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1530342 tn?1405016490 http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/worlds-biggest-playboy-salma-hayeks-billionaire-husband-has-secret-lovechild-with-supermodel-says-report-2505469/#photoViewer=1 At 49, Francois-Henri Pinault is a dad for the fourth time—but not with his wife, superstar Salma Hayek. A Manhattan court this week confirmed to the New York Post that Pinault is also the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista's four-year-old son, Augustin.
Avatar n tn What do I have if i can't stand because i have severe vertigo,neausa,vomiting and fainting,more than five times a month for 2 days or more I have lost 60lb in 1 1/2 months. The dr. told me it isn't inner ear infection. I've gone the hospital and had MRI nothing shows up.?
Avatar m tn To come to that conclusion, researchers followed more than 83,000 women who enrolled in the study in 1980 with no history of stroke, heart disease, diabetes or cancer. They found stroke risk was 20 percent lower in those drinking four or more cups a day and 12 percent lower in those who had coffee five to seven times a week. Tea drinkers may have reason to enjoy their brew, too, according to another study presented at the San Diego meeting.
148588 tn?1465778809 And last month, Mars joined with nine other global food companies, including General Mills, Unilever and Nestle, who released a letter calling climate change a threat to the world's food supply. The food giants endorsed steps that would limit the planet's temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. (Since then, the total number of companies who've signed on has grown to 14.
179856 tn?1333547362 Growth in supplement sales soared after the 1994 law but sputtered in the late 1990s, when the FDA linked scores of deaths and heart problems to diet supplements containing ephedra, which it ultimately banned in 2004. After ephedra, "the growth fell off and has never returned" to double-digit rates, although sales still are rising at a more modest pace, said Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association.
Avatar m tn [8] However, one recent study by Unilever found that smaller doses typical of those found in a cup of tea did induce changes in alpha waves as shown by EEG.[9] Alpha waves occur in the brain and are associated with relaxation. Effects on the brain [edit] Able to cross the blood–brain barrier, theanine has psychoactive properties.
Avatar n tn my father having hernia problem, he had heart blockages too 90,99,90% we come to know in an geography, we don't want to do bypass sugary but want to do hernia operation whether it is suitable for him???
Avatar n tn What does it mean when you are randomly walking around or sitting even when your heart feels like it skips a beat and then tightens up intensely, not allowing any sort of semi-deep to deep breath, but rather only short choppy inhales at a time? It goes away in a range from 25 seconds up to a whole minute. It my variate each time. Any answers to this or experience, maybe to prevent it? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I don't think anyone can really answer this because obviously there is no 'normal' life. Normal to one person could be sitting on a stool all day playing guitar, while to someone else it could mean to do daily gardening or even playing golf. Normal for one person could be driving a truck while to another it could be riding a bicycle. I suppose normal could mean exist, but to exist you could just be laying in bed every day. So normal to each individual has different expectations.
Avatar n tn I had SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia) which is a fast heart rate. It makes you feel out of breath, like you might pass out, and like your running a marathon. I had it since I was a child and finally had heart ablation surgery to fix it. They do have meds that help control it. Usually beta blockers (blood pressure meds). I still have heart palps which feel like your heart is skipping beats but they are common and they tell me harmless.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for the heart to look completely normal in 6 week 8 week and 12 week scans then have an issue in the 19 week scan
Avatar f tn can a man 56 years old, with heart working at only 30% go back to normal activities?
Avatar m tn I have been suffering sudden pain in chest mainly in the mid portion of the heart for more than one month.i have done ECG,PFT,X-RAY and all BLOOD TESTS. but every report is normal without any single abnormalcy in report.and now I have done the ECHO CARDIOGRAPHY yesterday and found that everything is normal but LEFT ATRIUM---44mm(20-40) RIGHT VENTRICLE(diastole)---27mm(06-23) L.V.E.F----63% my weight is 76 and I do nt take any alcohol or smoke.
Avatar f tn I'm laying here on my couch and my heart is racing. Does anyone else suffer from this? I'm totally relaxed and not doing anything soooo.... Why?!
Avatar f tn Does Anyone else have heart palpitation like feels like your heart flutters, or has an extra beat... especially when i lay down and more so on my left side and i can feel this in my throat as well...
Avatar m tn t answer your question about how long a person can survive with 10% heart function. I do know that, awaiting heart transplant, there is something called Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), which is a mechanical device that can take over/ assist your hart function temporarily.
Avatar f tn It just scared me because my entire family has gone to heart disease. Honestly, my grandpa died in '98 of a heart attack and my grandma died in August of a heart attack. My mom has heart problems and my dad and his side of the family has heart murmurs. It's a matter of time before we're diagnosed. I haven't had anymore but my heart is racing and I feel flushed, I can feel my heart beating hard. I think I will pay the doctor a visit tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I went to get an ultrasound last week to see the sex of my baby and see the growth of her. But they told me that she has a slightly rotated heart. What does that mean? I have to see another doctor to get a second opinion but should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old female who had heart palpations every since I was a kid recently they have pick quite a bit and it is starting to scare me I went to my md and they ran all sorts of tests they even told I might have to wear a device to pinpoint exactley when I have them since nothing showed up on my test. I am5'5 135 pounds and I keep my self in shape but the other day it skipped beats so many times my chess started to ache.