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1530342 tn?1405016490 http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/worlds-biggest-playboy-salma-hayeks-billionaire-husband-has-secret-lovechild-with-supermodel-says-report-2505469/#photoViewer=1 At 49, Francois-Henri Pinault is a dad for the fourth time—but not with his wife, superstar Salma Hayek. A Manhattan court this week confirmed to the New York Post that Pinault is also the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista's four-year-old son, Augustin.
Avatar n tn What do I have if i can't stand because i have severe vertigo,neausa,vomiting and fainting,more than five times a month for 2 days or more I have lost 60lb in 1 1/2 months. The dr. told me it isn't inner ear infection. I've gone the hospital and had MRI nothing shows up.?
Avatar f tn I hate the hospital gowns! How open they are and they just gross me out, are we able to just bring a long gown we have purchased and wear that?
8924846 tn?1410572901 I wore the hospital gowns the whole time I was there. And changed into loose comfy clothes when I was leaving the hospital. Nothing wrong with the gowns and they can make it where you can walk around without your butt showing. I will be wearing the gowns this time too.
Avatar f tn ve always worn my own gowns, PJ, comfy clothes in the hospital...never wore their gowns. When I gave birth to my second all I did was strip off my pants, but then again I was only on the maternity floor for about 10min before I had her, all I had time for was stripping my pants off. There is nothing written anywhere that it is mandatory to wear the hospital gowns. I had gotten my gowns from motherhood, I bought the nursing gowns since I new that was what I was planning to do once baby was born.
Avatar f tn Do I have to wear their gowns? They are so stiff, itchy and uncomfortable! I know if I bring my own clothes I'll probably need to get rid of them after birth.
7343521 tn?1402371959 Ah they joys of pregnancy! :) my best friend bought me some gowns for the hospital. And they are little grandma gowns. I put one on and now I dont wanna wear anything else. . .im 32.1 and I started peeing a little when I laugh or cough. Any one else having "fun" new symptoms?
Avatar n tn i have been wearing heavy xray lead gowns and developed severe pain in the thorasic area. the ct showed osteoarhritis of t7/8 and some discitis. .my latast ct showed bulging of c5/6 . I get numbness in my left index finger and occasionally in my rt thumb. I also get numbness and pain in the thorasic area when sitting up staight for long periods. Should i continue to wear these lead gowns?
Avatar f tn Barbara Walters will have surgery to replace one faulty heart valve, she announced on The View this morning. She’s known of her condition for months, and agreed with her doctors that with the summer coming up and the show’s August hiatus, this was the best time for her to have the surgery. The recovery process can be anywhere from a month to three months, she said, adding “I expect to be calling in from time to time….I love you all, and that’s my hot topic of this morning,” she said.
Avatar f tn Gowns!!! Boy or girl sooooooo much easier than onesies or sleepers just pull them up change diaperand pull it back down....
435139 tn?1255460391 I had about 5 gowns I would say, Noah spent most of his newborn weeks in button or zip up outfits. Once again I think I changed his clothes about 3 times a day due to explosive poo.
Avatar f tn This time of year, sleep sacks, blankets and warm clothes are important. Otherwise, I always have gowns and onsies. I love the gowns because they make it so easy to change baby at night. Make sure you have socks for baby. If you plan to nurse, make sure you have plenty of breast pads and nipple butter. If formula feeding, have plenty of bottles and formula on hand.
1301089 tn?1290666571 ha! the hospital I had my son at is a private hospital and have "designer" gowns...they're the same pattern as most of the other gowns but they were designed to side-tie which is SO much nicer...only problem is that my belly was so big that it gapped the gown and I had no privacy even with the side-tie. Oh well, after 2 kids my modesty is a thing of the past. funny thing for people to create, but I was grateful the times when I WASN'T pregnant and hospitalized...
Avatar f tn m getting my outfit off etsy just search maternity gowns they have beautiful gowns I booked my session with a photographer for 125$
116879 tn?1266516249 Oh, duh...just read that she IS to big for gowns.
Avatar f tn I have high levels of amionic fluid and rapid heart palpitations. I am on beta blockers and going to stress test twice a week. I just want my baby to be born and elected a c-section at 39 weeks but scared.
1287618 tn?1282017202 s from any store will do - obviously no pants or shorts - but gowns work once the little one is born - before that you will probably ruin anything else with all the blood, sweat and tears....
Avatar f tn t even use any of what I had brought other than my phone charger. I wore the gowns the whole time bc they are easier and they dressed baby and gave her blankets and anything that she needed and I was able to take it all home. They also provide all the toiletries and whatnot that you need, and I just wore the outfit that I got there in home bc I only had it on for a couple of hours that day before I switched to wearing the gowns.
Avatar f tn Pack everything you would for a vag delivery. But you don't want anything rubbing on the incision.
Avatar f tn I just plan on bringing several pairs of clean panties and wearing the hospital gowns. They're easy to work with if you're breast feeding and so loose they're super comfortable. I might bring a set of PJs too, and socks and slippers. Definitely socks and slippers. And then something comfortable to wear home, like sweats or yoga pants and a loose fitting top.
2075786 tn?1342908758 I showered hours later when i was settled in to my post pardum room. Also i brought night gowns and a robe because honestly i was so sore down below that i wanted nothing touching me down there. But everyone's different so pack what you feel you'll be comfortable again. Im due in 20 days and again backed night gowns and a robe. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I just wear the gowns there, there is still so much bleeding and such, that way I dont have to deal with cleaning my own, and can change as many times as I want. I really dont mind the hospital gown at all.
Avatar f tn Im having one too...packed night gowns cuz of incision...long dress to go home in...my hospital supplies all toiletries for me and everything baby needs except going home outfit...i got some disposable cameras cuz i dont want to rely on my phone...
Avatar f tn Oh! And the baby sleep gowns are awesome too. When your trying to do nighttime diaper changes it is a lot easier. Either the open ended sleep gowns or sleep sacs that zipper up the front.