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Avatar m tn i have chronic tonsillitis problem is it responsible for weight loss right now i am 5'8" and i weighs 50 kg??????please also suggest some remedies or diet to gain some weight.....
Avatar f tn hi i been on the depo shot since may i will be getting my 5th shot on april 23rd i was wondering if u can lose weight when your on the shot i lost some weight and i even lost weight at the chest part and i was wondering if its normal to lose weight or should i be concerned i do eat alot but i dont gain much weight hopefully i can gain the weight back if anybody can help me please do thanks
Avatar m tn A physical fitness trainer then can help you gain some muscle mass. Do not go for so called weight gain pills as they make you weak and play havoc with your endocrine glands. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I have been gaining weight over the past 8years. I cannot seem to lose weight no matter what I try.I have done all the diets only to lose 5lbs and gain10lbs..Extremely tired all the time. I am 5ft 175lbs and 54 years of age. I do not want to be on any prescription medicine. I just lost my baby sister to breast and brain cancer and she too was hypothyroid . Is there any other alternative?
Avatar n tn I have been reading for colon cancer symptoms and I am thinking that the melanoma has spread. However I have not lost any weight, do not feel nauseaous, have not vomited, do not feel weak, my apetite is the same as before and I have another symptom that I haven't seen listed for colon cancer. I feel like if I had something inside my stomach(like water) and if I move I feel it move too. Does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar n tn I have no history of colon cancer in my family, though I had a benign polyp removed about 4 yrs ago. I am diagnosed with IBS. I have no weight loss (other way around) but have been very stressed past couple of years. My toilet habits have not changed, I have had no fever. My stool looks normal shape and color (other than mucus and blood). I ma due for an endoscopy and colonscopy soon. But I want to know; is this most likely cancer?
Avatar n tn I had thyroid problems before now no matter what I do I can not gain control of me weight again.. (Never had a weight problem) I have gained almost 30 pounds since March and the next person who tells me to quit eating so much gets smacked...LOL.. My thyroid is up and down from hypo to hyper on a monthly basis no matter what dosage they give me... so........ maybe yours is thyroid related... Also for me a transvaginal finds the smallest of tumors accurately... you might want to try that..
Avatar n tn Can you describe the pain you feel? Abdominal pain is rare in colon cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum can exhibit itself in several ways such as: bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool; fatigue and pale skin; abdominal distension; abdominal pain; persistent nausea or vomiting; unexplained weight loss; change in frequency or character of stool; sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement or rectal pain. The duration of symptoms usually takes 14 weeks.
594002 tn?1256303782 No masses found. I have bloating off and on, my girth has increased over the last 6 months, overall weight gain has been steady, but cannot lose even with better food habits, Lyme diet. I feel so bloated and nausas at times and feel like something is in my stomach on left side, like churning pain, also have gas and bowel issues,as well as non consistent urination frequency and hesitation as well.
Avatar m tn My husband's 1st wife had colon cancer. It was discovered too late, & she passed away at the age of 24 saddly. Your symptoms don't sound like what my husband told me she had. She started having symptoms in her late teens... chronic constipation, stomach pain, etc. One day while she was away at college, she started throwing up really hard & thought she had a virus. She was staying really tired & just couldn't shake it.
Avatar m tn I had surgery in Feb. 2011 for colon tumer and after biopsy 2nd.stage cancer was detected. Then I had gone trough chemotherapy os six cycle of Folfox 4. After completion of chemotherapy during check up a polyp (2mm) was found in colon. After six months PET scan has been done and no metastat was found. My age is 61 year. I go for walking daily morning for 40 minutes and also busy in my job. My weight is constant. I have no major problem.
Avatar n tn Paula Yes he goes to the Va and is considered a 100% disabeled, It sounds like you are going threw alot too - I feel for you - My husband doesnt have A apotite at all he has some diminsha- never wants to eat -plus he is incontinite- the doctor did a strip on him and the poop came back normal - then he had the xray and cat scan done - we do have a aid that comes in 3 times a week for 2 hours each time because i never could get him in shower and with her she never has a problem with him and if i
Avatar n tn I took her to the doctor, but they are referring her to a specialist for a CT scan and a colonoscopy. Does this sound like colon cancer? If so, what should I expect? Is there anything else that it could be? I'm really worried about her.
Avatar f tn I have Hodgkins for 36 years, collapsed lungs twice, total hysterectomy and thyroid taken out due to cancer three years ago, I KEEP GAINING WEIGHT!
Avatar f tn Late night snacking and poor sleep too can cause weight gain. Polycystic ovary too causes weight gain, hence has to be ruled out by an ultrasound of abdomen. Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain. Also the diet should contain more of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein and less of spaghetti, potato etc.
Avatar n tn told me he wants to take out my ballbladder ,2 sections of my liver, my right kidney and ascending colon and part of the traverse colon. He said he does not know hwere the cancer cells are and he wants it to be a one time shot. What will my life be like afterwards and what will the quality of it be.
Avatar m tn Hello, At your age, chances of colon cancer are very less. Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Then varied symptoms occur depending on the site. These include change in your bowel habits, including diarrhea or constipation or a change in the consistency of your stool, blood in stool, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, feeling that your bowel doesn't empty completely and weakness or fatigue.
Avatar m tn Some individuals can attribute drastic weight loss to depression and anxiety, but most of the times, these drastic weight changes are signals of diseases rather than improvement in health. The drastic weight loss attributed to colon cancer can also come together with nausea, vomiting and sometimes a total disinterest in food. If these symptoms persist longer than 24 hours, it’s time to get medical attention. These symptoms are not normal even with adults.
Avatar f tn I am very concerned for reoccuring cancer due to heavy weight and also complications with my general health due to the weight. I am medication free right now, except a small dose of Celexa. I have just had the flu/bronchitus for 10 days and it is brutal. I need to get strong to fight off these things....please, any help would be appreciated. I have beat cancer once.....I don't want to even give it one more chance anywhere in my body.
Avatar n tn I think that you should keep taking the laxative if it's working for ya. I'm not sure about the weight gain, because when I had slow transit constipation, I lost over 50 lbs.
199954 tn?1294944669 I assume you meant one tablet 5x/week (not day). There are some people with weight gain with thyroid replacement - but most weight gain is (unfortunately) lifestyle. It is important to make sure the TSH in target range -- which may be 0.2-0.5 depending on the risk of your thyroid cancer.
Avatar m tn I was only 35 when I was diagnosed last year with colon cancer. I highly suggest getting the colonoscopy. There is no history of colon cancer in my family. It was a complete fluke that it was even found. I had none of the symptoms that I have read about on the Forum. Good luck!