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Avatar n tn It has been hard to face the fact that something is going to take me, and it could be a stroke. BUT, if I don't exercise, and I get fat, it could just as easily be diabetes or a heart attack or depression. I listen to my body so much more now, and I guess maybe I am taking a chance, but deep down, I believe that fitness saved my life in the first place ("we usually find this in an autopsy") and that staying fit (carefully) is the best thing I can do live a long happy life.
Avatar n tn More like conserved in the disease lobotomized kind of and it scares the shiit out of me much more then this tx meds. ca PS. didnĀ“t took any ADs or sleeping pills only headache pills and atarax.
Avatar n tn When did you go to the Mayo? When were your last MRI, LP? Do you only have the 2 chem panels to see the Ca on? Persistently high Ca can be quite symptomatic, depending on the cause. You're right. I am completely ignorant about the types and implications of Horner's. And how old are you again? I wish I could hold everything in my head - it's like a darn sieve. I'm thinking of starting a notebook on people I actually have conversations with.
Avatar n tn LOL I'd have better luck playing the Lottery. So in the WW3 battle, did you get any answers as to why? You will have to share with us if you ever get to the bottom of it and enlighten us all. Oh and BTW, I was watching The 40 Year Old Virgin movie the other day and thre was a scene about Penis cakes!!! Remember the Penis Cake thing from months ago? Jenni, Oceans, Manda? I was laughing so hard!
Avatar n tn can someone, anyone, attest to this terrible withdrawal period coming to an end? any reassurance that this will improve would be like winning the lottery for me. please...
Avatar n tn Todd Lanman in Beverly Hills, CA. Most of the studies are one level only. Fusion is something you want to avoid at all costs. Once you fuse bone together then the disc above the fusion will go. I know people that go years without that happening and I know people who are back in 6 months later to get the next disc fused. Mobility becomes limited. I personally would only do artificial discs.
Avatar n tn Did you get any medical diagnosis yet? I gained 22 pounds in 4 days and we have ruled out failing kidneys and heart problems and my doctor is clueless.
203342 tn?1328740807 He had his backside shaved and stiches. When they first brought him out, he was cowering and so afraid. My heart just went out to him. I don't know if he had been abused or not, but he didn't seem to like men. I tend to go for the underdog, the one nobody else would want, so I adopted him! It took a full year to win over his trust and get him to relax. Now he follows me around everywhere I go, even when I go to the bathroom he will sit right outside the door waiting for me!
Avatar n tn Yes, I can't look at anymore of these diseases and conditions online either because my heart starts racing and I feel sick. Until one of these doctors give me a "firm" diagnosis I am staying away from finding out more. Lindac790: my naturopath gave me vitamin c powder with amino acids that you mention but I've just been taking it for 2 days now so it probably needs time to work. I will ask her about the Malate Renew. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I was doing some research on this Hyoid Bone, and when you have problems with the acid reflux, it can cause a lot of problems in your throat, which I'm sure you are familar with, and the acid reflux can actually cause tumors in the throat, and they can become cancerous. I try not to take a lot of the information to heart until I get the facts, but I can't help but notice many of the symptoms they list for this cancer and tumors I have or have had.
Avatar f tn In college, when I was in the habit of running (jogging, really) an hour a day, I would often wake up with my heart beating fast. In my 30s I would wake up in a sweat alot of the time. I just thought I was dreaming. After I turned 40 sleep became impossible as I would wake up with my heart racing and in a sweat and then not be able to go back to sleep after sleeping maybe 1-2 hrs.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I was suppose to go for my 5th IVF this September 2010 now that I'll be having annual leave. Too many heart aches but I really am thinking about it.. I hope that coming into this forum, can give me some sort of courage to actually go through with it.. :o) Wish you ladies the best of luck!
Avatar n tn This is so strange, it seems like there has to be some connection for it to be happening to so many people and so many of the same symptoms. The thing that is different with some seems to be the age/sex but I am seriously wondering if it could be hormonal. I had to have everything taken out 3 years ago and then when they found out about my heart disease (Prinzmetal) I also have to go off the hormones they had me on to keep me halfway sane.