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Avatar n tn Debby, you're very correct in saying that the colonoscopy -- while scary for newbies -- is a piece of cake compared to living with or dying of colon cancer. My husband and I are newly weds. After we hooked up a four months ago, I convinced him that it would be a good idea to have one. Besides, he had lost a lot of weight over a few months we'd been married, plus he seemed to have lost his appetite and had strange back pains that would not resolve.
1090423 tn?1286291250 Your chest pain sounds like Costochondritis, but a good doctor will be able to identify the problem. Pain radiating down the back of the leg from the back is usually nerve pain, so a doctor in neuropathy might be a good start for both your chest pain and back/leg pain.
Avatar n tn Since the procedure in march, I was feeling pretty good until yesterday. I had alot of pain and it took lots of pain meds before it calmed down. The dr. is thinking that the stent he put in my pancreatic duct is maybe clogged or causing pain. I had an xray today to see if the stent has moved out of the duct but the radiologist wasn't very clear on his report. I go friday for another xray to see if the stent is actually moving along or if it is still in the duct.
Avatar n tn 21, the numbes originally was from the hip to the foot, it is now and has been for about 1 week or so from the mid thigh to to mid/lower calf, i also ahve noticed an occassional pain now and again over the last 2 days, a shooting pain in my leg, so i assume that i am regaining some of the nerve, i would like to know is it ok to request a visit with the neuo doc earlier than the 21st, or should i just keep on plugging away, i walk about 1 mile every day, sometimes i will walk a second time but o
Avatar f tn You are very young to be affected with colon cancer - the normal age is 40+ but there are very occasional instances where patients in their 20's have developed colon cancer. However, if detected early, colon cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer. At worst, it may require removal of the colon but (as happened to me) one can live perfectly normally without a colon. Please let us know what the conclusions are after your colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn 9th. She was told that she has colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery to remove part of her colon, on Monday, Aug. 16th. During her recovery at the hospital, she experienced extreme nausea and a continuous fever. She began throwing up black nasty liquid on Wednesday, Aug. 18th and again green nasty liquid on Thursday, Aug. 19th. Her stomach was so large it looked like she was nine months pregnant.
739070 tn?1338607002 I knew it wouldn't touch neuropathic pain and it did not help the leg pain at all. Also, took an extra Klonopin (on another day) which I take for muscle spasms...didn't touch it either. As my husband has said, jokingly and did not offend me at all, that if I was a horse they'd have to shoot me. Even hubby's massaging my legs for hours doesn't help the pain.
Avatar f tn At your age colon cancer would be incredibly unlikely. Are you taking any multi-vitamins? Iron tablets can cause constipation as can other medications. I'm not sure why you ask about your leg. That sounds like an injury. Give it a few weeks and hopefully it will clear up. See a doctor if it persists as it could be arthritic. Abdominal cramps can be many many things and considering you have altered your diet recently that is the most likely cuprit. Good on you eating more fibre.
343262 tn?1226546974 we talked with our oncologist and she scheduled a chemotheraphy (12sessions) this coming monday. i'm worried because my mom also feels pain in her left leg though pain relivers are quite effective for some time. The pain has been evident for almost 8 mos already.
Avatar n tn how much of a % is there i could have to have this again and what can i do to prevent the chace of getting colon cancer? Sorry i have went on so much just nerves i guess This discussion is related to <a href=''>Polyps</a>.
Avatar m tn My mother had colon cancer 1 year ago, had surgery and chemo. The cancer is back and is stage 4 and in the peritoneal cavity. She is 76 years old. The doctors are not giving us much hope for treatment relative to quality of life. We are seeking a second opinion with our doctors blessing. I have been searching the internet also. I feel that we are quickly loosing her.
507504 tn?1291970704 Anyhow my grandpa who passed away i believe in 98 he had colon cancer as of late im having sysmtoms i regonzise before such as when i push i also feel like something in my bowls is moving.. its very weird hard to explain i sure hope my colon has not decided to come lose again fromt he surgery i had. before my surgery in 06 they did a colonscopy and said my colon looks healthy, they miss ( how i dont know ) they my colon was coming out of my body.
Avatar m tn Ok Ive had 4 brain surgs & one colon cancer surg, stage 1.The pain Im experiencing is right lower abdomen almost in the crease between my leg & abdomen.Its not getting any better. Sometimes the pain is sharp & sometimes a burning pain. Its stronger if I have my legs crossed for a little. It happens walking, standing & sitting. Sometime the pain is extremly sudden.
Avatar n tn Family history shows 1 female (maternal side) with Uterine/Cervical Cancer and another with Colon cancer. Thanks for any input you can give me; this has me concerned as I am normally very healthy and feel great.
