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Avatar f tn I am not currently having a diverticulitis attack. I was diagnosed with ischemic colon and Erythematous mucosa of the sigmoid colon. My concern is that if I stay on the low residue diet, that it could cause a flare up of diverticulitis.
Avatar f tn i had six inches of my colon taken out and was told that they got all of the diverticulitis out and i will not have any more problems. but now i was in the hospital for 4 days because i had a very bad bout of diverticulitis what do i do now . they said that my colon was so infected that i could have died. why did the dr tell me i wouild not got this anymore after the operation .
Avatar n tn He could be having diverticulitis attacks. Has he had a recent colonoscopy?
Avatar f tn Having diverticulitis and being allergic to most antibiotics put you in a bit of a predicament for treatment. Are you avoiding all the foods you should to prevent any flare ups from your diverticulitis? I agree with CalGal that this is important enough to thoroughly discuss your options with your GI doc. One attack doesn't warrant more surgery, and this is where diet plays an important role.
Avatar m tn He said if I have two more spells of severe pain I should see about getting part of my colon removed. Would getting part of my colon removed help if it is food allergies instead of diverticulitis? I can eat food from my house (nothing processed) and not have a problem, but as soon as I go to a restaurant I have severe pain for days in my lower left colon.
Avatar n tn iIhave had a colonectomy, 12" of my colon was removed because of diverticulitis. I still have a very sore spot on my abdomen, if i lean against a table of anything for that matter, it hurts. It is very sensitive to touch. I have had additional CT scans and they show no evidense of a tear or obstruction. If I am stressed at all my abdomen aches in this same area. Am I alone in this, is this common? How long does the colon take to heal completely?
945921 tn?1330962317 i had surgery 5 weeks ago and my colon had attached itself to my diverticulitis and i am still in pain from the surgery. the surgeon had to cut me instead of doing the laparoscopy. i am not in pain near the scar. just pain. i was wondering if this was normal. when will i stop hurting?
Avatar n tn s are reluctant to do colonoscopies when you have diverticulitis for fear of puncturing the colon in a weakened area. You never want to take any chances with diverticulitis and it's always best to seek help immediately to be on the safe side should this pain return. Always error on the the cautious side. Hope this helps and take care.
Avatar f tn On Nov 21, 2009 I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and drs. gave me antibiotics, I took all of those faithfully. Then I asked my doctor if I could try another doses of antibiotics well he gave me Cipro & Flagyl. I finished the second dose of antibiotics on Dec 24 and still continued to have severe pain in my lower left stomach. On Dec 29 I was in so much pain that I went back to the hospital and they took a contrast cat scan.
Avatar n tn Next week I'm going for surgery, mu doctor said is nessesary since I have 3 diverticulitis attack, I'm very nervous, I hope is the right dessicion what should I expect? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Problems after surgery for diverticulitis</a>.
Avatar f tn can you take a colon cleansers even if you have diverticulitis.
Avatar m tn Basically everything was fine excep he noted mild diverticular disease on the sigmoid colon (no diverticulitis). I have been having change in bowel movement shape (kind of flat), a little bit of constipation and at times diarreah. The doctor ordered a high fiber diet, no milk, no fatty foods. Could the mild diverticulosis caused the change in shape of the bowels? The doctor did not go over this detail. The gastrointestinal tract in the abdomen was unremarkable.
Avatar m tn WEDINCHI, You know, I had a perfectly clear colonoscopy, and yet not too long after, I had a scan that showed I had diverticulum (little sacs) thruout my colon. Now, diverticulitis is when those things get infected and inflammation can set in. And the symptoms of that, they line up almost precisely with your wife's problems, which the symptoms if diverticulitis are: nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, fever, chills, weight loss.
Avatar n tn I have recurring bouts of Diverticulitis about every 5-6 months or about twice to three times a year for the past 3 years or so. What is ahead of me in the future here. I go to the doctor when I feel it coming on and he prescribes the usual medication for it. But how long will this persist before I have to have surgery. I would assume that my body start become amune to the medication.
Avatar f tn Wondering in stead of me worrying about colon cancer, (im 33) I was wondering if diverticulitis can cause bleeding in bowel movements (every time) not always alot but always some, and I have tenderness and pain in a couple different spots, maybe right at or a little above line of belly button but off the right side and left.. I do have colonoscopy scheduled for Mar... 23... Geeessss I m so nervous.
