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Avatar n tn I had a pain to my right side under the ribs over two years. I did all tests, US, x-rays,gold bladder, etc. to find why I have a pain every day. I couldn't slep on my left side due to pain. I couldn't sit longer....Every day pain, pain, pain My pain come in after car accident where I was sitting as a passenger and the crush was from my R side. All doctor's said because of your accident..... Finally 3 years after car accident I decided do colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn Diverticulosis is a 'pocketing' of a region of the large intestine. If it is just pockets with no inflammation, it's diverticulosis. If there is inflammation present it's diverticulitis. At the present time, no one know what actually causes it. Thoughts on the subject range from not eating enough fiber in the diet, to the possibility that some nerve cells may 'die off' relaxing the constant 'tone' in a region of the colon. But no one really knows the answer yet.
Avatar n tn i had the same thing for a long time, i bet you sometimes throw up your food as it gets tight, its your colon twisting up & blocking the flow therefore it gets tight & causes the problems. the only way for fixing it is to have a hemicolectomy operation, it involves a peice of colon being removed, i had it done three years ago & am glad i did it as it can become fatal, the pain is shocking i know but the surgey fixes it so seek help as its well worth it.
Avatar m tn Diverticular disease simply means the presence of little pockets in the bowel. When these pockets become inflammed thats called diverticulitis (rule of thumb, anything ending in 'itis' is an inflammation). This inflammation can be caused by faecal matter getting into the pockets (diverticuli) and staying there. There is treatment for the inflammation but no cure for the diverticular disease itself other that managment to prevent inflammation. its mostly important to prevent constipation.
Avatar f tn Straining is a good way to bring on more attacks and more pockets. I think the miralax helps food stay out of the pockets too. Try it, my GE recommended it. Please too make sure you don't have food sensitivities like milk or wheat. I believe allot of my problems stem from food intolerance to grains. If I eat wheat, it comes out just like it went in. Foods that don't digest can be a cause of inflammation. Please make sure you don't have thyroid issues either.
Avatar n tn I had mild but similar pain in the past which passed quickly but never a divterticulous attack. Dr. said if narrowing colon causes future problems it could be removed. Not sure I like that option. I was on 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks which made me even sicker. Thanks for your very important advice.
600561 tn?1326845621 t it just make sense that these could get inside colon pockets, rattle around and injure the colon wall? It was just like dried seeds inside a gourd that you can hear rattling around when you shake it. I have never agreed with this. I have never heard a patient rattling after eating these things. Furthermore, all of these items become digested or totally sodden and soft by the time they reach the colon.
Avatar m tn Those "shotty lymph nodes" mentioned on your report are probably left over from an infection somewhere along the way. Sometimes lymph nodes in the groin and/ or arm pit remain enlarged long after an infection is gone (sometimes forever). The noted lack of enlarged nodes outside the inguinal area on your MRI indicates there isn't likely any current infection to worry about. I don't think there is necessarily any inflammation present either.
1544786 tn?1293504543 OK so i had problems for a long time going to the bathroom, and i had a colonoscopy yesterday done and it showed i had a few polyps and internal hemmorids, and a spastic colon. My gastro said that the spastic colon is from my previous pregnancy when i told him that this has been going on from before my son.. HE totally did not listen to anything i said ! I am fustrated and pissed off. well anyway he told me the gas in my belly wil go away and DO NOT PUSH IT OUT.
Avatar f tn I was trying not to bore anyone with details of it all. I thought diverticulitis was pockets in the colon. I have had 2 colonoscopy''s by 2 different gastro dr's in the last 2 yrs and I do not have these pockets. I was told everything was "normal". The pain is severe at times. So much so that I end up at the emergency room for relief. I have been told everything from nervous stomach to IBS. My gastro dr now suspects crohns or celiac.
Avatar n tn re always constipated. Diverticula are little pockets in your colon and are caused by pushing hard to have a BM. If feces gets caught in the pockets it can get infected and can rupture. Ask your Dr about it to be on the safe side and be very careful with your diet. Make sure you're eating 25-30g of fibre every day and drinking at least 1.5 L of water every day. And I wouldn't advise getting the surgery that your dr mentioned.
Avatar f tn Can someone please advise on what should all these be indicating and how should he would have been treated ? The patient latedr developed sigmoid colon perforation . An emergency Laparotomy was done but the patient did not survive a day. He passed away and the reason cited was peritonitis and septic shock leading to multiorgan failure. Is it not possible to save a person who does not have any history of problems earlier and all of a sudden had this perforation ??
