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1530342 tn?1405016490 http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/worlds-biggest-playboy-salma-hayeks-billionaire-husband-has-secret-lovechild-with-supermodel-says-report-2505469/#photoViewer=1 At 49, Francois-Henri Pinault is a dad for the fourth timeā€”but not with his wife, superstar Salma Hayek. A Manhattan court this week confirmed to the New York Post that Pinault is also the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista's four-year-old son, Augustin.
1749417 tn?1331996992 The problem is that no one can really read JPG images. MRI images have to be windowed and leveled in a DICOM viewer. Many people think they see UBOs, but most of the time, the "bright white" objects are normal anatomy. Finding the lighter "smudges" in the white matter areas of the brain is like hunting for Waldo. Once you MRI is read, we may be able to help translate it into something that looks like English.
464075 tn?1281615436 Wonderful pictures! He is beautiful! My 3-D is Friday, I cannot wait, and looking at you wonderful pictures makes me even more excited!!! How long did they spend on your scan??
Avatar n tn What do I have if i can't stand because i have severe vertigo,neausa,vomiting and fainting,more than five times a month for 2 days or more I have lost 60lb in 1 1/2 months. The dr. told me it isn't inner ear infection. I've gone the hospital and had MRI nothing shows up.?
Avatar n tn s chambers, how well the heart is pumping blood, and whether the heart has any damaged or dead muscle. Nuclear stress tests can also give doctors information about your arteries and whether they might be narrowed or blocked because of coronary artery disease. An echo will take images of the heart at rest only, and does not include a perfusion test.
Avatar f tn maternity, newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month. each are $50 with copyright so you can print all your pictures.
7169697 tn?1389437534 What makes me nervous is when the ultrasound doctor tells me that I'm going to need to come back in to get more pictures of the baby's head and heart. ......
Avatar f tn The cheapest rate I could find was $130, and with that, you get 15 minutes of ultrasound, and only TWO pictures! And I thought that was relatively reasonable lol! Guess I am way wrong.
Avatar f tn Saw part of his scrotum, a biymt of the spine and belly and his heart. But if the tech hadnt pointed them out i would of never know. Hes just running out of room in there.
Avatar f tn The trans thoracic echo (TTE) is the one that puts the probe with gel on your chest.
378497 tn?1232143585 If anyone would like, please take a look at the three MRI pictures I've attached (as one photo, and they're also in my avatar). I'm curious about what interpretations might be. I'm asking because I've gotten three different MD opinions in answer to that question. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I thought nothing of it until one night it got unusually uncomfortable and I put my hand to my heart, and felt what seemed to be one extra heart beat. I googled these symptoms and got a lot of answers - some claiming it's just a phase my heart will go through, and others telling me I could have a stroke/heart attack. I'll lay out my symptoms and general health info below.
Avatar n tn You want to put the whole set of images online or only select images. MRI images come in a format called DICOM, you can find converters to take DICOM images to JPEG, you can also find javascript DICOM viewers. It all depends on what you are trying to do. Can you be more specific.
212161 tn?1599427282 The idea is to have one scan with the heart stressed, and one with it relaxed. Then they can compare the two and see if any muscle is irreversibly damaged.
Avatar m tn I have this on BOTH sides of my crotch, each picture shows one side, left and right. ( no nudity, or offense in the following pictures). A similar break out happened around a month ago. I feel that today my immune system is compromised, and I havn't gotten much sleep. Here are the pictures : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/845/dscn0149m.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/198/dscn0146s.
Avatar m tn MR imaging uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. The images can then be examined on a computer monitor, printed or copied to CD. MRI does not use ionizing radiation (x-rays). MR angiography (MRA) is used to examine blood vessels in key areas of the body, including the: brain kidneys pelvis legs lungs heart neck abdomen Hope this helps...
Avatar m tn Hi Dr, In continuing to research this growth and comparing it to pictures I found online, do you think it could be a Filiform wart? Can those types of warts appear on the genitals? Thank you in advance for your help with this issue.
Avatar f tn Can you guys able to find out the gender... me and my DH soo curious.... Thanks in Advance... I have uploaded more images in my profile....
Avatar f tn t look the same ? I have a video of my 3d ultrasound and on some of the pictures the baby looks big and on some small. The faces look different and some pictures have more hair...I was thinking maybe twins. People are telling me it could be the angle the picture was taken at but I've seen other 3d pictures and the baby looks the same no matter from what angle. I'm also measuring big and I think it could be a possibility.
Avatar f tn You basically lay on your side and the Doctor runs a small hand held probe overy your chest, using gel, and this gives images on the monitor. It allows many things to be checked and is a great tool for investigating heart problems. It will show the dimensions of your heart, including the internal chamber volumes. It will show how well your valves are working, if there are any leaks and probably most important, it will show if your heart muscle is contracting, relaxing uniformly.
Avatar f tn I did mine at 35weeks... what a wonderful experience, especially when you try to find the perfect pose and baby decides to give you one big kick lol :) damn I miss being pregnant!
Avatar n tn What I am really trying to find answers to is, while I am in a restful state, I get very strong palpitations, I then feel like the blood has rushed out of my body, and I feel cold and weak, and afterwards my heart feels sore, and I feel very unwell for a long period of time. I also get these strong palpitations after strenuous work, such as digging in the garden. So whether I am resting or exerting myself I get the palpitations.
Avatar n tn http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/859/img0649y.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/269/img0650n.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/205/tworb.jpg/ Paste links in new window. If you click the pictures you will see them full size in high resolution.
Avatar f tn Hi Suz! I was just wondering when you will get the results back about this MRI?? Didn't you say you'd have them this week some time? I really wish I could help 'read' these for you, but as you know, I have NO clue....LOL (I have no clue about much these days...hehe) Let me know if you hear anything, please..... HUGS!