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1652617 tn?1301853701 tricuspid,pulmonic,mitral and aortic valve. Their main purpose is to maintain unimpeded forward flow through the heart and from the heart into the major blood vessels connected to the heart, the pulmonary artery and the aorta. As a result of a number of disease processes, both acquired and congenital, any one of the four heart valves may malfunction and result in either stenosis (impeded forward flow) and/or backward flow (regurgitation).
Avatar f tn My 76 year old mother has just be told that she was born with only 2 valves in her heart instead of the normal 3. In the last few years she has had problems with pain around her ears and into the sides of her head at the begining of a walk which eases off after a while and improved after she had chiropractic. She passed out once a few years ago whilst sitting at home but no issues were ever brought to light after tests were carried out.
Avatar n tn I have had 7 bypasses, a pacemaker implant, and the most recent problems are three valves that are regurgitating. I had a mitral valve regurgitating for over a year but after a echocardiogram a month ago they saw that the mitral, tricuspid, and aortic valves are doing it to. I am not the best candidate for surgery but I don't want one of these valves to cut loose either. How do I know or how will I feel to know if they are worse.
Avatar n tn My mother was recently told that she had three (3) leaky valves. Two(2) "important ones", one(1)"not so important". This was the extent of what she knows about her condition. She has a history of heart disease and has had a double by-pass years ago, and has lived with a lot of angina attacks, which have gotten worse in recent months. Do the valves effect these attacks? What if anything can be done?
Avatar n tn Normally, the disease asthma, does not affect the heart muscle or heart valves. The heart can be affected during an acute asthma attack, if it is not getting enough oxygen. Some inhaled asthma medication (bronchodilators) can cause a rapid or irregular heart rate and/or blood pressure elevation. The goal should be to: 1) Make sure her asthma is under optimum control, 2) Have her doctor check her blood pressure and treat it 3) Talk to her doctor about the erratic EKG. What does it mean?
Avatar f tn t know much about PAH, but wonder if your doctor has done an echocardiogram of you heart to get a good measure on it physical condition. In particular if the valves are working sufficiently. The only thing I take for AFib is Metoprolol to control my HR, keep it from running too high/fast. I have never taken more than 200 mg a day, and that has given me some problems with dizziness and fatigue. You didn't mention, so I assume you can handle the 250 mg dose level.
Avatar f tn The description of your medical condition referring to heart valves is considered medically insignificant and may not progress or cause symptoms. An EF of 60 is good, and it represents the percent of blood pumped with each heartbeat (normal is 50 to 70%) For your doctor to make a diagnosis regarding a heart rhythm disorder may require an EKG test. The test involves monitoring and recording the electrical impulses as it passes thru the heart.
Avatar f tn Any heart problems make you high risk. I was born with 12 holes in my heart and a heart murmur and even though all but one hole closed im still at risk.
Avatar n tn What is the expected longevity of the different types of prosthetic heart valves? What are the factors to be considered when choosing a valve? How much patient input is appropriate in making the determination as to which valve to use?
Avatar m tn Shortness of breath indicates problems with the heart valves. The heart muscle may have the good strength, but what about the valves? What is your EF? Have you had an echocardiogram to look at and listen to the valves?
Avatar n tn Well, the echo did report a few mild problems, in particular two valves. I would ask your GP to request a new echo to make sure that the problems havn't progressed. You may require specific medication. I think you are wise to start looking at other avenues because you sometimes feel like Doctors are going around in circles. Have you had an ECG performed? to ensure the electical activity in the heart is within normal limits?
Avatar n tn that disappears when the child stands up. There is no increase in heart problems, risk of death or other medical problems with a functional murmur. If asked if a child correctly diagnosed with a functional murmur has a heart murmur the answer is "no". There is no need to get yearly echos for functional murmurs. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn No, if all valves in a heart have trace/mild regurgitation then it's fine. So, the aortic valve is not leaking, they feel sure about that much. So this leaves the pulmonary valve. This is obviously where blood exits the heart to travel through the lungs to receive new oxygen (right side of the heart). I would establish exactly what physiologic degree of pulmonic regurgitation means because I have no idea?
447939 tn?1235061943 Unfortunately, some people have very little symptoms with coronary artery blockage. Did he know he had any heart problems before? Most of the time, when people know that they have heart problems, the medications helps. Did he have arthritis? Some people have a lot of inflammation in their body. Inflammation in the artery creates a place for the cholesterol to stick and build. The echocardiogram does not always show how severe the heart actually is.
Avatar f tn the left side of my hearts enlarged from what i know and i do have symptoms...heart problems run in the family already had 2 sisters that have had bypasses and ones getting ready to have her second bypass she has 9 stents ones blocked and they couldnt unblock it and my brother younger than me had a heart attack my symptoms are fatigue dizziness sometimes the dizziness is so bad i get sick and have to lay down on my stress test they said i had shortness of breath too..
Avatar m tn My husband needs to have both his aortic and mitral valves replaced (according to recents tests), and a bypass that is unable to be stented. Can the newer minimally invasive surgery be done to replace both aortic and mitral valves at the same time, or does this require the traditional open heart. His aortic valve is approaching critical, and the mitral is moderate regurgitation. I'm not asking for a diagnosis, just curious as if it even a possibility to have te newer surgery.
Avatar n tn Most likely the cause would be heart valves. Try having him sleep with a couple of pillows to see if that helps. If it does help, then most likely it is the heart valves.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 33 years old diagnosed with hypertension, and two leaky valves. I want to know if the leaky valves can cause high blood pressure, this morning I just woke up and got blood pressure cuff setting beside bed and took BP and it was 148/110 hear rate 89. without med I have not been taking my toprol xl. I want to be healthy, I do not have any children. do you think Kidney problems could be causing high blood pressure?
Avatar m tn ve just never heard of any way that an abnormal heart rhythm can prevent heart valves from closing properly. Now, someone with regurgitant heart valves can certainly have a heart rhythm issue in addition to the valve problem. That happens all the time. But as to an abnormal heart rhythm actually being the CAUSE of valve regurgitation, you'll have to explain that one to us, and maybe we can all learn something.
Avatar m tn t help any of the current heart condtions. Sometimes, as one ages there is some calicification of the heart valves that cause some leakage, and really not considered medically significant unless the leakage is moderate to severe, then there may be some shortness of breath, chest pains, etc. Thanks for sharing and if you have any further questions you are welcome to respond. Take care.
Avatar n tn Posted By TPowell on January 13, 1999 at 13:48:41: My husband (age 25) came home from work complaining of chest pain. I finally convinced him to go to the doctor. Our doctor ran an EKG and stated that two of his valves in his heart were "swollen or enlarged". He didn't seem too concerned about this and also said that the chest pains he was having was due to a inflammed muscle.