Avatar n tn The colon could be enlarged because it's full of feces. That is another cause of an enlarged colon. If the colon enlarges too much, there's a very strong possibility that the colon will rupture and cause a massive infection that will be very hard, if not possible to cure. If the obstruction is not relieved in the next couple of days, then the rupture is a real possibility.
Avatar m tn this then causes a buildup of these cells on the colon wall which leads to the formation of pseudomembranes(pus-filled pockets) on the colon wall. it all depends if she was prescribed anti-biotics at the hospital or at another time or if the bacteria was running rampid in colon for another reason. and im very sorry to hear of your loss.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 21 and have polyasytic ovaries and when I'm on my period and I have a BM or when I'm just gassy it hurts extremely bad in my colon like a knife is being twisted around. My endometrium increases to 8mm thick when I'm menstrating. Also it is very difficult to put a tampon in I have to push under and around a wall. If u have any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn After a subsequent colonscopy, 4 weeks, the results showed a 1 foot section of colon with several pockets of which one was draining. I was given some options of which I have yet to decide. Is surgery necessary? Will other options ultimately lead to a future surgery?
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.
Avatar m tn It is caused from stool being trapped in pockets in your colon. You should rest your colon (soft , low fiber diet) for several days. When your infection is gone, you need a high fiber diet and plenty of water. It's the bulk that keeps your colon clean. My doctor also has me on a heavy dose of probiotics (good live bacterea). An over the counter one is Jarro-Dophilus (capsules..
Avatar f tn I am afraid to wait 3 more weeks to see the GI doctor, and am wondering why I would need to see a GI doctor if my CT Scan with contrast dye came back okay except for a few pockets, and the pockets had nothing in them? This has me worried sick, and the diarrhea sometimes smells so terribly foul. Please help me. I am at my wits end from having diarrhea 10 to 20 times a day. Immodium, and Pepto Bismol are not much help with what I have got.
1019453 tn?1251407977 Had another attack in July 09 and just got back from the general surgeon who explained to me that the colonoscopy showed diverticulosis thru out the entire colon but the diverticulitis attack was from the splenic flexure region. He said this is rare but not extremely rare. Then he proceeds to tell me that if he did surgery he would have to remove my colon from the splenic flexure all the way down to the sigmoid colon then reattach to rectum. That is a third of my bowel!
Avatar f tn can hitting your head twice on the edge of a pool cause these air pockets and are the air pockets causing the headaches?i swim 60 laps everyday and during those laps i turn on my back and swim a couple of laps on my back . sometimes i forget to watch where i'm swimming and bump into the edge of the pool. so its only a 'tap'.i dont usually have headaches but they started about 4 months ago....... are air pockets dangerous. what should be done.
1728693 tn?1332165262 Sorry for the long post. Male. 45. Had issues with abdominal pain and distress eating heavily fatty foods, mild episodes of diarrhea and hemerroids as well - over a year ago - ultrasound showed some gallstones - 1 particularly large one. Doc recommended laproscopic cholysystectomy - and I agreed. After the surgery, all was well for about eight months.
Avatar f tn This is because of carbon dioxide gas being pumped into the colon forms air pockets that causes bloating, abdominal cramping and gas pains. You should take a walk daily to encourage passage of this gas through flatulence. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Does these tests at least rule out advanced colon cancer? Would these tests have shown colon cancer or at least something to some extent to warrant further testing? 8. does the symptoms point to colon cancer? With the blood now gone. 9. I feel like there is something just inside my rectum, is that a sign of colon cancer or possibly a internal hemmorroids? 10. How common is colon cancer/rectal cancer in someone my age without the family history?
Avatar n tn You have had a coloscopy that is recent and your findings at that time were not such to raise the suspicions of colon cancer then or now with your doctor. Colon cancer is slow growing and that is why screenings are important because it allows it to be caught in treatable stages. The family history you have has already been taken into consideration. I would think a question for the doctor would be if the insurance company was not an issue, would they think you needed a colonoscopy right now?
Avatar n tn CT scan revealed a small ovarian cyst on the right side and an enlarged colon with a lot of stool on the left. Enema was given and stool was successfully expelled. However, the pain is worse. Hospital released her with Ibuprofen. She went to go see a Gastroenterology doctor who did not know what to do with her so he sent her to a Gynecologist who examined her and recommended a transvaginal ultrasound. But the Gynecologist says this test will not be conclusive.
Avatar n tn I had bowel surgery 7 months ago to remove a cancer tumor in my lower bowel, i have a temporary illestomy bag so know a little about who might be able to help. My surgeon is who i see if i have any problems, he is a general colon surgeon, also at the hospital we have stoma nurses that can answer any problems i may have over the phone or i can have an appointment and go see them. Ask your local dr to refer you to a stoma nurse and see if they can help you. hope this helps.