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7465131 tn?1391023265 He has recently learned he has a heart murmur and further testing revealed he only has 2 heart valves. I have never heard of this before. Generally he feels fine, he works out and runs & does not have a problem with shortness of breath. This came as a real shock! What do you advise? Should he get a second opinion?
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed last march a kind of heart problem but i dont understand the result of my echo. I dont know what to do and and I always kept worried every time I think of my heart problem this was started last November.. my blood pressure just rise up and down and the doctor that i consulted said that its time for an echo... It says here that.... normal left ventricular dimension and wall thickness with good wall motion and contractility .
Avatar f tn How concerned should I be about the valves (had an echo 3 years ago and no valve problem at that time) and how do I overcome the pain in the chest, neck and palpatations without always thinking there is an upcoming heart problem. Heart cath revealed "non critical heart condition", Holter monitor OK, tachycardia but normal rythmn, some premature beats...
Avatar f tn It affects 3 of my 4 valves I believe. He said to just come back in a few years for a new echo. For the past month or so I've been having some chest pain again. It usually occurs at night, my heart will begin racing for no particular reason. I will walk a short distance and it will be as if I ran 2 miles in record time. I consistently don't feel good and now I've been getting head aches and light headedness.
960316 tn?1246953305 Not really....a lot of people have this problem. It just means that the valves in your heart allow a small amount of backflow of blood. Because it's classified as trivial, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They have the listings of trivial, moderate and severe. You probably want to keep an eye on it, but it's not really worth worrying about and I'm sure if you asked your doctor about it, he'd tell you the same thing.
Avatar m tn t help any of the current heart condtions. Sometimes, as one ages there is some calicification of the heart valves that cause some leakage, and really not considered medically significant unless the leakage is moderate to severe, then there may be some shortness of breath, chest pains, etc. Thanks for sharing and if you have any further questions you are welcome to respond. Take care.
Avatar f tn Yes I know about these and she has had them but how do they track the efficacy of the meds for the valve problem with a blood test which is what they are doing ? Which blood test would show the valve problem ? Thanks sorry I wasn't very clear in my original post !
Avatar m tn Now, someone with regurgitant heart valves can certainly have a heart rhythm issue in addition to the valve problem. That happens all the time. But as to an abnormal heart rhythm actually being the CAUSE of valve regurgitation, you'll have to explain that one to us, and maybe we can all learn something. Otherwise, I'm thinking you may have two separate issues, and both were mentioned in the EKG report. Is that possible?
Avatar m tn No, if all valves in a heart have trace/mild regurgitation then it's fine. So, the aortic valve is not leaking, they feel sure about that much. So this leaves the pulmonary valve. This is obviously where blood exits the heart to travel through the lungs to receive new oxygen (right side of the heart). I would establish exactly what physiologic degree of pulmonic regurgitation means because I have no idea?
Avatar f tn Many people have leaky heart valves. As long as the leakage is not moderate or severe, it is not such a problem. I can not imagine that your symptoms are related to the leakage of your valves.
787406 tn?1339203183 Recently after having total thyroidectomy, I was told i have leaky heart valves in the tricuspid,aortic and mitral valve. What causes this to come on suddenly?
Avatar f tn Anyway I went to see the cardiologist and today I was told that I had 2 leaky valves while they were doing my echo, then during my stress test my heart rate got up to 170 at 6 minutes so they took me off and did a follow up echo. Anyway my question is with 2 leaky valves and my heart rate acting crazy with exercise could the leaky valves be the problem? I go back to the cardiologist on Nov. 3 to get the results from the holter monitor.
Avatar f tn I'm a 52 yr. old female with 3 leaky heart valves, high blood pressure, a heart murmur and some heart flutters. I have headaches almost every day. At what point should I go to the doctor's and have my heart checked for possible heart attack? Or for a stress test?
Avatar f tn The Cardiologist needs to decide if the valves caused this problem, OR if another problem has caused the valves to be damaged. Either way, valve repairs will greatly benefit your heart and it should recover significantly, if not totally. Did the Cardiologist not mention anything about your Mitral and Tricuspid valves? and recommend repair surgery or replacement?
Avatar f tn I have 2 leaky valves and am not sure which ones. When I exercise my heart rate jumps all the way to the upper 190's. I am waiting on the results of my holter monitor, and on the results of my echo. What would thee advice be on exercise until I have a complete diagnosis as well as the severity of the leaky valves.
Avatar m tn The main problem is that the pumping chamber of your heart, the left ventricle, is enlarged as as such is not beating efficiently which is why your EF% is low. It should be between 50% and 75% and it represents the amount of blood pumped out of the heart on each beat. The walls of your left ventricle are hypokinetic which means they do not contract properly, they are "lazy" which is why your EF% is low and you have Diastolic Dysfunction.
17508117 tn?1457336716 The MRI and TEE showed that the valves are okay, however, there is a lesion between the heart and lungs that is giving me severe chest pains that are not related to exertion. The assumption of the doctor is that the leion could be from the cut that was created during surgery six years back in 2010. My question is, What is a heart leasion and what leading to the wound not to heal from six years back and what is the possible way as moving forward?
Avatar f tn he is 47 years old and doesnt have any habit of smoking and drinking and he doesnt eat nonveg also.as tested by the doctors,his heart is in perfect condition and were suggested for a valve replacement but after an year or s. what is the care we have to take for him to make him feel healthy and light?
Avatar m tn d add that you should be given a stress test, and echocardiogram to further check out your heart, including the valves. I don't know any other way to check the valves, even an expert ear can not hear all valve problems, I think. I have not given you a full list of test that could be run, but the two mentioned above I believe are needed to really evaluate the heart. The stress test may lead to a nuclear stress test and that to a cardio catheterization if indicated by the stress tests.
Avatar n tn I am not an expert, but I would say that should not be any problem, since with the angiography they do not enter inside of the heart or pass by any of the valves. They just explore the coronaries arteries. Also there is radiation in the process but not magnetic fields that could affect metallic items. If you can get x-Rays you should not have any issues.
Avatar n tn While the heart is generally adept at counteracting deficiencies caused by a leaky aortic valve, the problem is that if the valve isn't fixed or replaced in time, the strength of your heart may decline so much that it's permanently weakened. You can avoid that by having surgery at the appropriate time. Valve repair is less invassive is surgery to preserve the valve and to improve its function.
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Avatar n tn Well, I have one leaky valve and the doctors told me that this is a normal heart for a 44 year old. The heart valves can improve on their own. I have spoke to several elderly people who are in their 80's who said that they had bad valves and that they just got better and they did not need surgery. My grandfather had a leaky valve for 30 years. The heart valves will cause extreme shortness of breath if they become severe and need attention.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone knew the disease/syndrome of a problem i had recently heard about. I had heard about a heart valve disinegrating but it being to wrong valve? i was wondering if anyone knew what it was could and/or how this happens?
Avatar m tn If you have not had an echocardiogram lately, you may want to have one now to check out your heart valves. Heart valves problems have symptoms of shortness of breath, but usually no chest pain. Sometimes a heart attack can have the symptom of shortness of breath, but that would not be constant. Check your blood pressure to make sure that is in the normal range.
17020225 tn?1455749597 Today I had an EKG done . the doctor said the only thing it showed was that the valves on the right side of the heart were slower. Which he said didn't cause any problems. I looked up the right side valves and it showed they were the mitral and tricuspid. But what exactly does it mean they are slow? Does that have to do with the regurgitation?