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Avatar f tn Overweight. Not sexually active. I have had pain in my left side for about 4 days. A dull pain, not sharp. I am not constipated, moving things at a regular pace. Pain is to the left of the belly button and occassionally on the far left side above the hip. BP 136/30, had a urinalysis which was normal. A slight tenderness over left hip when touching. No nausea or vomiting. I have had intermittent diarrhea or constipation for years. No fever. Have not had this dull pain before.
Avatar n tn Hi Had first colonoscopy approx 6 months prior to first bout of diverticulitis.
Avatar m tn still suffer tiredness and aches Last 6 weeks have dull to sharp pain, sometimes pulsating, around sigmoid colon area (left, below naval, very specifically located). Muscle pain also around left hip area. Rumbling stomach. Often thin stools, no blood, some occasional diarrhea. Blood work normal. Ultrasound showed nothing unusual. I'm having a CT scan this week. What are the likely causes of this? I have no history of colon cancer in my family.
Avatar n tn If pain is on the side in the left lower quadrant, it is possibly from the colon. Some rare condditions like volvulus (a part of the colon twists around its axis) could be possible. Small intestinal hernia would be also posible - this could be probably possible to detect with the hands as a soft lump in the affected area. I guess, ultrasound could be the first investigation and X-ray with barium swallow or enema after that.
Avatar f tn I have had a "tight" pain lower left abdomen which i thought could be ovary related, to begin with (and continuing) it was only felt when i orgasmed (as a sharp stab) but now, 4 weeks on, it is constant nagging, dragging feeling that occasionally twinges really hard. It is not excacerbated by movement/lifting etc. It is worse when i have a full bladder. Also i have been slighhtly constipated for 5 days.
Avatar m tn I'm a 29 year old male and I was just curious if anyone knows. I've had a mild stomach pain for about a month and a half, it's always only in one location at a time but it travels from left to right to my upper abdomen. Lately it seems to be more localized on my left side just above my hip bone and has over all gotten more and more mild. At times I don't feel a thing.
Avatar n tn Since ascending colon extends all along the right side from the hip bone level to rib cage level, do you have pain in this whole area? Kindly clarify so that I can give my opinion. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar m tn Can colon spasms also create hip pain? It definitely causes back & abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn I believe what else I got from the 14 yrs is also a cyst on my left hip cause of all the beatings during the 5 years. yes or no? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/277823'>What can happen to a child that is left untreated for constipation?</a>.
Avatar n tn Symptoms: These are ALL my symptoms. Wondering if i should see a neurologist who specializes in pelvic floor pain? I've been taking antibiotics for 1+ weeks for suspected prostatitus but I don't sense a benefit yet other than less perineum discomfort. 1. Left side of perineum swells with minor pain during erection - between scrotum and anus and the erection itself can be a little painful (2-3 / 10). 2.
Avatar n tn Hi, It is uncommon to experience pain in the upper left abdomen. When you do, it may suggest a stomach, colon, spleen or pancreas problem. Pain in the lower left abdomen often suggests a problem in the lower colon, where food waste is expelled. Possible causes include inflammatory bowel disease or an infection in the colon known as diverticulitis. You could read more about this at - and http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar m tn just ongoing discomfort in lower primarily lower left abdomin which occasionally radiates into left hip and sometimes left testicle and off and on on the right side. IS THIS JUST SOMETHING I SHOULD EXPECT FROM DIVERTICULOSIS AND LIVE W/ IT OR COULD IT BE SOMETHING ELSE?
Avatar m tn Had hernia surgery after reversed colonoscopy and am still in a lot of pain almost a year later. Doctor said one of my muscles had attached itself to my hip bone. I have had four surgeries from the beginning of a perforated colon. Has anyone had anything remotely like this happen to them? I am so discouraged! Can't seem to find any help. My left side bulges out and I feel bloated most of the time. Please I need help! I am desperate!
Avatar f tn I have pain in my left upper abdomen and ended up in the ER on Thursday. They did a CT scan and blood work. The CT showed nothing and the bloodwork only showed an elevated white blood cell count. They refered me back to my GI doctor. I met with him on Friday and he did an upper and lower endoscopy/colonoscopy yesterday. Both of these showed nothing but I am waiting for the biopsies to come back to rule out Crohns and other diseases which I am sure will be negative.
