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Avatar m tn hi just a update I am finally seeing a hospital consultant nearly 19 months after my first visit to my doctors who is arranging ct scans a colonoscopy I am still having lower back pain my hips ache and right lower ab pain just above my right hip that is worsened the more food I eat I have done a 24hr food fast and found that the pain in my back and hips totally disappears also lansoprazole seem to ease it of for a short while still really worried I have some kind of cancer keep you all posted h
Avatar f tn Okay my question is for about 6 months now ive had alot of issues and im thinking it could be cancer I went to my primary care docter who ran blood test but hasnt really done anything else more it came back i have hypothyroidism which fluctuates so i dont think i actually have it but oh this is embarrassing but i feel like i have colon or anus cancer and im scared because im 24 woman with 2 kids my symptoms are low back pain,hip pain,upper stomach pain.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing right-side pain radiating between my ribcage and hip, since February 2013. More recently I have had bouts of constipation (3-4 days) as well. I have had 1 x-ray, 2 ct's, 1 cystoscopy and an ultrasound. The dr has ruled out stones, appendicitis, ovarian cyst and IC. the pain is intermittent through out the day, every day but gets worse if I eat or drink ANYTHING. I see the Dr. again next Friday but I'm wondering if I should suggest a colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn Hi. You're right. Colon cancer does not usually spread to the femur/hip areas, but such an occurrence is not impossible. Although that bean sized spot is not likely metastatic spread from a colon cancer, I think that proceeding with the biopsy is still the right thing to do. In your case, I think it's better to err on the side of caution. If the biopsy results turn out negative for cancer, then well and good.
Avatar m tn I guess my question is, if it was something more serious, like colon cancer, would the pain be more persistant and get worse over time? I'm planning on making an appointment with a GI but should I worry? I know the fact that I've had anxiety over this doesn't help either......
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had diarrhea (I believe is because of the pills) and I saw some black and red pieces in stools, black pieces is also not the first time in last 2 months. I also have for like 1-2 weeks lower back and sometimes hip pain, I believe this is not due to my bowel problems because I had some back problems, but I'm scared this is all related and I could have something worse.
Avatar f tn I've had a bit of diarrhea the past week (usually after eating too much sugar) and today I've noticed my regular stool is looking a bit thinner than usual and it also had red in it. This is the first time I've noticed redness (I'm not sure if this could be from the homemade spaghetti sauce my dad made or not though). As the stool passes a certain part of my intestine I can feel it at a certain place near my hip on the left which I'm thinking might be from a tumour.
Avatar m tn Can colon spasms also create hip pain? It definitely causes back & abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn im sixteen and im really worried i have colon cancer, i looked it up because ive been expierencing some of the symptoms. first of alll when i press down on the lower left side of my abdomine i feel a bony/lumpy like mass its hard and runs from the top of my hip bone down to where my hip bone ends. i went to my doc and had it checked out and he said that it was from constipation and to take mirolax, i didnt and it eventually went away.
Avatar f tn Important: COFFEE TO PREVENT COLON CANCER- 4 to 6 cups a day to live LONGER! Capsaicin KILLS IS PROVEN TO KILL prostate cancer so I figure it can do a number on colon cancer! Papaya enzyme or Bromelain effective with IBD are great for IBD-google. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn Ok Ive had 4 brain surgs & one colon cancer surg, stage 1.The pain Im experiencing is right lower abdomen almost in the crease between my leg & abdomen.Its not getting any better. Sometimes the pain is sharp & sometimes a burning pain. Its stronger if I have my legs crossed for a little. It happens walking, standing & sitting. Sometime the pain is extremly sudden.
Avatar n tn runs and nausea-not eaten wheat for years but now find cream etc nuts seeds fruits with seeds all do the same. now got terrible pain in hip and low back and buttock-worried about colon cancer. got anal fissure(bleeds) and piles. getting fibroids checked out but i think it is my digestive tract for sure. looks like i pass undigested food too.
