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Avatar f tn Im not sure about my lymph nodes if they are swollen or not as I didnt check them before but I can feel them in my groin and neck ( Im not sure how big they should be under my fingers when they are normal). recently I feel tingle in my right hand and foot which is not serious alot. I have pain in my shoulder muscles as well. Im in stress 24/7 and I cant throw this out of my mind. Im getting mad and crzy about getting the HIV and Im scared to get tested.
Avatar n tn I also saw that if not for the pre-employment physical (I was applying for a reserve police offficer position), I would not have been referred to a stress test. This stress test result was a complete shock to me. Should I be unduly concerned? Is it likely that I have CAD and am a heart attack candidate? Any insight is appreciated.
11849443 tn?1441306441 I have never had a treadmill stress test done, here they do the test on a stationary bike. But it's more or less the same. However, I have no idea why they seem to stop you at a calculated target heart rate (85% of calculated max). For the test to be somewhat reliable regarding ruling out CAD and arrhythmias, the test must (according to my EP who I definitely trust) go on until max heart rate is achieved.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone out there has had a positive exercise stress test and a negative stress echo test. My cardiologist said since my stress echo was negative there is a low probability of me having heart disease. I have been have chest pain with left arm and jaw discomfort on and off for 1 1/2 weeks. I am a non smoker, no high blood pressures, no diabetes, and good cholesterol. I am a 43 year old female. My father had his first heart attack at 50 and died at 60 so I have a family history.
967168 tn?1477588089 Perhaps it is time to do an echocardiogram, isotope stress test and high speed CTA scan. This is what I would certainly ask my PC or cardiologist to preform. These test will give you all the information needed to assess your current problem. Your symptoms suggest transient ischemic heart problems and I wouldn't hesitate to find answers.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I appreciate all of the thoughtful advice and discussion. To clarify, I did undergo a nuclear stress test prior to my heart cath. The stress test indicated there was blockage in one of the arteries. So I was stunned when I was told that I was a false positive and there was no blockage! I thought that a stress test was more reliable! I think my physician was being extra cautious because I have diabetes and because my father died of a massive heart attack at the age of 54.
182884 tn?1259316506 LOL Oh, I was given the med induced STress test because I have a bad back and bad foot, two recent foot surgeries.
Avatar f tn I have had two nuclear stress tests over the past two years. As you most likely already know, they are about 85% accurate. It is possible to get a false positive, especially if you are a female, however if both your family doctor and your cardiologist say your results are abnormal, then a cath sounds like a necessary test. Abnormal results could mean that the pictures taked before and after your test show an area that is not getting enough blood supply under stress.
1113012 tn?1258592831 He ordered a sleep study which was done on last Thurs. to make sure i don't have sleep apnea, nothing wrong there. I had an echo stress test done yesterday. Before I tell this let me just note that my normal BP has always been around 145/78. Since all this edema started a couple of weeks ago it's been around 128/89-96. Before the stress test it was 128/89. After the stress test it was 145/74. Why did my top # go up and the bottom down?
Avatar n tn Stress fractures of the foot usually occur as a result of repeatedly carrying too much weight or doing too much "pounding" on the lower leg and foot. Weight lifting, jogging on cement or tarmac, marching(stomping), jumping, etc. The risk is higher if there is a disease process present such as diabetes or osteoporosis. When this fracture occurs in the foot it usually occurs in the metatarsal bone of the second toe and you will get a small bump in the center (ish) of the forefoot.
Avatar f tn well what is going on is I went to my Dr and was like Hey my foot is getting worse pain-wise Why ? so he sent me to the podiatrist who in turn had me do a blood test for gout. peps with 1 kidney usually have high uric acid levels and I have had gout flares in the past. anyway he orders the blood test and I do my liver screen at the same time and urinalysis.. He also set me up for a sonogram our echo ? of the blood flow to my foot and a ct scan of it. Then out of the blue I get a call my Dr.
Avatar m tn I recently started jogging/running to get fit for my physical test. My first two weeks were with basketball shoes and not proper running shoes. I didnt perform to good so decided to get new balance running shoes and felt much better. Now i been having this pain starting on my arch going all the way to my ankle every time i make a proper step. To avoid this pain i have to walk with side of my foot.
Avatar n tn I think it may have something to do with stress, or stress on the nerves in the bottom of the feet. Nerves in the feet are the most sensitive because there so far from there "food source". I would not worry a whole lot unless it spreads. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn and then five weeks after, the foot pain started...mainly on TOP of the foot -- bizarre..... when i took my test at six weeks, i developed a headache for like a week - felt like a "stress" headache, but you never know... both my urologist, and a family-friend doc are telling me to move on after the six week test....just need to get this out of my mind......
