Healing colon problems with crystals

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Avatar f tn For the last several months, I've noticed small white crystals with each bowel movement. I just recently decided to take apart the capsules of Effexor and the crystals in the bowel movements look exactly like crystals from those capsules. Am I right to assume I'm passing all the Effexor through my colon and not absorbing any. I hate to discuss this with my psychiatrist in person. Should I continue taking it or is it a waste of money?
Avatar f tn so sorry for kitties problems, UTI with crystals can potentially be a life threatening problem, the tiny crystals can plug off the urethra making it impossible for the urine to pass and the bladder will burst. the biggest culprit is grain based kibble. grains and plant matter contribute to alkaline urine while meat will promote a slightly acidic urine. Dry food contains only 10% moisture, and cats cannot drink enough to make up the deficit.
Avatar n tn We realize that it is a lengthy healing process and that he has withstood the surgeries with no problems. We just want to know how the fistulas play into his recovery - will he make a full recovery?
Avatar n tn In the following days when I was back at home I found myself having to deal with large amounts of mucus continually being discharged from my rectum. I am aware that with the large colon still intact the colon naturally produces a small amount of mucus, just as it did for the first 18 months after I was originally given the illeostomy. However this time the mucus levels were un-manageable, over ten times more in volume.
Avatar n tn Have you tried crystals with this - as if you do this inside a circle of colourful crystals it can be ultra energising?
Avatar f tn Oh I'm so sorry about your pet. I know how you feel. Hang in there. I'm not in a very good place either. My cat may have cancer. I'm waiting on the lab results. Like your cat, Abby has bleeding problems but he doesn't have crystals. His colon is chronically irritated. The vet said the mucose is all bloody; it doesn't even look normal, so he bleeds when he evacuates. He is on antibiotics right now, but it's hard to see a sick pet.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is 32 and has been found to have crystals in his urine, went to the dr with frequency, and mild kidney area ache, no other symptoms although he has recently been found to have high systolic blood pressure accompanied with hot flushes and head pressure (the dr thinks this is due to the high bp) was just wondering what your opinion was of the crystals and also he has protien in his urine whenever he goes to the dr. the dr does not seem concerned just wondering what your opinion is.
Avatar n tn Grant it, I agree that my post is a little evil. Do you realize how annoying, depressing, and heart breaking it is to read some of these posts? Normally, I am not evil, and a lot of people think that I'm helpful (okay, assuming...here). This poster has already said that her cat almost died from crystals. I've also had a cat get blocked from crystals and his bladder almost burst. His bladder was soooo close to bursting.
449658 tn?1211304322 I also have pain with intercourse and putting in a tampon. Just wondering if any of this information is consistent with colon issues such as colon cancer - i've never had surgery - why would i have adhesions on my colon? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and have polyasytic ovaries and when I'm on my period and I have a BM or when I'm just gassy it hurts extremely bad in my colon like a knife is being twisted around. My endometrium increases to 8mm thick when I'm menstrating. Also it is very difficult to put a tampon in I have to push under and around a wall. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn There is four years that i am having frequent problems with urination and the doctors seem to think it is all in my head. I began to have this frequent need to urinate,,,day and night when i was 23 years ( still virgin so there were no vaginal infections). The urine analysis and urineculture has always been sterile,,,and abdominal ultrasound always normal.
Avatar f tn Ballooning is done in many areas of the body - including the trachea and the esophagus when people have problems with those tubes. When the procedure is done in skilled hands, it's a relatively easy procedure. As long as you don't have a 'thinner' section than normal that you're dealing with - and you shouldn't based on what you're saying - the stretching should go well.
931246 tn?1297902651 my Nemo has been free of crystals for over a year now since stopping dry food...I also mix a small amount of extra water in with his wet food b/c he doesn't drink alot....need to keep these crystals flushed out of the bladder...good luck. keep us updated.. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Cats/Crystals/show/1455676?
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.
Avatar m tn I went to 2 doctors. Then went for a colonscopy. Then an anoscope. Finally I had to have surgery. The colon/rectal doctor told me that once they become chronic they have a very hard time healing without surgery. The muscle goes into spasm and tears it more and more so it never heals. You need to go see a colon rectal doctor. He can give you a few creams that may work if not there is a quick surgery that can be done to fix things. Just go in!
874521 tn?1424116797 It is recommend to feed a diet low in magnesium if the cat has a history of struvite crystals. However there are other types of crystals as well that do not need a low pH which is produced in many of the "urinary tract health" diets you find at the pet store. If your cat does has a history of crystals, there are also veterinary diets made by Purina and Royal Canin that seem very palatable to most cats. I hope this helps.
1200566 tn?1265381052 I had a patient present with a bladder infection (bacteria in urine on analysis), treated with antibiotics, re-evaluated 17-21 days after starting antibiotics and it was clear, then urine re-evaluated 3 months later with no symptoms present and crystals were present. ie crystals were the cause of the recurrance, and may be the primary cause or secondary to bacteria from any source. Without the Urinary SO to keep the crystals away, the problem would have been recurrant.
Avatar f tn Rupture of colon can occur due to a number of conditions like diverticulitis, colitis, contamination of colon with massive fecal material and developing toxic colitis, intestinal obstruction etc. Consult your surgeon for the cause for non healing of fistula and further assistance in treatment.
Avatar m tn hm. So, a couple of things come to mind which again, one is your gallbladder. Ulcerative colitis almost always has loose stools regularly, however, you can indeed have inflammation in your colon. (which causes ulcerative colitis when bad enough). I'd stick with the small dinners early if that helps. I had an intestinal ulcer years ago. I also wonder about that. When can you get into a doctor to discuss all of this?
Avatar f tn I took another urine analysis that finally showed some crystals of phosforic calcium (or sth like that)which maybe the case.Those crystals when they gather they provoce irritation.We all have them, but in some of us they gather up and irritate the bladder. These days I feel somewhat better after drinking tons of water. For those that may read my post, before you rule out the crystals you should take several urine analysis, because not all the times they can be tracked down.
Avatar n tn I have been all over to many different doctors and have still had no luck in finding out what is wrong with me. For about a month I have been having problems. It started out with bladder problems. Frquency of urination that turned into a weak stream, and one night I became in bad pain it felt like my bladder area was going to explode. It was alot of pressure. I went to the ER, he thought my bladder was inflamed.
Avatar n tn It has been 1 month and I have had nothing but problems with it from impaction, constipation, pain in my abdomen, groin, and chest. It was an elective procedure, there was nothing wrong with my colon, but I am paraplegic and on the advice of a doctor that I have colostomy to protect my skin, I went ahead and did it. It was performed laparoscopically and i want it reversed.
Avatar n tn You have had a coloscopy that is recent and your findings at that time were not such to raise the suspicions of colon cancer then or now with your doctor. Colon cancer is slow growing and that is why screenings are important because it allows it to be caught in treatable stages. The family history you have has already been taken into consideration. I would think a question for the doctor would be if the insurance company was not an issue, would they think you needed a colonoscopy right now?