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3087780 tn?1340888807 Wii Fit Free Run for an hour, severe wheezing took a long time to recover heart rate
Avatar n tn Mostly ran on treadmill today. Slow 3 speed. Heart rate jumped around 52 to 77 to 98 and back to 52.
86819 tn?1378947492 85F, 65%rh. Resting pulse rate after working and lifting in the the lab ~ 50-55. Resting heart rate this am ~45-48. Question: what stimulates the parasympathetic system to effect pulse rate? Exercise levels do not seem in line with pulse rate. Was feeling depressed yesterday without any reason.
Avatar f tn Concerta makes Heart Rate high (resting HR = 90 - 100) brisk walk raises it to about 120 - 130, biking puts it at 140 - 150, and running puts it at 180 - 200. Trying to do program of walk 5 min / run 2 min (for 30 min) to increase by 10% each week. Having trouble b/c HR increase so drastically and immediately get headache, vision trouble, pounding in ears, etc. Headache persists for hours after.
569980 tn?1228329485 250 bpm for approximately 10 min.
1270977 tn?1270677478 I am tracking my heart rate for several weeks per Dr.
427555 tn?1267553158 Heartbeat was 106-113 with slight elevation in BP. This subsided into the night, but felt very tired for 2 days.
Avatar f tn I just returned from the hospital and for the third time in the past three weeks my resting heart rate is 160 I am getting scared about what this means for my future. Will my heart give out sooner than I am ready to go? I am really beginning to get really upset by the possible problems I may face from this.
Avatar m tn 5 miles. I felt lighter and it took longer to reach 160 heart rate than my running session earlier. I don't know how I ran a mile straight weighing 238-240! I must have had a lot of reserve power, because just relying on aerobic strength I need to stop so I don't run my body too long out of the aerobic zone while on the protocol. Rode the bike as well for about 20-25 mins and low levels. Ave heart rate was about 139 for 50 min.
1813129 tn?1316650790 Today has been a good day for the most part.I got my heart rate up a lil though when i was moving furniture..think htat was normal though.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that my low heart rate has caused me a problem(was in hospital diagnosed initially with a heart attack last week after a marathon). H/rate 37 at rest, bp low- has been as low as86-59.
Avatar f tn Went up the stairs, to my bathroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen and back to the sofa...heart rate is still only 67 bpm which confirms that sometimes my heart rate does race for no reason and it isn't that I am in such bad shape. At about 8:30 am my dog died. Can't believe she was okay yesterday at this time. So sick about it!! Keep checking pulse and at 60 to 63 bpm...so no worries... At about 1:40 pm I had an intense NEAR blackout experience...
Avatar f tn There are no hard and fast rules for what is an allowable maximum heart rate for most people during exercise - this is assuming that you don't have heart disease. There are some simplified calculators of what you might expect to be your maximum heart rate (220 - age), although difference people will have have different real-world maximums based upon other factors, like fitness. In general, if you feel good while running, then your heart rate response is likely to be appropriate.
Avatar f tn Got up, while making the coffee my heart rate jumped up to 120 bpm. Had to sit down as I felt like I had been running, short of breath. No chest pain.
Avatar m tn My pressure is 100/63 and heart rate is 57. I have slight dizziness. I run 5-6 kms daily (35-40mins) . Kindly advise whether I have to meet doctor?
Avatar n tn I wear a heart rate monitor to track my running statistics and was surprised to find when I got home that my heart rate for the last third of my run jumped suddenly to consistently over 200 (max 240) compared to my normal 140 or so. Again, I feel O.K. but not great and my heart rate is still a little high several hours later (85 vs. my normal 60-65). I realize my labs are somewhat subclinical. I want to keep training. I am a breastfeeding mom. Would you advise me to seek treatment?
Avatar m tn The heart rate recovery protocols in the cardiac lab would be done after reaching peak exercise and then immediately sitting down. If the heart rate recovery is greater than 12 after one minute it is very good.
Avatar n tn Your very brief post is impossible to answer. A HR of 80 while standing on a tread mill, say, of 80 is normal. A HR of 200 when running on a tread mill with an upgrade at the age of 21 is high, but not abnormal for someone in good condition.
Avatar n tn This is a complex question as there are many factors that lead to risk of complications from an aneurysm (size and location of the aneurysm, underlying causes, other medical conditions, rate of growth of the aneurysm, etc). Anything that increases heart rate and blood pressure will increase the stress inside the heart and vasculature which in turn may have negative effects on an aneurysm. A beta-blocker is used to reduce the stress inside the heart.
Avatar n tn Im 16 years old and i notice that my heart rate is 160 when running on treadmill... Is that normal ?
Avatar n tn I ran six days a week anywhere for 4 to 10 miles per day. My heart rate would go up to 180 beats per minute but i felt great while running and blood pressure was good and i could speak while running. Then I quit running. Now I am trying to start again. I'm back up to a size 12. When I incorporate running into my walking my heart rate goes up to 180. I feel good. But because I'm starting over again I can only run for 8 to 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn I was just woke up abruptly and my heart rate was approximately 200 beats per minute. I experienced no chest pain or otherwise irregular feelings such as dizziness. I am an extremely active individual and enjoy activities such as biking, swimming, hockey, soccer, running and weight lifting. I have NEVER experienced anything even remotely like this before. what just happened???
Avatar m tn no test conducted for Jully 23/11
Avatar n tn There is a huge misconception about the heart rate. Your maximum is just the highest rate your heart is WILLING to go. You will in fact reach oxygen debt faster than your actual max heart rate. The figures varies widely among individuals and also depends on the type of exercise. I have seen values of up to 240 on cyclists.
Avatar n tn ve been running all my life (now 59), and typical resting heart rate is around 45-55 bpm. Sleep will lower it somewhat, so a waking heart rate in the forties is not a surprise. The reason for a slow rate given to me by physicians and cardios is that an athlete's heart will have enlarged a bit with the constant exercise, and with an enlarged capacity, less pumping is needed for normal activity. Hey, that blood pressure is awesome.
Avatar m tn Heart rate was low 140-ish for most of the time with it going up to 150 at the end after running the last half at 6.5 mph. Shins feel OK the day after.
Avatar n tn If you are having no symptoms, it should not be a problem. If you want to decrease your heart rate, simply decreasing your running pace. You are training closer to an anaerobic threshold. You will probably feel better if you slow down a bit. Thanks for posting.