Avatar n tn Can you describe the pain you feel? Abdominal pain is rare in colon cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum can exhibit itself in several ways such as: bleeding from your rectum or blood mixed with your stool; fatigue and pale skin; abdominal distension; abdominal pain; persistent nausea or vomiting; unexplained weight loss; change in frequency or character of stool; sensation of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement or rectal pain. The duration of symptoms usually takes 14 weeks.
Avatar f tn Last year doctors found 26 polyps scattered throughout my large and small intestine, ranging from 2mm - 12mm. I continue to suffer with constipation for days then diarrhoea. Constant painful bloating and most recently severe lower back and hip pain that radiates down my legs. Doctors don't seem to take my concerns seriously because of my age. But at the age of 27 this is worrying to me. Should I be worried?
1440074 tn?1283996071 starting on Sunday, I have been having very severe anal spasms along with a ton of pain, and some itching. It is very hard to sleep at night due to the pain. I have not been constipated, so I don't think it would be hemmorroids. It does not hurt to go to the bathroom either. The pain is pretty constant with spasms very often, and when I have a spasm the pain is so intense that it causes my entire body to tremble. I would describe the pain as almost like a bite near my butthole.
Avatar m tn One inch from the belly button is not likely something in colon. Colon runs verticaly on the both sides of the stomach and horisontally below the lower ribs. Pressure on the hip or buttock changes the tension of your muscles in abdominal wall. So there may be something with the muscle (tear), a hematoma in muscle, or maybe a "peri-umbilical" hernia (a part of a small intestinal loop protruding through a cleft in a muscle).
Avatar m tn My husband's 1st wife had colon cancer. It was discovered too late, & she passed away at the age of 24 saddly. Your symptoms don't sound like what my husband told me she had. She started having symptoms in her late teens... chronic constipation, stomach pain, etc. One day while she was away at college, she started throwing up really hard & thought she had a virus. She was staying really tired & just couldn't shake it.
Avatar m tn t go away so he went for a colon test and it came back that he had sigmo colon cancer and had a colon resection on 12/26/07 and now is going through CHIMO I have taken him to a cancer hospital in new york and they said the same they said here in Illinois.
Avatar n tn If you are age 40+ then that is the age at which colon cancer can start to develop. If you are younger then the risk of the more sinister diseases is lessened. One if my Wife's uncles delayed seeking medical help for what turned out to be colon cancer and died. Prior to his death the doctors said "If only you had come to see us sooner......". Don't let this happen to you.
Avatar m tn After 3 months I had a severe diarhea and convinced myself that i had colon cancer. My doctor sent me for CBC, occult blood test, liver enzimes, ESR, tumor marker, ultrasound and finally a CT scan with oral contrast,Nothing was found, He told me i have IBS. The issue its that my abdominal pain continues and i tend to develop very loose stools.
Avatar f tn She was diagnosed with Stage IV rectal cancer in March 2007 and then had tumors develop in the hip bone and also in her pelvic area where she had previously had the trauma to her body. I am going to do more research on this to find if there are more people that this has happened to. It very well could be coincidental but there might be a correlation to it.
Avatar n tn my 29 year old boyfriend is for the most part pretty healthly- but about 3 months ago out of no where he got a bad pain right above or right next to his right hip bone.. we were on our way to the hospital and the pain suddenly went away so he stubbornly decieded he was ok and wanted to go home. Anyway for the last 2 days he has had a bruised lump in the same spot. It was tender at first but is now gradually getting more and more painful. Does anybody know what this is.
Avatar f tn It is difficult to comment without examining. Frank blood is usually not a sign of colon cancer. However since you bleed and itch around anus I feel they could be hemorrhoids that have got infected or twisted. These could also be anal skin tags or even warts. “Medical treatment of hemorrhoids is aimed initially at relieving symptoms.
Avatar n tn I took her to the doctor, but they are referring her to a specialist for a CT scan and a colonoscopy. Does this sound like colon cancer? If so, what should I expect? Is there anything else that it could be? I'm really worried about her.