist really scared me and now I"m worried that I may have a valve disease or something like that. I have no other symptoms other than the heart palpitations. He said it could be the anxiety or it is a dysfunctional valve problem.
Avatar f tn An echocardiagram will usually show pericarditis and myocarditis- after that a cardiologist may want to do a heart cath to make sure the valves and heart muscles are working properly as well as look for clogged arteries- pericarditis and myocarditis can occur at the same time- if this is being suspected you need to be seen by a cardiologist before a rhuematologist. Wishing you all the best!
Avatar n tn Is there anything I can do to help with the palps and with the heart murmur does it make them more serious? 6. Does a heart murmur shorten life span? 7. If some of the heart was not visable could there be a serious defect that they missed? 8. I am on Atenenol 12.5mg I was on 25mg but now cut in half, is it OK to cut in half and is it safe to go off of them or will that be bad?
12182312 tn?1427687556 Are you sure your dizziness is related to your heart? As far as I know in order for a heart problem to cause dizziness there has to be reduced blood flow to the brain and I'm sure there are tests a lot more simple than a cardiac MRI that could give you some idea on what's going on. Not saying don't get one as I'd love a cardiac MRI in all honesty, just to see if there is anything going on as my heartbeat is all over the place but it's not due to PVCs/PACs.
Avatar f tn 1st let me tell our story. My middle child, Kaitlyn, was born June of '06. At her 6 month checkup, Dec '06, the dr. (one of about 6 that rotate) made the comment "I see she still has her heart murmur.", well this was actually the first time i had heard about it. having heart defects in my family, i started freaking out. They scheduled her to see a cardiologist from the louisville area who comes to murray and the appt went good. she had an echo, ekg, and the dr.
1401138 tn?1280791865 There are four valves that have distinct sounds as blood flows into the heart, through, and out into circulation. There can be calification on one or more valves, mitral valve prolapse (leaflet doesn't properly close the valve orifice), and/or a hole in the heart that has an abnormal flow between chambers (shunting). It wouldn't be unusual to have one or more valves calicified...mitral valve prolapse and a hole between chambers and any combination of the causes.