Having sex on day of ovulation

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Avatar f tn I am really hoping for a girl and I concieved the day of ovulation.
Avatar f tn My ovulation day post abortion have been Day 17,Day 9,Day 12,Day 8 and now Day 6.When i checked wid my Doc after having a cycle of 20 days she told me it happen and my body wd take some time to get regular cycle again thats Okay but what impact it is going to have if i conceive or whether it is possible to conceive ??Dont know what to do ,it is really frustrating.
Avatar f tn days to baby dance (sex) is low, so you already ovulated, best of luck and hope you get a BFP, remember always not having sex for couple days before you ovulate so the sperm is stronger and can swim faster to the egg!
Avatar f tn s makes a little bit of a scientific sense. If you have sex and successful exactly on your ovulation day, it's gonna be a boy, if you had sex like a couple of days before your ovulation - it's a girl.
Avatar n tn t have sex the day of ovulation it was always days before. Not this could still be an old wives tale a purely coincidental but im gonna stick with it worked for me! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had sex on the day of ovulation 3 days later I felt twinges could I be pregnant or is it all in my imagination
Avatar n tn I don't know about "normal" ovulation but if you had sex a day after your period than chances of pregnancy is low. Your chances are high if you have sex during ovulation or immediately after because the egg only has a 24 hour window to be fertilized. It seems your ovulation won't be for another week to week and a half after your period. If you want the date(s) where you are highly fertile I recommend doing an ovulation calculator which can be found online.
Avatar f tn i had sex during my period between may 31st thru june 4th, then had sex again on june 10th my 1st day of ovulation. my last period was very light. im exhausted. i have thyroid issues as well. not sure if that makes a differense, swelling breast that are tender. ive been under alot of stress lately. my last period was very light 2 days only and my enotions are out of control. could i be pregnant and how long should i wait before i take a pregnancy test? any and all help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn There's not a particular time to have sex that will guarantee a boy. It's a 50/50 chance. It depends on which gender of the sperm meets with the egg first.
Avatar f tn had my period on 10/23 then had it again on 11/8 , just started again on 11/22 but this time the bleeding was light pink on the first day , the brown on the 2nd,3rd,4th day its been really light not heavy at all.. I been having unprotected sex... my periods are usually regular exept this past month..I been TTC but dont know when im ovulating with all these iregular bleeding.....does any one know what could be causing my iregular bleeding????
1314413 tn?1274115504 so best to have sex from the 10th day to the 16th day of your cycle just to cover incase of early or late ovulation. maybe try ovulation test which will give you best days to try.
6005137 tn?1378211688 My husband and I tried for 2 years before it finally happened. We finally just started having sex 3x a day every day lol. I hope you get prego soon! Good luck!
1489192 tn?1288228192 I'm not a doctor, so don't take my word as absolutely correct, but if she was on her period then chances are she is not pregnant. Sometimes a period only lasts three days, depending on the girl. Mine are usually three days, sometimes four. If you are both concerned, she could take a home pregnancy test (keep in mind though that they are not ALWAYS accurate). The best thing is probably to see a doctor for her to take a pregnancy test. Good luck.
Avatar f tn 28 I had sex the day after I was ovulating I had sex in the 5th of December on the 20th of December and I had sex 4 times on Christmas Day and on the 25 was my day to ovulate
Avatar f tn If it helps at all, we had sex on day 14 after the start of my period which was the day I conceived...so the girls are right on.
Avatar f tn t sure and week later I got my period on time I had sex last night he wore a condom and all and yesterday was last day of my period it was pretty light. After sex i noticed blood on sheets and he told me this morning he think it broke I took a condom 11 hours later should I be okay??
Avatar f tn On on my period now . So wsit for ovulation tim or fertel time ?
505857 tn?1329681517 you should have sex every other day before and after ovulation but make sure you have sex on the day you're ovualting because having sex everyday can lower the sperm count. so i;ve been told.
Avatar n tn i am 4 days late on my period. last period was 12/14/2010. last had sex on 1/3/2011. my boobs r sore,ovula way darker than usual,im extremly tired nd i have been peeing more than usual.Could i be pregnant?
170935 tn?1225371076 i'm having a boy.
1731533 tn?1310152538 I ovulate every month and we have regular sex up to this, and we have sex on the day before i ovulate, the day and also the day after. we tried having sex every other day, every three and every day. with nothing happening. We are really struggling to keep positive and we relax in the 2 week wait. I have two kids from a previous relationship and my partner is thinking the problem is him.
Avatar n tn My period began on June 2 - ended on June 6 - and had unprotected sex with my husband on June 8 but I can tell by pain and mucus changes that I appeared to have been ovulating on June 9 and June 10- Monday and Tuesday. This is very early for me, although I have had a few quirky ovulation times in the past. How possible it is that I could be pregnant - since the timing of making love and the ovulation were so close?
Avatar f tn I started on oral contraceptive pill on my ovulation day until now. I had sex 58 hours ago. Will i get pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex 2days before my Ovulation day period please I would like to know if I could get pregnant for this.
Avatar f tn we had sex day 5 day 11 (1st day fertile) and early am day 15 (technically the day after ovulation)...im on vitex and we used preseed...any thoughts of likelihood?