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184674 tn?1360860493 http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/07/07/uk-fertility-lottery-sparks-controversy/?test=faces A new lottery in the U.K. offering contestants the chance to “win a baby” through expensive in-vitro fertilization treatments is causing a stir. The sweepstakes, run by the fertility charity To Hatch and set to launch this month, is drawing criticism by some ethical and medical groups who say it is “demeaning,” Reuters reports.
1310633 tn?1430224091 (CNN) -- A Michigan woman who won a million-dollar lottery but continued to receive welfare benefits is now charged with fraud, the attorney general said Tuesday. Amanda Clayton, 25, collected thousands of dollars in state assistance for months after she won $1,000,000 in the 'Make Me Rich" game sponsored by the Michigan lottery, a statement from state officials said.
Avatar n tn What are some good gift ideas for a op-ed Baby shower for the game winners. I can't think of anything that would work for both men and women and not have to buy 8 different gifts and just get 4. With no knowing who's going to win don't want to go thru the hassle of buy gifts for just men and gifts for the women!
Avatar n tn Many people who have had that type of death experience and brought back experience changes in the brain that often affect memory, personality or physical abilities similar to having a stroke. And like a stroke, the effects may be temporary or permanent.
Avatar f tn I suffer with complex complicated migrains already some i'm pretty good at knowing the difference between one of those and something completely different. For the past 3 nights I have been awakend by this excruiciating pain like i've never felt(and i've had some winners in the past), but this pain was in the top of my head on the right side and all of my migrains in the past have had auras and felt like strokes..
148588 tn?1465778809 ” Others sought to improve the school’s use of social media and to devise a new plan for the UC Davis strategic communications office, which has seen its budget rise substantially since Katehi took the chancellor’s post in 2009. Figures released by UC Davis show the strategic communications budget increased from $2.93 million in 2009 to $5.47 million in 2015.
Avatar m tn Even when people find a new job quickly, there is an increased risk of developing a new health problem, such as hypertension, heart disease, heart attack, stroke or diabetes as a result of the job loss. The study will be published in the May 8 issue of Demography. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/05/090508045310.
2052470 tn?1351176040 We are doing advice cards and the bingo game mentioned above. I also bought baby shower lottery tickets for everyone to scratch off. All of these games have my name and date on them. It costs $40. So cute. We are also going to have stickers on the bottom of some of the plates, so while everyone eats we can have a few winners. And lastly, the candy jar, where people guess how many are inside.
Avatar f tn My son who is 38 had a stroke on Sept. 25, 2009. His left leg and left arm is paralyzed. He has been in two different sub-acute rehab facilities since Dec. 2009. The most recent one he has been there since Feb 10, 2010 but they only started the physical therapy on about Mar 7, 2010. The physical therapists and doctors are now telling me he probably won't get any better and we should be getting ready to take him home.
Avatar m tn s been 60 days since she had the stroke. My question is does anyone know if someone with similar stroke recovered even partially and if so after how long. I know that every patient is different and their recovery won't be same. We are doing physio but all cases we heard so far are accident cases and they do seem to recover after a while but I never care across any patient like my mom who recovered.
Avatar f tn My husband age 56 suffered a stroke in March of 2009. He had a heart stent in January of 2009 , a renal stent in February and began to have tremors and would get weak in the legs. He went to a Dr. in urgent care. She told him to contact a neurologist. I guess the blood was flowing too well and something broke off and went to his brain. Well one week later he suffered a stroke. Then a brain bleed as well. He spent two weeks in ICU and 2 months in the hospital.
Avatar f tn I have never heard of that before. I don't honestly see how it could cause a stroke. I know that stroke is the biggest risk of afib.
907812 tn?1245739802 ).....geno 2 b, as said....we are the lottery winners in Hep C with a great SVR rate. I did 24 wks. tx. To do 'only' 24 wks, tx I thought one needed to be UND by week 4 and if not...to extend to 48 weeks. (Geno 2's) Am I wrong in that? I know if not UND by week 12 you need to seriously consider longer tx. Request 2 & 4 wk VL test. I had 2, 4, 6, 8 , 12 but I was in a trial.
