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Avatar n tn ))) My Mom always says "Drink water" and your tummy will feel better ;)Warm water
Avatar f tn I was just reading about some dietary issues, such as which foods help you loose weight and which foods can cause high blood pressure/heart disease etc, and I have a problem with the fact that much of the advice seems to be overly culturally biased, which I think poses an ethical issue.
Avatar n tn DD, I'll get to the articles later, but one question. If it's reall up to the immune system to suppress the virus after SVR, then how come there is almost a statistically insignificant number of relapses after say the post tx 1 year mark? So, assuming there is some role for the immune system to play -- if it doesn't impact us at all as patients, then where is the relevancy?
Avatar n tn Meanwhile, if you know your boyfriend well enough to have sex with him, you should be close enough to collaborate on having an orgasm and also letting him know that you are trying to deal with any other issues that come up while you are learning-- including the issue of possible urination. If he is worthy of you , he will understand and the two of you can work through excitation and orgasm together.
Avatar f tn What happened to the health pages? I'm not seeing them anymore. Am I just missing them...?
Avatar n tn You can go online and read his articles @ Seattle Probly not what you wanted to hear. B/it might help you know what he's going thru and what he's thinking about it. Also Deb's perspective as a caregiver to the end.
Avatar n tn //www.medhelp.
2009161 tn?1327919295 Hi there. You give very little info on your general health, your current BP readings and medical History. I would suggest to proceed with caution. Often articles can be written on a subject and be partially true or relation in long odds happenings. You obviously have BP issues considering you have been prescribed medication for it. I would advise you to visit your doctor, who will be in possession of all your health info. He is best placed to advise you.
Avatar m tn I will be discussing with my eye md when I get in for my checkup in a few months, but curious of your opinion if there are any effects to be watchful of in relation to eye health? I have read a few articles where IOP could increase and should be monitored. I wonder how closely it should be monitored - annually or more frequent?
180395 tn?1287497597 You should ask the doctor about something that will take the edge off, and this time when you quit, do it for yourself. Good luck and I hope you get a clean bill of health! Read those articles at whyquitdotcom and look at the motivation articles especially. If you want a healthy long life, then you need to quit now : ) Keep us posted.
Avatar m tn From asking my friends about precisely how much I did, I estimate that in total I have consumed slightly less than a gram of cocaine in my entire life. However, I've read articles about cocaine use which seem to suggest that cocaine in any amount will permanently increase your risk of heart attack or heart disease several-fold for the rest of your life, and that, having tried it even once, I am basically screwed.
Avatar f tn They are just presenting the possibility that they would be best served by addressing what appear to be non-organic issues. Suffering with knock-on complications from mental health issues is genuine suffering, but refusal to at least try treatment in this regard is all too common and relief is never found.
Avatar m tn , you will see my posts. The first 2 posts have links to presentations and articles about porn-induced ED. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I was watching Oprah yesterday, and the topic of the show was about womens health. It really opened my eyes, and I feel I should being doing more to take care of myself. Really I don't know where to start... I'm 20 yrs old, I weigh 100 lbs and I've been extreamly small all my life, runs in my family. I've been on a struggle with my weight for years, all I've wanted since middle school was to gain weight.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. -- I'm a generally healthy 30 YO male -- and I just lost my health insurance. I have an unresolved issue I'd like to get your opinion on. Over the last year or so, I've been noticing that I have to urinate very frequently -- often (relatively) small amounts. Lately, the stream has been weaker, too. There has also been occasional discomfort/slight burning feeling AFTER urinating (but not during).
Avatar m tn I would talk to him about this and you 2 could come up with a plan when you do have the surgeries. We have some really good articles in the health pages on wd. Check it out. sara Welcome to the forum also!!! We are always here to support you so reach out to us.
10947 tn?1281407852 Hi, We're happy to introduce our newest feature - Health Pages. Health Pages are public documents on health topics created in collaboration by MedHelp users. So much more than a dictionary, they can be a compilation of FAQs, a listing of relevant articles and news, a summary of recent research, or any other information that members of the community might find useful.
Avatar m tn From Jennifer Pifer Bixler, Elizabeth Cohen and Sabriya Rice (CNN) -- Thousands of veterans in South Florida may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV because of contaminated equipment after getting colonoscopies at the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, officials announced Monday. Two Florida lawmakers are asking for an inspector general's inquiry.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm trying to find some help for my 66 year old father whose health is degrading rapidly. Here are his issues that I was able to collect. He is very tired and seems to be ready to give up. Any guidance would be appreciated. - he has spinal stenosis. - has major fluid retention in legs and feet. - no feeling in lower portions of feet (seems to be nerve issue and not circulation related) - morbidly obese (6 feet tall and 350 lbs) - extremely limited mobility.
317787 tn?1473362051 // I think you said you had hair loss, at one time, as well, that might have been attributed to the HCV treatment, but could also be attributable to nutritional deficiencies. It's okay that you can't find your thyroid tests if they were done 8 months ago... they wouldn't be valid now anyway. It would be good it you could get your thyroid tests done now, before you take this supplement for too long, so you can get a baseline.
Avatar f tn A good health care plan would have a variety of coverage options and the ability for people who have their own insurance not to participate if they don't want to. I have seen some articles on states that have workable health care coverage systems and this is how it is generally done.
Avatar f tn I am a 35 yr old female. I have experienced severe adrenal issues three times in my life, a couple times mild issues. Currently I just underwent surgery for my gallbladder. The following days were awful and I find myself going back into the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn It takes a long time for ms to be dx my stepmother wasn't fully diagnosed with her ms until 1992 sometimes the mri's will show the demylenation that goes on in a person who has ms's body but sometimes it takes longer.
2106457 tn?1333924567 It is really politics million and millions of dollars in the pockets. Read up on news paper articles information on the web ask for the information different ways to get your answers. This will cause most of the aging population problems in our future, this is about you to.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much for your comment. I wish you and your daughter the best of everything. I am OLD! lol and have had years of making myself eat this way in order to half way maintain my weight. My heart goes out to your daughter and I hope it helps to know that there are others out there suffering (and I do believe it is suffering) with this miserable lifestyle. I have a wonderful family and a great home and my sweet dogs.
Avatar f tn If I were you I would conduct a search under Hep C forum for thyroid issues, I have read many stories re thyroid issues. Is this the first time you have had your thyroid tested since EOT? NYGirl7 also had problems post tx. I hope you can get some answers. Have they put you on synthroid?
Avatar m tn My mom was hypo- and my sister is hyper. As I get older, I am starting to worrying about my thyroid health. I found some great information and educational pieces on here. . Also found a compilation of articles with studies and what not. I have a doc appointment this week and wondered if anyone had any suggestions on what I should ask as far as my blood work. Are Thyroid disorders generally a genetically passed on?
Avatar f tn Hi Therese, I don't go on the "expert mental health" forum because I am frequently left grinding my teeth with steam coming out of my ears and I know I am not alone in this. Not much help I know but just to let you know you are not alone!
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