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Avatar n tn I have also worked on the weight machines--not a lot, though. Guess how much weight I've, zilch, nada..!! I've been to the doctor and had my thyroid checked. It was fine. Someone please help. I am so depressed and discouraged. Can anyone help me? I am at my wit's end. Thank you.
Avatar n tn just like you. i have had a huge sudden weight gain and i'm sure it is a 'congested' colon and intestines. think of your stomachs plumbing. we all get build up.and its gruesome.fortunately,we can clean them. and,its exhausting when your intestines are clogged. you'll sleep a lot and not know why. not to be gross but,ever seen a dog after he goes? the dog is just running everywhere and happy. just look at the dog before.
Avatar n tn But, can stomach issues, like gastritis, cause the bloating and weight gain? Can those to associated with stomach problems too? And, regarding your comments about weight gain and distension. I thought I read one time, that highly compressed gas in the abdomen can cause weight gain too. Because as my stomach gets more distended, I'll gain around two pounds and the abdomen is hard, not sloshy from water. And my doc said it wasn’t water.
Avatar n tn Talk to your doctor about the possibility that your thyroid problems and weight gain may be the cause of (or symptoms of) a bit of depression. It's amazing what can trigger a change in the brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn This along with anemia can cause unexplained weight gain. Adrenal gland problems are the other cause. Cushing’s syndrome should be looked for. The kidney function too should be assessed. Late night snacking and poor sleep too can cause weight gain. Polycystic ovary (in females) too causes weight gain, hence has to be ruled out by an ultrasound of abdomen. Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar n tn Would this also contribute to the not being able to shed a pound and no matter what exercise regimen I am not able to lose but rather gain? What about food enzymes. Could this relate to my problems? My body not producing enough amalease, protease, etc? I remember watching an infomercial about this and I have read a little about it. How is the testing done for this and food allergies?
Avatar n tn I had a hyster in 05. Same situation as all of you. I have gained 23lbs after working at Weight Watchers and losing 52lbs in 03. I have started researching weight gain and hysterectomies just yesterday. I am a Christian, believer in JC.
Avatar f tn This along with anemia can cause unexplained weight gain. Adrenal gland problems are the other cause. Cushing’s syndrome should be looked for. The kidney function too should be assessed. Late night snacking and poor sleep too can cause weight gain. Polycystic ovary too causes weight gain, hence has to be ruled out by an ultrasound of abdomen. Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain.
Avatar m tn Apart from the medication, weight gain can be due to several causes. Also BP can rise up due to many causes. You would need to run tests like kidney function, liver function, lipid profile, thyroid, adrenal gland function, heart problems etc. You would need to eat healthy, exercise regularly as advised by cardiologist, maintain cholesterol and lipids under control. Common causes like overeating, lack of exercise, diabetes, hypothyroidism have to be ruled out in your case.
Avatar n tn I have been going through the same problem. I did every test possible to explain my weight gain and have not found an answer. I have also done the food intolerance test which costs over 400 dollars and followed it religiously and haven't lost weight nor did it help my tummy problems.
Avatar n tn What would cause me not to gain weight or put on "fat"? I'm less than 11% body fat and 34yrs old, 120lbs. I excercise, but not overdoing it (4 times a week, about 1-1/2 hrs aerobics, weights). I could eat all I want and it wouldn't make a difference. I drink about 64oz of water a day. Other people can eat anything and gain weight. I don't eat a lot of fat other than olive/canola oil, peanut butter and fish, but aren't carbohydrates also converted to fat in the body?
Avatar f tn And I normally have one round of prednisone each year for very severe excema problems. That makes me gain instantly as well and of course I have never lost it either. But what concerns me is that even when I eat nothing or next to nothing I still gain. And I gain a LOT. At one point I picked up 22 pounds in ten days when I was down with the stomach and bowel flu and was unable to eat anything. All I could hold down was water or juice.
Avatar n tn I think that its a good thing lowers cholesterol levels and cleans out your BIG COLON which assist in fighting diseases , skin problems and also weight issues.. I think this should make people loose weight not gaining.. if you are gaining I think there is something serious wrong.. this stuff is not FAT why should it make you gain weight.. also your body is made out of water 70- 80% you shouldnt be weighing yourself.. measure you body FAT and see if your clothes appear looser..