Avatar m tn I am 7 months out from sigmoid colon resection due to multiple diverticulitis attacks that were scarring my colon and causing it to stricture. I also spent time in hospital as they were watching me for perforation, I guess. Anyway, I elected to do the surgery. Spent 3 weeks on IV antiobiotics, at home and they did the nice neat cut, which, according to him, usually means no bag. My surgery was laproscopic, hand assisted and I did not have a bag.
Avatar f tn This is a very rare combination of diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon and arthritis. There is no name of this disease or reason for why it occurs. Very few cases have been reported and documented in medical history. As he has already been cured of diverticulitis by surgery and all his parameters tested near a Rheumatologist are negative clearly suggest he does not have any auto immune disease.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy and was told that the surgeon did not remove enough of my colon I was diagnosed with diverticulitis two years ago. I had surgery and had 1 foot of my colon removed or you were go last June. Seven months after that I had a flareup again. I had a colonoscopy and was told that the surgeon did not remove enough of my colon. I watch what I eat and don’t want to have surgery again. I use Benifiber daily. I tale a probiotic. I feel like I have a uti but it’s negative.
Avatar f tn For example, if you had sigmoid diverticulitis, you may have tiny lymph nodes around the sigmoid colon. However, it is uncommon to have presacral/perirectal lymph nodes, as lymph nodes are not typically seen in this region, even small ones. This is why the MRI report suggested possible metastasis.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with diverticulitis this past July. This diagnoses has completely changed my life. I had 4 CT scans over the course of one month and eventually the diverticulitis went away and I was left with diverticulosis which a lot of people have. My colon may not be inflamed now, but i still have the hardest time with gas pain, constipation and things i never had to worry about pre diverticulitis.
987242 tn?1335490770 I under went a colonoscopy on Thursday and they found inflammation and diverticulitis in the sigmoid colon. He also found something at the other end of my colon and is awaiting biopsy results. What I don't understand is my symptoms don't match diverticulitis and have been on going for over a decade. In 2001 I started having bloody bowel movements with extreme abdominal pain, I also lost forty pounds in six months.
Avatar f tn Hello I am a person who has suffered for at least 3 - 4 years with diverticulitis with on set of problems relating to my being extremely bloating, constipated you name it, and the PAIN unbearable at times. Yet I have tried everything Fiber in my diet, changing my eating habits, eating smaller amounts so I wouldn't feel as bloated or constipated. What can be done? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I think the radiation must have already exacerbated the colon and the diverticulitis seems to be back. My question is -- do I discontinue the radiation and hope the cancer doesn't recur. Do I have a colon resection and hope it is successful and then resume the radiation. How will doctors determine if the radiation has already caused weakening of the colon to the point that I have to have the surgery?
Avatar f tn His opinion/diagnosis.....Diverticulitis in the sigmoid colon and put me on an antibiotic for ten days and if no ultrasound. What??? Says the "pocket' is probably touching a nerve. My eighty year old mother has this condition and from what I looked up this is not a symptom. At fifty three years of age I realize some things are going to change but, I feel pain, no bowel problems, nothing. Just wanted your opinion on this diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi. I read your post. I underwent a removal of 7 inches of my Sigmoid colon ( left side) 8 months ago. Mine was due to multiple episodes of diverticulitis that were not responding to meds and causing my colon to close up. I agree that the right side seems uncommon I think it can develop any where in the large intestine. Again, that is just my opinion as I don't know a lot about the right side but seem to have become an expert on left side pain.
Avatar n tn -There is reticulation of the fat in the anterior retroperitoneum with thickening of the lateroconal and anterior renal fascia posterior to the descending colon indicating and inflammatory process, probably diverticulitis. Duplicated inferior vena cava as a variant. Otherwise unremarkable scan." I was sent home with a prescription for Flagyl and Cipro.
Avatar f tn in the left colon in the region of the descending colon and junction with sigmoid colon, there is wall thickening with adjacent inflammatory changes suggestive of diverticulitis. the possibility of an underlying neoplastic process cannot entirely be excluded. i recommend a follow up endoscopy when the patients symptoms improve." my husband followed up with his PCP after he finished his antibiotics. she recommended a second ct to see if the colon had healed.