Avatar f tn I do feel this rope like mass that seems to be from to the left of my hip bone down to my pubis.( I thought it may be my descending colon/sigma, but I do not feel this on my right side equally at all, no pain no "rope like" thickness). I had the MRI 10 days after I bent down to turn the TV off, it has been 2 years since then, they said I was a little constipated but there was no inflammation (they mentioned they could not even see my appendix).
2021910 tn?1339896686 I had the same poison. My doc told me left side pain was your colon and due constipation or other digestion related issues.
Avatar f tn The change in the right hip was remarkable but the same 2 round spots above the left hip were there...same size, same place on both x-rays. My orthopedist suggested it was small calcifications in the colon. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn For over 12 months now I have been getting Left Loin Pain. It radiates from just under the ribs at the back down to almost my hip bone. It also can be at the front feeling as though I have a stitch. The pain is a sharp stabbing pain and it pulsates. The dr does not seem to think it is kidney related. But I am not convinced. He told me it was some disease and there is nothing they can do for it.
1626440 tn?1299396101 Hi, I have alot of sx including that which is linked to my IBS and diverticulosis...if your pain is in the left lower quadranr right at or above your left iliac crest (the "curved part of your hip cage") then I would have a doctor check it out...since that is a frequent code orange for many problems occurring in the junctions between the small intestine and the colon. Also, do you have the pain "right before" the urge to "go"?
Avatar f tn To start, I suffer from chronic constipation due to opiate medication. So, when I first went to the doctor and complained of a pain that travels from underneath my left ribcage and goes all the way down to the left side of my pubic area, they immediately thought colon, and referred me to gastroenterology. They felt the same and did a colonoscopy. All clear.
Avatar f tn So about two months ago I had a bout of nausea followed by a random pain in my side about two inches left of my belly button. I was four months post partum at this point. When I'd lay down at night on my right side it would feel almost like something was pulling inside at the site of that pain and it was really nauseating. I saw my regular doctor who felt all around in my stomach and didn't feel anything. I also had a physical end of March and all blood work was fine.
Avatar m tn t recall ever being this sick. Everything started with left hip/pelvic pain that i just woke up with about a month and a half ago. I've had pain in the same region before after sleeping on an air mattress but it would disappear within 2 weeks. i exercise on the regular, so in this case i've stopped all lower body workouts immediately. this time it hasn't dissipated and i went to a local orthopedist, who took an xray, said theres no bone damage, and prescribed diclofenac.
Avatar f tn Hello This morning I woke up to get ready for work, as I started moving around my left side started hurting and eventually is now unbearable. I've been experiencing pain on the left side for about 2 weeks but would ease with Advil or midol and wouldn't interfere with my everyday activities I had my surgery about 8 weeks ago in which my doc removed endo on both ovaries, my colon, bladder, right hip muscle and had to reconstruct my Fallopian tubes.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing right-side pain radiating between my ribcage and hip, since February 2013. More recently I have had bouts of constipation (3-4 days) as well. I have had 1 x-ray, 2 ct's, 1 cystoscopy and an ultrasound. The dr has ruled out stones, appendicitis, ovarian cyst and IC. the pain is intermittent through out the day, every day but gets worse if I eat or drink ANYTHING. I see the Dr. again next Friday but I'm wondering if I should suggest a colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn I'm having pain down the right side of my body in what seems like the whole of the ascending colon. It's hard to explain, there's also a pulse like pain that starts around my hip bone or the end of the ascending colon that travels up the ascending colon. I'm very uncomfortable after a meal and I can feel a little relief after I been to the toilet.
Avatar n tn Hi. Iam 8 weeks pregnant and I'm having this weird left hip pain. Is this normal???
Avatar f tn I been having left hip pain for about two months and the urgent care I went to prescribed me tylenol with codiene and I couldn't take it. I was wondering if I should go to labor and delivery or the er and get it checked out and I'm 24 weeks and 5 days. It is hard for to get up from a sitting position or even if I'm walking around it hurts and regular tylenol won't help take the pain away.
Avatar m tn Well, you probably have lower back or hip pain and will continue to have it unless you get it fixed. The first step here is to get a diagnosis which will mean X-rays, MRIs, and an exam. I have had lower back problems and now have hip problems, and yes, that position can make those areas hurt if they are damaged. Often physical therapy is where you're headed, but you do need to know what is going on before anyone can give you the proper exercises.