Avatar f tn Since then I have continued monitoring what I eat, I do not eat out, I drink a significant amount of water daily, and I remember my meds. The problem? I've gained right at 15 pounds more in just one month. The weight gain was totally uncontrollable. Then I remembered that when I first graduated highschool, the doctor informed me that my colon was 3/4 of the way blocked and I needed to do something about it.
Avatar n tn I'm all torn up inside about this serious weight gain I have experienced. I look at the pile of pants i have that i can't wear anymore and cry. I'm currently being treated for migraines, and am on a ton of meds (Topomax, Inderal, Alesse, Flexerile, Tramadol,) When the doctor put me on Inderal I gained aprox. 35 pounds in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I'll be 46 at the end of this month & just moved to a new state so I don't have the luxury of knowing any doctors. In the last 1-2 months I suddenly gained 40 + lbs & look pregnant. That seems to be where the weight all is. A urinalysis proved negative for pregnancy on Monday & with my 3 grown kids I did not gain this much weight &/or so fast. I just look pregnant & feel "full - heavy - tired & short of breath" most of the time.
541465 tn?1219431486 Methadone is awful to come off of. I have been off about 1 1/2 months and still have some problems. I did gain some weight, but only about 10 pounds, but it messes your whole system up. And from what I hear, it takes forever to get back to normal. My advise, don't take it. In the long run, it's not worth what it does to your body, and what you have to go through to get off it. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I just wish I had known about the side effects of weight gain and withdrawal problems before and I never would have agreed to take it, I would rather live with hot flashes anyday!!
Avatar f tn Blood seen in the stool. Excessive weight loss or weight gain. Anxiety,fatigue. Abdominal pain.cramp. Bloating,gas,constipation etc.
Avatar n tn Two years ago, I had 2 feet of my intestines removed, but afterwards have dealt with a lot of constipation and A LOT of unexplained weight gain. I drink 80-120 ounces of water daily, eat lots of fruit and as many vegetables as possible, and try to work out. I take an all-natural psyllium husk fiber supplement and some cod liver oil gelcaps daily. (Regular prescriptions medicines, Metamucil, and Citrucel don't work well for me.
Avatar m tn Hi. We have FAP in our family so I can relate to all of this. You don't need to have your rectum removed and it's good that you have gotten more than one opinion on this. AFAP rarely involves the rectum. You have the attenuated form which is better than FAP, it allows you more time before needing the inevitable surgery. My sons had their colons removed at 12, and 16, and my grandson at 10. Are you working with a geneticist?
Avatar n tn The only issue I'm dealing with is a slight weight gain. Since the June 10th suregry, I've gained 10 pounds. It seems my body is absorbing nutrients that it wasn't doing prior to surgery. Luckily, I'm working with a nutritionist to get on track.
Avatar m tn All im trying is to gain weight but in 5 days i loss 2 kilos i cant eat i only want to drink water i feel very anxious about losing weight what i have to do .
Avatar f tn I got on it weeks after my son was born 10 years ago and had no problems (no weight gain, depression, cramps, it was awesome not having a period). I was 110 pounds and no matter what couldnt gain, which I didnt mind. I got off the shot 5 years ago to have another baby and it took 9 months to get pregnant. After he was born immediately got preg again (by choice) and got back on the shot. I have since gained 30 pounds in the last 3 years, mood swings, cramping, hot flashes, etc.
Avatar n tn It sounds like hemorroids to be - was the blood bright red? Have you had significant weight loss? Are you tired? Colon cancer is slow growing and pain is seldom a factor until the late stages. Relax, ask your doctor about it.
Avatar n tn Some people actually eat less as an adjustment to their defecation problem subconsciously. But if you do eat much as you say and yet are failing to gain any weight, then an invasive evaluation may be best to get a diagnosis so as to expedite necessary treatment. If you really have no finances for medical care, then you could consider charity services, this is usually available in training institutions funded by the government.
Avatar n tn can anyone tell me if you have heard of this new combo that is supposedly supposed to help you lose weight fast and has it worked for anyone? it is all over the web but I am very skeptical of it because there are all these stories out there but they are all the same just different names? they say to take the Accai Berry supplement in the morning and at night and then the Colon Cleanse supplement at night? they say they are shedding like 30 pounds in a month to a month and a half. Anyone? thanks!
Avatar f tn Pills that clean your colon allow you to lose weight but it's not the fat that you are losing. Other pills allow you to lose about five pounds in water weight wich you will gain back after going off the pills. In my experience, after trying every diet known to man, losing weight, gaining it all back plus some, I have a new outlook on weight loss which might help you as well. I want myself to be healthy.