Avatar n tn He has been tested for neurological disorders, including Parkinson's and also for colon cancer. His pcp thought it might be low iron and started him on some iron supplements. This is not helping. They initially thought his leg paralysis was caused by Zocor, but it turns out it was not. I am a psychotherapist, but not a medical doctor, obviously. I find it odd that his legs freeze up and won't move mid-afternoon. Would prostate cancer act like this?
Avatar n tn he has diabeties 2 sugars are constantly high he recently had his gull bladder and colon removed, he is a cancer survior of 5 years larngael cancer. A mass was seen on his pancrea1.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me if a CA 125 comes back as normal could it still be ovarian cancer? Still in so much abdominal pain and bad backache but getting no answers!
Avatar n tn My leg pain is most severe in the morning after I wake up and then seems to completely subside. Once bed time rolls around again, the pain starts. I am not sexually active, I have been very stressed out and I may be too young for clots in my legs. I know I can't rule out clots, however. I kind of feel that the doctors will say nothing is wrong with me since the pain isn't bad during the afternoon/evening. I guess I am afraid that they won't take me seriously.
Avatar m tn I'm fine when sitting down or raising my right leg when sitting. when i stand, i lose power in my right leg and the pain is terrible and walking very difficult. Would a blood clot in my thigh show up in the ctscan? do you think it could be a blocked lymph node or endometriosis? I called the hospital again and they said i'd have to come back in to triage for any answers. Thank you so much for your help.
Avatar n tn Then the next night i went to sit up in bed and felt like electricity went through my body and now from my little toes all the way up to my bottom on just the back side of my leg is tingly and numb. Pain just shoots through that leg so intense that I shake and just cry. Cant sit in one position for longer than a few minutes and cant stand for longer than 5 min. Am on crutches at this point and today is Saturday so it has been over a week since procedure.
Avatar f tn i still have pain i still take a pain killer which is hydroco and ibuprofen it hearts my leg my lower back n my lower pelvec if idont take pain killer i cant even walk. i have two boys 16 mon and 8 yr its hard. first i though it might take time to recover from the surgery. know its getting more pain .my husband told me to see my Dr again but i gave up n i am very angery, please somebody has or had the same problem i realy need to know what to do .
Avatar f tn MS, Lyme's Disease from a tick bite ( there actually aren't any deer ticks in KY, but that doesn't matter), kidney stones, gall stones, brain tumours, beign peripheral paroxysmal vertigo ( that's a mouthful), ulcerative colitis, acute gastroenteritis, various anxiety disorders, depression, GERD, CFS, IBS-D, IBS-C, Chrone's disease, pancreatic cancer ( a friend was diagnosed with this and I instantly began to experience his symptoms), colon cancer, anal cancer ( from reading too much about Farra
Avatar m tn Hi, I have pain in my lower back to left leg. Near to left buttock. Some times I feel like sitting on a stone. It pains when I sit for long hours. I had Fissure surgery in Aug 2010. Before that also I had this pain. Some times I feel pain in left side of lower abdomen. But this is rare. My tongue tastes bad. Last week I have observed that there is extra flesh like thing in my anus. But its not paining. Why these symptoms? I m worried if this is a colon cancer?
Avatar n tn Pain in left side abdomen almost to groin, radiating down leg and into lower back, comes and goes. Very noticeable in morning after nights sleep. Painful to get up but then becomes unnoticeable throughtout an active day. Would the pain possible be colon related?
322973 tn?1239908038 The present and future role of bisphosphonates in the management of patients with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res 2002, 4:24-29 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Cochrane Review Background Bone is the most common site of metastatic disease associated with breast cancer (BC). Bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast-mediated bone resorption.
Avatar n tn I agree about the sense of humor part. I had my colon removed this last March due to cancer. I try to look at the bright side of things, never getting constipated, no more diverticulitis, can never get colon cancer again.... I look forward to getting stronger and healthier every day, the first few months were rough but now pretty much normal except bowel movements about 15 a day. Prayers for all that have been through this.
Avatar f tn ANY problems that you experience. Breast cancer is rarely associated with pain ... colon cancer in a relative would not increase your risk of breast cancer. Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body ... this could be just some result of your pregnancy. Stop worrying now and tell your Dr. when you see him this week. Kindest regards ...
662103 tn?1237999917 Hi! I am posting in regrads to my mother-in-law. She is 64 yrs old and recent nausea for the past month brought her in to see her pcp. First, they suspected gallbladder and sent her home on Protonix(with no relief). He ordered an ultrasound which was negative but showed possible liver abnormality. Her bloodwork showed normal pancreatic and liver enzymes. On Friday, she had a CT of the abdomen which revealed excessive abdominal fluid(i am guessing ascites)- her liver was fine.