Heart problems and normal blood pressure

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Avatar n tn I then had an echocardiogram, which they said the results were normal for someone with an elevated blood pressure (but they didn't explainn what that meant). My blood pressure had dropped to 110/70 at a subsequent visit a few weeks ago, and they did more bloodwork which was ok. However, over the last several days my heart has been racing like crazy (I've even had some very very mild chest pain when my heart was racing). This doesn't happen all the time, only occassionally.
Avatar n tn Mild tricuspid insufficiency with right ventricular systolic pressure estimate to be 33 mmhg suggestive of mild pulmonary hypertension and trace mitral insufficiency I also have Kidney problems as well as high Blood pressure (have had this for 11 years) By the way I am only 32 years old! If anyone has any idea please help. The new doctor sent me to a Neuro thinking this could have to do with my Epilepsy. He thinks it may have something to do with my adrenal glands.
Avatar m tn I have read that changes in diastolic blood pressure are indicative of CAD. But I recently had an angioscreen, and everything came back normal. My cholesterol is 137. I think I might be a hypochondriac and I have anxiety issues, but I am worried that something really is wrong. Everything except the fluctuating blood pressure seems fine. Do I have some hidden problem? My last chemistry check showed a low osmolality, 276. Is that a problem?
Avatar m tn I am 20 years old eight months pregnant and after suffering from extream heat issues and light headiness i was told to check my blood pressure which was at 147/35 than checking my heart rate was at 103 per min. Is this within normal limits or should i be concerned...or is this natural at this stage of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Of the blood pressure medications you listed, Losartan and Norvasc are medications often used to treat blood pressure. Having a lower than normal blood pressure is not dangerous unless there are associated symptoms (light-headedness, fatigue, dizziness, etc.). If experienced, you should speak with her cardiologist/physician about titrating her medications appropriately. Of note, one medication that she should also be on is a beta blocker (given her history of unstable angina).
Avatar m tn hi im 22 an all my life ive had high blood pressure its kind of bad normal blood pressure for me is 167/110 pluse of 100+ ive had this problem since i could remember atleast since i was 8+ one day i got stressed out an almost like i was having a heart atk i went to the doctor an my blood pressure was like 220 over 134 pluse of like 164 they told me i have nothing to worrie about i mean is this normal for a person when i am doing something bad like speeding an see a cop i feel like im going to di
Avatar n tn ve had from birth) with minimal leakage which was never explained to me before.
Avatar m tn Last week I ended up in the ER because my BP was higher than usual (146/96), even after taking my daily medication. My blood pressure is usually 117/70 and heart rate in the low 70’s. They ran all the usual tests like ekg, chest scan, blood work, etc. All came back fine and went home. The following day everything was fine but one day later my BP began to creep up again. I called my doctor and she instructed me to take half a dose between the full dose.
Avatar f tn Did any doctor mention (too) low blood pressure? What is your blood pressure? It seems BP is light weight, "you can't be too low". This it somewhat true if there are no symptoms. Your description sounds like you need more oxygen to you muscles. Low BP can cause this. I don't know if it is possible for one to have normal BP then suddenly low BP while still a young person. What is you resting HR?
Avatar n tn my blood pressure is normal 90/60 to 96/66 it has been dropping upon standing up and just walking across the room. my heart races. Sometimes it wont register on my bld pressure machine. You can see it start at 72 but it wont read the bottom #. I finally got a reading of 83/56 heart rate 122. what should i do I have just gotten over chemical pneumonitis and had a tooth surgically remove 5 days ago. Thank you.
Avatar m tn As for your blood pressure during exercise, it is common for your blood pressure to increase with exercise (it is actually abnormal for it to go down). Your blood pressure should only be checked after you have been sitting, quiet and rest for 5 minutes. Hope that this helps.
212161 tn?1599427282 i was wondering if anyone can tell me if my blood pressure readings are to high. i am not over weight . and it just seems to be high this week, not sure why. dont have heart problems.
Avatar m tn Amongst current monographs is one on hawthorn which states that it is useful for heart insufficiency (classes 1 and 2) by strengthening heart contractions, lowering blood pressure and lowering pulse rate, as well as improving physical work capacity and anaerobic capacity (the ability to continue functioning in low oxygen conditions). The berry from hawthorn is widely employed for arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats, palpitations), high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure is 94/62 with heart rate of 93. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn They worry about low blood pressure because it can be a sign of an internal bleed. But if it wasn't a dramatic drop more like a gradual drop from your previous readings, you have no other signs or symptoms, you might just be dehydrated and not eating regularly enough. Be very careful when you stand up and try to stay out of the sun as your probably a faint risk that low. Take care of yourself!
Avatar f tn In August 2009 l developed high blood pressure 180/104 dr put me on ramiril 10mg and a water drug, now one year later l took ill, was i hospital and tests still on going but something strange happened my blood pressure dropped to below normal 97/57, then 101/67 and 118/72 now it is near normal and dr has taken me off hbp tablets, can anyone tell me why this has happened or likely to have happened thankyou
Avatar f tn How likely is it to have consistantly normal blood pressure, but still have [undiagnosed and untreated] Addison's?
Avatar m tn I do have a family history of heart problems such as enlarged heart, hardening of the arteries and heart attack, and the symptoms I get can often be accompanied by tingling in my left arm and fingers, along with a slight discomfort in my left chest which feels like indigestion pains? I've also had many blood tests which have all come back normal. What could this be?
Avatar m tn Some people running will have very high blood pressure and a high heart rate. Some will have normal blood pressure and high heart rate. Some will have normal heart rate and lower blood pressure. Our bodies are not all the same and a lot of it has to do with fitness. If I do star jumps, it takes around 30 seconds for my heart to reach 100bpm. It takes my 15 year old sons 5 seconds. After 5 mins, my heart is at 140. My sons is at 100 after 15 mins.
Avatar f tn Hi Heartsfulltersflyawayplz, I have my own blood pressure cuff and stethescope at home I do take it every now and then and it's normal. I know I bring it up by freaking out just thinking about having it taken. I just wish I can somehow some kind of mind over matter thing and bring it to normal when I'm in a doctor's office.
Avatar f tn but do any of you constantly check your blood pressure and heart rate..i woke up this morning and my blood prssure was 90/70 and heartrate was 111 i felt kinda week....its gone up now but sometimes it goes high like 140/86...then it goes normal it scares me....my heart rate goes up cause im on adderall and my anxiety gets so bad and im on prozac..been on prozac two months and i cant tell it doing much neither is the adderall......
Avatar m tn Since quitting my blood pressure has gone back down. On top of the anxiety and fear of my heart I have pretty much been sitting in my room and being non active all day. Whenever I stand up my heart increases as well as my blood pressure increases. I can feel my heart beating in my chest when I stand up, although sometimes my heart rate just increases with my blood pressure not really going up.
Avatar f tn You systolic (top number) is alittle high your diastolic is low. And heart is fast for resting. Perfect BP is considered 115/75 and normal range for heart rate in an adult is 60-100 bpm.
Avatar f tn Orthostatic hypotension is when your blood pressure drops suddenly and can cause fainting. When your blood pressure drops your heart rate should increase (sometimes dramatically) to compensate for the decreased blood flow. Beta blockers keep this from happening in some people so they will pass out or get dizzy upon standing or anything that lowers the blood pressure (cause the heart rate is blocked).
447939 tn?1235061943 if you was having a heart attack would your blood pressure be high, low or just normal?