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Avatar f tn You are not alone. Significantly stressful events can spur this into action, and, while you are probably thrilled, the "unknowns" of pregnancy can tap into the stress angle.
1205562 tn?1554747006 I just turned 25 and am pregnant with my soon to be 2nd child. I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. I am attending school for health care managment. This pregnancy was totally unexpected. I actually went to my doc for BC pills and she was all like ''oh sorry hun it's too late your pregnant already''. So here I am now getting fater every day concerned about the future. But honestly I know everything will eventually be fine.
Avatar n tn Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn i should take masterbuting weekly once ,some times two,three times it affect my health, or my study please tell then, i have a white hair in young age what reason tell ,then i need to constraint on my study but sex thinking should affect my study so how to control the sex thinking habit please tell control or yoga kind of excise .....please tell me then me make clear......
Avatar f tn You can even take the test yourself. Take a clear cup and pee as much as you can into it. If there is stuff floating in there, aside from the large droplets of white sticky stuff, then its a yeast infection.... If you have pain along your back ad one of the sides of your body, then its a uti.
Avatar n tn I have an eating disorder as well. I'd suggest seeking help from a therapist, dietician, and psychiatrist. If you have health insurance, often they can provide these resources at a low cost. Until you can get help, eat a balanced diet from the food pyramid. You can even look up bulimia recovery meal plans. Eat consistently throughout the day, regarding food as fuel rather than a source of comfort or punishment. Focus both on calories AND macronutrients.
Avatar f tn You know that you want to and you know that what you are thinking is wrong but it is very hard to just stop. My suggestion is to keep a journal and make a lot of friends. Keeping yourself active and in touch with society is a good way to distract yourself from these thoughts. Or maybe just reading a medical book will help prove that nothing is wrong with you. Just look over the facts and you will see that you do NOT fit the descriptions of those diseases and ailments.
Avatar f tn "how soon after I stop taking this med will the withdrawals start?" You're have to stay on something for a period of time before you become addicted to it and you have to be addicted before you're going to go through withdrawals. I see you're on 100mcg Fentanyl patches.
Avatar f tn I would say that maybe when you are crying and you bend over and are using your abdominal muscles to cry as well as stand back up, you may ( like AnnieBrooke said) be giving yourself some sort of muscle spasm or even pinching a nerve when that happens. Due to the muscle spasm or pinched nerve, that could be giving you the pain (menstral cramping pain) that you had for the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn You seem to be suffering from low confidence level and may be even depression. It will cause no harm to consult a counselor to assess yourself. Also please take up some physical activity like jogging, cycling, swimming etc to keep yourself fit. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn Yes, more than likely you dehydrated yourself. The lack of seminal fluid, which is the watery stuff, will make your ejaculate have a jelly-like consistency.
Avatar f tn Either keep trying to find it and pull it out yourself, or make a doctor's appointment for them to get it out. If you just leave it and do nothing, it can cause an infection, so it needs to come out.
1136436 tn?1261826161 You received two posts from people just like yourself and trying to help. You will find Hensley is more interested in dragging you into his bitter, angry world. Just ignore this, and stick with the people who jumped on here to help you, they are the ones who know best. Plus, there are others who will offer good advice for you, they too may get blasted by Hensley, but most of us are aware of what he is dealing with, and try our best to work around him. Take care.......
804317 tn?1274207759 I think that it is understandable that you would be terrified to talk to girls or get close to anyone given what you have been through. As you have described, allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you would be if you became more intimate with girls would likely awaken the feelings of being violated as you were when you were younger. Have you ever spoken to a professional counselor or therapist about these events before?
Avatar n tn Give yourself a couple days rest, and next time you have sex maybe start with a little lubrication to make it easier. In the mean time, make sure you wear cotton panties and try to avoid chemicals or harsh soaps around your vagina. It's quite painful, but it does go away on it's own. Just baby it a little and hopefully in few days you'll be better.
Avatar m tn http://symptoms.webmd.
Avatar n tn Have you already had the pre op drs. visit to check on health prior to surgery? Usually they schedule those right before the surgery. They will not put any child (or adult) under anethesia with symptoms you describe. But your doctor will make that call. So, give the doctor a call yourself and tell him the symptoms your child is having.
Avatar f tn I have had the same thing for over 50 years, its ok they never go away, dont worry your just normal, if your still worried then go to pegym and have a look at the p***s photos on there and you can judge for yourself, but for me just dont worry its a small thing in your young life, and I take it atb 15 you not had much of a sex life yet, if so that should cut down any chances of STDs.
Avatar n tn Neurological problems can be fluctuant although I have never heard of anything like 20 seconds paralysis.
Avatar m tn I have rush all over the body including on my penis and this is the 9th year i have a body tremble and painful joints my eyes have sunk and are whitening so are my palms indicating loss of blood my weght is 55 kgs increased by 5kgs in 7 yrs.i once had sex in 94 with a house maid daily and i was7 yrs old then.i believe we also had sex even when she was on her periods.i am afraid that it may be HIV.what could it be?