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Avatar f tn Mcdonalds isnt healthy but i dont see a problem with it..
Avatar n tn Where I could find articles about Right carotid artery dissection with pseudo aneurism and what causes it. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Lol i just had mcdonalds i was craving a double cheeseburger with extra onions n pickles
612876 tn?1355514495 Alright, it's been a long time coming, but I've finally at least *started* it. I'm indexing my collection of journal articles where it's accessible to you all. Here in OUR health pages. This is going to be a labor of misery, I mean LOVE. Ha! This is going to take a long time to complete, and of course as there are new journal articles coming out monthly ... NO, I don't even want to *think* about that. Let's just be happy that I embarked!!
Avatar n tn t have any foot problems or anything, but as a baby and toddler, my sister was fanatical about him not wearing shoes, over concern for his feet developing properly, and attaining correct balance and flexibility, etc. She showed me several articles by different pediatric orthopedists. The articles made a strong point, and convinced me she was doing right, but that was back when he was 2 ½ years old.
Avatar n tn I highly recommend that you read the articles at Here is one that keeps me from smoking and it may be a help to you: The Smoker’s Vow With this puff I enslave myself to a lifetime of addiction. While I can’t promise to always love you, I do promise to obey every craving and support my addiction to you no matter how expensive you become.
Avatar f tn t imagine any diet that would recommend anything at McDonalds, as nothing there is healthy or easily digested no matter what the amount of calories are. Digestibility is as or more important than calories, and health is above all other issues.
9663463 tn?1407525554 If every pregnant girl refrained from eating mcdonalds I think they would be out a lot of money! Lolol I certainly don't watch what I eat. My precious 2 year old is smart and amazing and I never watched what I ate while pregnant with him. I think it just depends on how serious you want to take your pregnancy. Salad is probably the healthiest thing you can get from there so if you're gonna get something that's probably the best thing and ok!
Avatar f tn I read a thing that a mcdonalds employee said in a magazine article that they do not properly clean the frap machines and none of the employees are properly trained on keeping them sanitary. That they're full of left over crud from weeks of not being cleaned at a time!
Avatar f tn Are you looking for easy to read articles which discuss the topic generally or are you looking specifically for scientific articles?
Avatar m tn I've read some articles on this and there seems to be disagreement on whether calcium supplements cause calcification or not. I get the feeling it's an individual thing. More important is keeping the cholesterol levels down to a reasonable level. That seems to be a stronger link to calcification (sclerosis) in the arteries than drinking milk. A doctor can test your calcium levels and let you know if they're too high.
Avatar f tn Everyone and their McDonalds haha I have seen 4post about McDonalds and now that sounds so darn good... Even tho I know its not (used to work there for 4 1/2 yrs...
Avatar f tn Have any of you ladies ate mcdonalds during your pregnancy and your baby came out fine? I'm hearing about mcdonalds having ingredients in their food that can give your baby birth defects /: and I loveee mcdonalds especially their Mcdoubles Fries & egg Mcmuffins. Is this truee?
Avatar n tn // You can find this in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting Morning sickness from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms.
Avatar m tn // http://www.medhelp.
1056589 tn?1273747102 That is why you need to wait for another to get a dxs or if you fit the mcdonalds criteria with one attack. I think you would need signs on your neuro exam as well as a positive LP and more than 9 lesions in certain areas of the brain or in the spine. What areas are your lesions in the brain and are there any in the spine??
Avatar f tn I WANT A MCDONALDS BAGEL SOOO BAD RIGHT NOWW UGHHH! :( and mt hubby is at work and has the care dammit :'( :'( im literally on google looking at pictures of mcdonalds bagels!!!
Avatar f tn Yea it's ok. Just keep in mind carbs and sugar (if you have sugar) is higher in most of mcdonalds foods. If you don't have any kind of sugar issues or gestational diabetes then you're probably ok. I had the bacon/egg bagels and couple others things in my first pregnancy and all was ok. I just wouldn't eat it every day.