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Having sex before ovulation day

Common Questions and Answers about Having sex before ovulation day


Avatar f tn I took the ovulation test two days before my ovulation day and both days were positive. Yay ! However, I took it today too which is my ovulation day and tested negative. What does it mean?
Avatar f tn They say if you have sex 2-3 days before ovulation that it can help. This is due to the fact that female sperm swims faster and survives longer.
Avatar f tn However yesterday, which was Thursday, I got a very dark positive ovulation test, but I had sex the day before, which was Wednesday. What are the chances that the sperm from Wednesday will survive 2 days, until Friday to fertilize the egg?
Avatar n tn I had sex a day before my supposed ovulation day,according to the MC calculator,but am starting to feel cramp-like pains about a week after like I usually do whenever am bout to start my period. Pls I need to know if I could be pregnant or if it's possible to b pregnant and still feel some cramps like dat...I rily wanna be pregnant,so Help!
Avatar f tn They recommend having sex every other day when TTC so that your husband can build up more sperm. You cannot actually conceive several days before ovulating as you haven't dropped an egg yet, but you can conceive on ovulation day if your husband ejaculated inside of you a few days before ovulation. So if he did on the 16th, you would have a chance of getting pregnant. Even on the 14th there is a small chance.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get pregnant right before ovulation? I had unprotected sex on Aug.
Avatar f tn Have sex right before your period.. Like 3-5 days before every day if possible more than once.. Then go everyday if possible more than once a day for the next week after it, if you had your period..
Avatar n tn I only cramp one day?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex 2days before my Ovulation day period please I would like to know if I could get pregnant for this.
Avatar f tn Very unlikely it all depends on when you ovulate but i cant see you concieving the day before your period it tends to be atleast ten days after but all women and there cycles vary
1562986 tn?1295038108 it would be way too early to tell it takes 10 days for a fertilised egg to implant. Also if you had sex a day before your period i would have thought ud have ovulated 14days before and since eggs only stay alive for 12-24hrs it seems impossible unless you had unprotected sex around ovulation or have irregular period. Rhi315 is correct by saying the more you stress the more it wont come, our bodies like to play cruel tricks.
Avatar f tn Therefor, having unprotected sex two days before ovulation can result in pregnancy because the sperm can still be alive in the vagina. Please take the pills as directed in order to be protected against pregnancy. I suggest taking a HPT in about two weeks.
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day before my period, I was going to take plan B the next day but I didn't want to mess up my period, I had all the symptoms of my period the day before I had sex, like cramping and tender breasts and I'm still having the symptoms today but I sill haven't gotten my period but still have period symptoms, should I take plan B or wait for my period?
Avatar n tn t tell you that. Generally speaking you will ovulate two weeks BEFORE your next menstrual cycle, so having sex a day after your period usually doesn't result in pregnancy unless you ovulate early in your cycle.
Avatar f tn I conceived on January 13/14, the day of my first positive OPK and the day after my first positive OPK….BUT sperm can live 3-5 days so if you have sex before your ovulation there is always a possibility that sperm from that time fertilized your egg..
Avatar f tn I had sex 4 days before ovulation I had sex on the 27thaug and think I ovulated around the 1/2nd of September.could I get pregnant! Then I also had sex 6 days after ovulation can I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn On my period tracker it said my ovulation day is on Sunday, however I had unprotected sex the Tuesday before, which would make it 5 days before my ovulation. I was being treated for Bacterial Vaginosis, and I’ve heard you can have discharge from it. So it’s been kinda hard to distinguish if the discharge I had was from the BV or from me being fertile. But I have been noticing clear, runny, stringy discharge every so often.
1443426 tn?1284304966 The best time to get pregnant is to have sex before you ovulate. Start the week before ovulation and have sex every other day, that way you are definitely going to hit your ovulation. If it was 7 days before ovulation that you had sex i'd say the chances aren't that great. Maybe you will ovulate early though which would increase the chances. Good luck.
Avatar f tn you need to have a gab of 12 days from ovulation till your period in order for a pregnancy to cant get pregnant by having sex day before your period.your period happens when the egg isnt fertilized and the linning sheds.this is a period.ligament pain dont happen until 7 weeks plus.the light bleed you had on the 8th may have been after bits of period.sounds like the 18th etc you were experiencing ovulation pains.
Avatar f tn m pretty sure none of them were during ovulation) I have this thought in the back of my mind that I am possibly infertile. I have been having sex for 7 years, usually utilizing the withdrawal method, and have never been pregnant. :( My current boyfriend is a decade older than me, well-established in his career, is a homeowner, and seems ready to settle down. 9 out of 10 times when we have sex, he ejaculates inside of me.
1546303 tn?1295342869 -) Good luck!! I hope you get a positive soon!
Avatar f tn I was told 2 weeks from first day of last period is highest chance so for 2 days before and 3 days after I had sex every day n I got pregnant first try!
1699550 tn?1320286617 s too late and a period will follow. I think having sex every other day or twice a day would leave me shattered after a couple of weeks! but seriously if your fertile days haven't arrived or if they have finished then having sex every other day won't make the slightest's more for fun then!
Avatar f tn We were trying all the time and had sex on only days I ovulated and no luck. But now we were just having sex ever day and says I conceived the day I ovulated. Doesn't make sense.
551885 tn?1300383822 yes you want to have sex the same day. ideally you should even be having sex prior to and after that day also. it helps increase your chances of having those little spermy's waiting as your egg is released.