Avatar m tn Since I was forced to change my health plan or physicians. I am now facing a situation where I will have to do without my medications for my symptoms or win the lottery ( But I don't play the Lottery). I have been diagnosed with PPMS (primary progressive MS) at first diagnoses in 2005 my diagnosis was RRMS (relasping remitting MS).As most know the diagnosis changing over time is common. My diagnosis means no injections or pills on the market to slow my progression.
Avatar m tn To come to that conclusion, researchers followed more than 83,000 women who enrolled in the study in 1980 with no history of stroke, heart disease, diabetes or cancer. They found stroke risk was 20 percent lower in those drinking four or more cups a day and 12 percent lower in those who had coffee five to seven times a week. Tea drinkers may have reason to enjoy their brew, too, according to another study presented at the San Diego meeting.
Avatar f tn I had a Basial Ganglia Storke on July 26th 2009, on the left side of my brain. I have recoverd very well in that I am back to work 3 days a week, I drive short distances 10 to 15 miles I have a some speech problems and loss of sensetion in my right hand and foot. I have been very fortunate that I am in good health and I have recovered very well after thepary and lots of support from my family and friends. The doctors have not been able to tell me why the stroke occured after to angiograms.
Avatar m tn In the year 2006 I was treated for atrial fibralation and in 2008 I experience synscope .The cardiology fix a pacer in 2009 and due to strong heart beat I was given a procedure for his bundle ablation.Warfrin was diagnosed and dischaerge on 20 October 2010 to prevent the risk of stroke. Q - Can I continue the normal fitness activity and does it confine to light exercise only. I have a normal blood pressure and the heart rate is maintain at 80 bpm .
Avatar n tn hi, it's a complicated matter. At the ER, all they could do would be to take a CT of the brain to check for a bleeding stroke, which shows up immediately. An ischemic stroke (from a clot traveling from AFib heart to the brain, e.g.) wouldn't show up until a day or two later, as changes occur to the dead brain tissue. Still, if blood flow is restored by itself, and there is no permanent damage, then nothing would likely show up anyway.
Avatar f tn Michigan state Senator John Moolenaar, a Republican from Midland near where Fick lives, has proposed requiring lottery officials to share winners names with government departments and remove them from public assistance programs. "Taxpayer dollars should be used to help the truly needy, and we must stop situations like this from falling through the cracks," Moolenaar said in a statement on Wednesday. © 2011 msnbc.com .
639773 tn?1401021974 In response to your comment on Feb 06, 2009 11:20PM the link is cathy213 Jan 27, 2009 12:30am . The tag is Basilar artery migraine under Migraine and Headace Forum. I'm asking how common is it and some stroke like symptoms I had for over a month, slurred speech, right leg weakness foot drop, gait disorder,hyperactive reflexs, vertigo vomiting, double vision fainting,and lack of memory of for 12 hours. How long a average attack lasts? I give a detailed history that should be helpful.
Avatar m tn My question is what your opinion is about how much this raises my chances of having a stroke or heart attac? My blood pressure is normally good, but I am on a cholesterol lowering drug (20 MG of Simavastin). Experiencing these auras is unsettling enough but hearing about the possibility of an increased risk of stroke really causes me to be very concerned. I thank you for your time and I look forward to your response. Sincerely, Dave L.
Avatar n tn s 9 month old stent is blocked vja heart cath on 1/23/2009. No mention was made to clear the stent; I was in the shock mode and didn't ask many questions. His heart cath "pictures" are being sent to another heart specialist in another town. Our heart doctor didn't think anything could be done. I'm not ready to quit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Thanks TrudieC. I'm just learning about the alternatives. But they sound much better than the main stream. Let's face it, the disfigurement doesn't mean much if the meds kill you with a heart attack or stroke or lack of lung funtion. That scares me a lot more. I still hurt, but not enough to take any pain meds this week. So I believe the low dose naltrexone (ldn) is helping a lot. The Boswellia helps with inflammation.
Avatar f tn there are an incredibly high number of lottery winners who find themselves bankrupt after just a few short years. Spend spend spend..the money will always be there right? Same idea.