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Avatar f tn I forgot to tell you that am a 52 year old female. I have had leaky heart valves for about 15 years now. Also I have an enlargement in the upper left hand chamber of my heart. The doctor said high blood pressure causes it, but my blood pressure is hardly ever high. He also told me recently that I have heart spasms. What is a heart spasm and are they dangerous.
Avatar n tn clinical evidence of provocable myocardial Ischemia For the above result- have i any heart problem. Pls cfm.
Avatar n tn Most likely the cause would be heart valves. Try having him sleep with a couple of pillows to see if that helps. If it does help, then most likely it is the heart valves.
1652617 tn?1301853701 tricuspid,pulmonic,mitral and aortic valve. Their main purpose is to maintain unimpeded forward flow through the heart and from the heart into the major blood vessels connected to the heart, the pulmonary artery and the aorta. As a result of a number of disease processes, both acquired and congenital, any one of the four heart valves may malfunction and result in either stenosis (impeded forward flow) and/or backward flow (regurgitation).
Avatar n tn _ Dear Linda, Unfortunately he probably will need repeat surgery. I don't know the exact percentage of valves that have this problem but it does happen. If he is going for repeat surgery the needle should be removed at that time. If you have any additional questions please feel free to write back. I hope you find this information useful. Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies.
7465131 tn?1391023265 He has recently learned he has a heart murmur and further testing revealed he only has 2 heart valves. I have never heard of this before. Generally he feels fine, he works out and runs & does not have a problem with shortness of breath. This came as a real shock! What do you advise? Should he get a second opinion?
2143924 tn?1545284130 As there is an increased risk with VSD for infections of the heart walls and valves causing endocarditis, for prevention antibiotic therapy is recommended before any dental or surgical procedures. As for exercise post surgery discuss with your doctor regarding this. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
7465131 tn?1391023265 He has recently learned he has a heart murmur and further testing revealed he only has 2 heart valves. I have never heard of this before. Generally he feels fine, he works out and runs & does not have a problem with shortness of breath. This came as a real shock! What do you advise? Should he get a second opinion?
683017 tn?1226722597 I was wondering if anyone had heard of a 9 month old baby having heart valves that function fine but are in the wrong place? Would surgery fix the problem? What could happen if this issue was not corrected? A little background information: My 9 month old daughter, Cheyenne, is for the most part healthy. She is in the 97% for height and weight (30 in and 24 lbs) as of her last appt.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed last march a kind of heart problem but i dont understand the result of my echo. I dont know what to do and and I always kept worried every time I think of my heart problem this was started last November.. my blood pressure just rise up and down and the doctor that i consulted said that its time for an echo... It says here that.... normal left ventricular dimension and wall thickness with good wall motion and contractility .
Avatar n tn I believe one or more of the heart valves can be heard when using a stethoscope. Seems strange to me the doctor would mention that and not try to explain or suggest some action or state no action is needed. Many have heart valve anomalies (I'll call them) that are not dangerous and are not treated... we just live with them.
Avatar f tn How concerned should I be about the valves (had an echo 3 years ago and no valve problem at that time) and how do I overcome the pain in the chest, neck and palpatations without always thinking there is an upcoming heart problem. Heart cath revealed "non critical heart condition", Holter monitor OK, tachycardia but normal rythmn, some premature beats...
Avatar n tn What is the expected longevity of the different types of prosthetic heart valves? What are the factors to be considered when choosing a valve? How much patient input is appropriate in making the determination as to which valve to use?
Avatar n tn If the heart valves are bad and there is calcium buildup on the heart valves, it would make breathing difficult with shortness of breath. People do have good days even though they have severe calcified valves. It the calcification is too extreme, it cannot be fixed. If the calcification is mild, the valves can be repaired either through open heart surgery or through a catheter (this is still a new procedure). Talk to your doctor about your options.
Avatar f tn It affects 3 of my 4 valves I believe. He said to just come back in a few years for a new echo. For the past month or so I've been having some chest pain again. It usually occurs at night, my heart will begin racing for no particular reason. I will walk a short distance and it will be as if I ran 2 miles in record time. I consistently don't feel good and now I've been getting head aches and light headedness.
Avatar m tn Now, someone with regurgitant heart valves can certainly have a heart rhythm issue in addition to the valve problem. That happens all the time. But as to an abnormal heart rhythm actually being the CAUSE of valve regurgitation, you'll have to explain that one to us, and maybe we can all learn something. Otherwise, I'm thinking you may have two separate issues, and both were mentioned in the EKG report. Is that possible?
960316 tn?1246953305 Not really....a lot of people have this problem. It just means that the valves in your heart allow a small amount of backflow of blood. Because it's classified as trivial, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They have the listings of trivial, moderate and severe. You probably want to keep an eye on it, but it's not really worth worrying about and I'm sure if you asked your doctor about it, he'd tell you the same thing.
584024 tn?1218208863 Last night playing sand VB I had an issue with my heart?? Was really fatigued after that. Made myself stay up to watch the Olympics but went right to sleep - so tired.
Avatar f tn I lost my son in September and since then I have been having really bad squeezing pains in my chest. I went to my heart doctor and he said I was probably having heart spasms. Does anyone know what heart spasms are and what causes it?
Avatar m tn hello, i'm an adult from morocco who suffer from ,, some of the symptomes of a heart disorder which i don't know what is it since the docs keep telling me that my heart is just fine, i've accidently found this website where i knew many people who actually experience the same things as i do,, such as growling in my heart and vibrating and sometimes irrigular heartbeats.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how long the St Judes Valves are lasting in general. I have the mitral and the aortic valves. What are the main factors in general health contributes to re-replacement. Thank you Kathy Dear Kathy, thank you for your question. St. Jude's valves are known to be very durable and can last for 20 - 30 years.
Avatar f tn Many people have leaky heart valves. As long as the leakage is not moderate or severe, it is not such a problem. I can not imagine that your symptoms are related to the leakage of your valves.