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Avatar n tn questoon had sex with my partner 2 days before my ovulation day what are the chances of becoming pregnant ?
Avatar f tn n after it v did in morning of ovulation day.is there any chance of pregnancy? V both r trying from so many time.plz guide me.m also taking vitamin E...
Avatar n tn I had sex right before my ovulation. And I had sex during my ovulation. And then right after I had sex a day after having sex I started getting ovulation pain. am I pregnant?
Avatar f tn my last period was on september 25 it says that i ovulated on october 6-9 me and my boyfriend were having unprotected sex every month and up until the 8th. because before that i got a yeast infection and on the 8th is when i stopped taking it. and it says my egg was fertilized on the 9th i was taking prenatal vitamins from the 1-8 of october so i can try to get pregnant. did i get pregnant before the 9th or exactly on the ninth? did the prenatal actually help me get pregnant again?
1699550 tn?1320290217 Hi, no there isn't always an egg waiting to be fertilized, some women may ovulate twice in the same month on rare occasion, but it's a very short window where the sperm can fertilize an egg before it's too late and a period will follow. I think having sex every other day or twice a day would leave me shattered after a couple of weeks! but seriously if your fertile days haven't arrived or if they have finished then having sex every other day won't make the slightest difference...
Avatar n tn And that means it was 8 days before the 5th that you had sex with the first guy? (You didn't put any dates in your original post.
Avatar f tn Your temp raises during ovulation - so start taking it the day after your period. When it elevates you can conceive, as you're ovulating. Sex drive is more tricky...but I'd go to the nicest lingerie shop I could find and pick up a nice set of undies and matching bra - not only to wear underneath my work/daily clothes, but as a present for your guy. Lingerie - the nice silky stuff - has a beneficial sexual side-effect on most women! Be well!
Avatar f tn My fiancé and I had sex three times yesterday, after not having sex for two days. What do you think my chances are? Does it sound like I am ovulating? Do you think his sperm would have survived and pregnancy is a possibility?
Avatar f tn I had intercourse on the 8,9 and 12. Period tracker indicates I was fertile from the 12-17. So confusing.... If you have sex before ovulation I know theirs a higher changed for a girl. The only thing I have is nausea and like a tugging feeling down in the vagina. A little pain on the left ovary. Nothing else. your opinion please??
Avatar f tn Hi, A side effect of clomid is that it can prevent you from making ewcm (the mucus needed, which is usually created just before and around ovulation). I didnt have any ewcm the first two months on clomid - ive just finished my third month. I read up that evening primrose oil can help with this so i have taken it this month and it has certainly helped. It also helped with the usual side effects i have been getting whilst on clomid.
Avatar n tn Sperm can live for days hanging around waiting for the ovulation to occur, so having sex a couple days before ovulation can result in pregnancy. Also, certain things (stress, illness, etc.) can delay ovulation, so a woman who thinks she is ovulating on day 14 may actually ovulate on day 20, or somewhere in between, or later.
Avatar f tn when you ovulate is when you get pregnant and it's not always 14 days before your period. every woman is different and could ovulate at different times each month. having unprotected sex is a very foolish idea. even if you knew the exact days you're fertile and avoided them..there are std's. your best bet is to get on some form of b/c AND ALWAYS USE CONDOMS.
Avatar f tn They prescribed me progesterone to induce a period and then did a urine test just to double check for pregnancy before they sent in the prescription - and it came back positive! I don't know who was more shocked, me or the doctors/nurses. So they took blood to confirm pregnancy, said congratulations and sent me home. Now I do not know what to think and am waiting for the blood test to come back - will this be high risk?
948432 tn?1248363492 so that would be how you take it what stick since your on fertility medications, like clomid, it might increase your chances of having multiples but not likely for triplets.
Avatar n tn I keep getting headaches hear and there through out the day though and have slight cramping still.
Avatar f tn Therefor, having unprotected sex two days before ovulation can result in pregnancy because the sperm can still be alive in the vagina. Please take the pills as directed in order to be protected against pregnancy. I suggest taking a HPT in about two weeks.
Avatar f tn If you have a 28 day cycle, ovulation normally occurs around the 14-15th day. Can ovulation occur earlier and if so how early can it occur. Reason being I am trying to get pregnant....not sure if I already am but my 1st day of last period was Feb 13 and I have been bd 14,17,19,21,23. I guess I am scheduled to ovulate around the 26-27. Need some advice.
Avatar n tn i do think it is because of having an orgasm. wish they stated that cuz i dont have an orgasm during sex anyway...LOL....TMI!!!!!
Avatar f tn It is best to wait until you are expecting your period to test - however, a few of the more sensitive tests can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your period (just remember that a negative is not necessarily a negative until you are actually late for your period). Good luck.
1654035 tn?1332428778 Whenever anyone on here asks about when is the right time to take a pregnancy test, the usual response is at least 2 weeks after sex or depending on the test before/during a missed period. My question is does this hold true if you know when you ovulated? If you know you ovulated on either one of two days then there is your 24-48 hour window of fertilization.
Avatar n tn i took a pregnancy test last saturday july 22 and its negative. i dont have that pregnancy symptoms yet, except for im having a back ache most of the time, i get exhausted right away, two days ago i had a lot of thick white discharge from my vagina and at the same time i had cramps for an hour what is that?? and lastly, my breast is hurting me especially my nipples they are sensitive to touch, but im also experiencing the same thing to my breast whenever my period is coming.
Avatar f tn So having unprotected sex twice on the 27th and ovulation now wld tht give me a good chance of possibly become pregnant??
Avatar f tn Go out and buy an ovulation kit.
Avatar m tn YES VERY much so
Avatar f tn My husband and I are trying to concieve. I have been off the pill for 2 months. We are having unprotected sex every 2nd or 3rd night. We are using to help us predict my ovulation dates "First Response Fertility Test". I "believed" I was on a 28 day menstrual cycle so we began testing on Saturday, September 26th, 2009. I still haven't tested positive for an LH Surge (meaning no ovulation yet). I suppose I have a number of questions.
377493 tn?1356505749 I posted this once not long after Ryder was born, but it's so crazy, I have to ask again. Anyone else getting really strong ovulation symptoms? Prior to having him I never had any at all. My cycle returned when he was about 5 months old and suddenly? Really strong symptoms around O time. Tender breasts, a bit of mild bloating and even some mild nausea. It went away eventually, then since my cycle returned after my last loss and d&c, right back again.
Avatar n tn If trying to concieve it is best to have sex right before ovulation. The sperm can stay alive in your body for several days. So once in your body before ovulation, everything is in place for getting pregnant. I hope that's what you want.