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1530342 tn?1405016490 http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/worlds-biggest-playboy-salma-hayeks-billionaire-husband-has-secret-lovechild-with-supermodel-says-report-2505469/#photoViewer=1 At 49, Francois-Henri Pinault is a dad for the fourth timeā€”but not with his wife, superstar Salma Hayek. A Manhattan court this week confirmed to the New York Post that Pinault is also the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista's four-year-old son, Augustin.
Avatar n tn What do I have if i can't stand because i have severe vertigo,neausa,vomiting and fainting,more than five times a month for 2 days or more I have lost 60lb in 1 1/2 months. The dr. told me it isn't inner ear infection. I've gone the hospital and had MRI nothing shows up.?
280102 tn?1208877222 My sponsor told my X bf that the only reason I broke up with him was because I wanted to go get high... My X told me she said that, and in anger I repsonded that I wasn't going to go to my homegroup anymore. My X told my sponsor at the time what I said, and now I've heard it from other people. I tried to go back to my homegroup, but I just couldn't make it in the door. I sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes, then turned around and went home.
Avatar f tn My 13 years old daughter has been facing the problem with school gossip. In the end of 7 grade one boy in her school tells to others that she made him oral sex. He is good looking, spoiled boy, made fun of her, there's nothing had happened between them, for sure. My daughter always tell me about her day, and she just try ignore what people are talking about her, but I see how it bothers her.I ask her maybe I should go to Dean and ask about help.
Avatar m tn I to have removed my friends. Not only will gossip travel, in my case hatred n jealousy will be avedent. I have a friend that i have to talk too now, cuz its worked realated. He IS really badoff. I feel nothing but agression from him since my detox started. Jelious he cant do it. Makes him look in the mirror. I have done alot for this man, no longer.
Avatar f tn t want to tell my family im pregnant they are very judgemental and not like family at all every chance they get they gossip about eachother yet consider themselves Christians i moved at 18 because i just wanted my own life now im 21 i have a 2 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend i live 2 hrs away they have never even bothered to visit me yet always want me to go over there i haven't visited them in a year should i even tell them im pregnant?
4730868 tn?1362619678 I love the medicine I am on, it has been working real well. Not significant weight gain. Geodon gave me heart issues.
Avatar m tn Whenever he takes a holiday they all gossip in the nationals about him and how they plan to get rid of him. Reminds me of my old job..... (before this one where they are being nice to me and not letting me become a bitter and twisted law student instead, actually still could with all this free time). I voted for - oh yeah you're not supposed to say - but not being a US citizen they wouldn't accept my vote by telepathy. Dam stupid regulations, oh, just insulted an entire nation.
329165 tn?1515471990 I have had some really serious illnesses and health issues (2 open-heart surgeries, etc.) and was given Anti-depressants for this! I had some traumatic experiences during my childhood and on top of all my medical issues we immigrated! had loss of family and friends and I had a hectic job here in Australia and in a hyper-mood 3 weeks ago, I felt belated when I was able to quit! In my state of being so happy to be alive I also destroyed all my anti-depressants, sleeping drugs and ENDEP.
Avatar f tn Kkkkkk i used to feel the same... bunch of as s holes... I know sometimes people r really happy for u, but mosr of them just wanna gossip..
7552771 tn?1469929649 Okay I know this post gets posted a lot and I'm pushing down some questions and I'm sorry. But please you guys if you see a question, post about who baby daddy is, cheating, sex, fun games, veggie or fruit, weight gain, etc... No matter the post if you see it has 10-20+ responses it has obviously been answered.
Avatar f tn So I work with someone that is a big gossip and really nosey. She Is driving me nuts! She keeps asking me if Im pregnant and doing it to bother me. Shes not doing it to be happy for me. Its coz she wants a reason to gossip and treat it as something over me. Im not even 12weeks yet! What is her freakin problem. Ps. Doesnt help that in emotional.
637356 tn?1301924822 I am into the One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl shows. It's pathetic I know, I'm a 31 year old woman watching kid shows.
Avatar m tn I find the less i say at work,the faster my day goes....and i get more work done and i stay out of trouble....i hate people who gossip and back stab others.
Avatar n tn But it still hurts me when they gossip about me. I think that they are so spoiled and full of themselves. And when they gossip about me, I feel so angry. I'm 4 weeks pregnant. So happy. But im consumed by my hate for my in laws who.are so.fake. They obsessed over my last baby. And I hate that alot. When people you hate obsess over your baby.
199177 tn?1490498534 It is pretty safe to assume whoever is telling you the juicy gossip is telling others juicy gossip about you .That does not sound like a very trust worthy person to me . So next time that you think about passing on that juicy bit of news maybe stop and think about how it will effect everyone as a whole.
Avatar m tn You NEVER had a risk for HIV from this incident and you absolutely DO NOT need to test. This is NOT how HIV is contracted. I'm not sure what you meant when you wrote............"and I begin to hate the idea of "be a good friend....." I hope you have not come to the point of being fearful of your friend because he is gay and you've heard gossip that he might be HIV+. If you are friends, why don't you simply ask him?
145992 tn?1341345074 What is everyone's opinions on family gossip? I've noticed that Richie's family is completely dysfunctional and swarming with gossip and drama. My relationship has suffered from it and now other family members are suffering from it. What's the point of it? Is it that some people are miserable and have nothing better to do than cause mischief? Are their lives so boring that they have to start rumors? I mean gossip is like the game telephone.
Avatar f tn I Am 39 Weeks Pregnant And My Partner And I Have Both Told My Mum That We Only Want My Parents And His Parents To Visit Afterwards Yet My Mother Is Pushing And Insisting That My 'Grandmother' Will Be Visiting...I Definitely Do Not Want Her There As She Does Nothing But Bring Me Down And Gossip About Me And Make Problems, How And What Am I Supposed To Say To My Mother When I've Already Told Her But She Keeps Pushing And Persisting!?
Avatar f tn Havent seen my nieces or nephew in about 2 months due to my addiction. It felt so good to gossip and catch up. My exhaustion disappeared and have not had one craving! H E L L YEA!!!
Avatar n tn ) fikk pratet mye gossip og ledd masse. Koselig!
Avatar m tn we don't see him play at all - he is only on the gossip shows.... that kinda thing.. day 22 - wow. i am day 5 - 22 sounds AMAZZZZZZING. hows it going? how do you feel? i was in london earilier this year - i have a big "living in GB" in my mind......
Avatar m tn What happened to the those links to the other gossip sites like Twitter that were connected on the the Med Help site?
Avatar n tn Carly was talking about Sam N. and was saying things like, "He has no life," and, "must be really boring." I think that was really mean. I'm just a little jealous of Sam, but I'm not perfect, so I am happy for him. I'm praying that God will open up Carly's heart to see how what she says is rude and considered gossip.