Heart rate faster than normal

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Avatar n tn heart feels like its working harder than normal
907968 tn?1292622204 Twice around the mall. Felt good!
Avatar f tn I did not feel good in church. Standing up and sitting down made me dizzy and my heart rate was a little faster than normal. Tried vagel and didn't work.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for my heart rate to be faster than it was before pregnancy?
Avatar f tn My appetite increase today. My heart rate is also increasing. I get tired and feel it beating faster from regular chore.
Avatar f tn I just returned from the hospital and for the third time in the past three weeks my resting heart rate is 160 I am getting scared about what this means for my future. Will my heart give out sooner than I am ready to go? I am really beginning to get really upset by the possible problems I may face from this.
Avatar f tn No great swing today. Fairly normal; quite strange. period.
Avatar m tn 60-100 BEATS.
Avatar f tn but dizzy and slightly short of breath.
Avatar f tn A resting heartbeat at rest is normal for a rate less than 100 so you are not in any danger zone. However, the high resting rate you are experiencing may be something you may want to discuss with your doctor if the high rate is sustained. There could be hyper thyroidism, could be anxiety, etc. Thanks for sharing and if you have any other questions or comment you are welcome to respond. Take care and I wish you well going forward.
Avatar n tn he lives quite an active lifestyle and his diet is ok but his heart rate is constantly beating alot faster than the average. Any ideas what can cause this and if this is normal?
Avatar f tn I had to take a nap today. My heart rate got faster. Fatigues because of that.
1813129 tn?1316650790 Today has been a good day for the most part.I got my heart rate up a lil though when i was moving furniture..think htat was normal though.
279230 tn?1259923903 I don't think you should be concerned. I am as far as you, and heard my baby's heart rate at 6 weeks 3 days it was at 167, and at 8 weeks 158. Then 4 days ago it was at 156. It can fluctuate and is usually faster earlier on and evens out through time. If there was something wrong they would have let you know.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. The heart normally beats at a rate of about 60 to 100 beats per minute at rest. A rate faster than 100 beats a minute in an adult is called tachycardia. Most people experience transient rapid heartbeats, called sinus tachycardia, as a normal response to excitement, anxiety, stress, or exercise. Do you use any other drugs other than beta blockers and cozzar?
Avatar m tn When I’m just doing normal things that do not require exertion, I feel relatively normal with breathing and my heart rate, but any small exertions are making me breath hard, and have a faster heart rate than normal. What’s also very weird is that since this breathing problem started, any intake of caffeine seems to make my heart beat extremely hard, something that has never happened before. Please help!
Avatar m tn Hello, Some people have faster resting heart rates than others. In the office I would typically order an echocardiogram, EKG, thyroid tests, and maybe a stress test depending on symptoms. If you had shortness of breath, I would probably do stress test. If they all came back normal and you had no other symptoms, I would tell you that you just have a faster resting heart rate than what is considered "normal.
Avatar m tn Of course. The electrical activity will look different because your heart is working slightly harder when sitting up rather than laying down. You have the force of gravity to pump against.
Avatar m tn There are all sort of reasons why the heart rate can be faster than normal caused by factors outside the heart as the previous poster stated. Even stomach issues can aggravate the vagus nerve causing the heart to act up a bit. Depending on the speed there can also be structural reasons as well. How fast of a rate are we speaking of?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to feel your heart beat faster than usual?? & to be out of breath to the point where you want to faint??