Avatar n tn ) in 1998 due to ruptured disc (L5-S1)and nerve pressure, but that caused left leg pain and numbness in sole of left foot; no complications with right foot at that time or after, till this recent tremor. Slightly overweight (6'1", 205 lbs), minimal daily exercise (1-2 miles walking), fairly balanced diet (wife is a Registered Dietitian), some stress but not extreme (tenured full professor in engineering, but too many projects!), lots of computer time, 7-8 hrs sleep most nights.
Avatar n tn I don't believe RLS is related to the foot vibration because I'm the first to mention it here, but 80% of everyone else also mentioned stress. This is quite surely a nerve/brain condition.
Avatar n tn To follow up from an ablation 6 weeks ago, I am to undergo a myocardial perfussion stress test (using medication rather than exercise). I am concerned because I have continued to have chest pain and some atrial flutter since my ablation, and I am aware that my heart rate will be pushed up for this procedure. I'd appreciate comments on what to expect during this procedure. Thank you.
Avatar m tn This is not really a fitness test, it's a test to evaluate your heart under stress. I believe that if you fail your Max heart rate or the complete test, the report is labelled as inconclusive or not completed.
Avatar f tn I do not run. I had a stress fx in the left foot metatarsal area in August and now have the same thing in my right foot. I didn't know what other forum to put this in. An orthopedic dr. told me it is unheard of to have this happening, especially since I'm not a runner. I had a bone density test that showed mild osteopenea, so he doesn't think that's the cause. Do you have any ideas? I don't want to have my feet constantly fractured!
Avatar f tn I had a stress fx in August of my left foot metatarsal area. I was diagnosed again 3 weeks ago with the same stress fx but this time in right foot - again, metatarsal area. I am not a runner. I had a bone density test which only showed mild osteopenea. Now they found a benign tumor in my femur. Is any of this connected? I don't want to keep having bone problems. I certainly don't want to keep having fx in my feet! Thank you.
Avatar f tn the problem can be originating in the heart or the lungs. do a check up with a cardiologist, EKG, cardiac stress test, echocardiogram. if you are a smoker it is very important that you give up smoking.
Avatar f tn -Ok, for the last month or two Ive been having really bad headaches that are accompanied by numbness and itchiness in a small part of my face or leg or foot or arm. I asked my doctor and they did a physical, everything came out clear. can it be stress causing the numbness and itchiness?? -Also, I have loss of appetite most of the time. And sometimes i feel so sad and feel like crying and I do so i can feel better and it sometimes helps but then i get sad again. can that be depression?
Avatar n tn I have been having problems with my foot and my leg, at first I thought it was a bone spur so I started using inserts in my shoes and bought better shoes, but now I sometimes have numbness in my toes and my leg alternates betweens being cramped to feeling heavy, and I sometimes have a pain in my foot even when I'm not standing on it. I have sleep apnea and use a c-pap my doctor feels I have had it since I was born and I'm currentley 45 yrs old and have been using the c-pap for 5 yrs.
182884 tn?1259316506 I had the Stress test on Monday, the 28th, and they gave me an injection of Persantine cardiolyte Dye, where they took resting pictures with a gamma camera, then the stress test where they injected the Persantine, ( If the EKG under stress shows that I am getting enough blood while under stress, does this mean that when under the camera, there is no likilihood that anything will show up in the images in the camera, or can a blockage, etc. still show up that will explain my incident.
Avatar n tn i have a rash on the bottem of my foot that itches at night after i go to does.t usually bother me during the day. i have tried all kinds of creams and they relive the itch for a short time and then it returns.there are small red rash under the skin.they don.t make blisters and the foot doc said it was.t atheletes feet so i.m wondering what it could be. it keeps me awake and keeps my husband awake some time.
277836 tn?1359669774 Trust me I have been checked head to toe even had a stress test done on my heart as well.. Hopefully its just my anxiety but I have made a big step in my life to discontinue all the anxiety meds I seem to feel worse and depend on them in my life. I dont want to be drugged to mask a symptom you know what I mean??
Avatar n tn If a person like me has been to the neurologist and had every blood test ran that the doctors can think of, but still having problems with the foot buzzing with nothing neurological turning up what would the next course of action be? I would also like to add that I had muscle fasciculations to begin with those have mostly gone away, the foot buzzing has been going on on and off since they put me on Lexapro for the anxiety the fascicultions were causing.
Avatar f tn I started worrying. I had a Fecal Occult Blood test done, which came back negative. I did parasite testing, also negative. I started to also get severe dizziness, which my doctor attributed to the fact that I had just returned from a cruise. She suggested I wait it out, which I did. It eventually went away. With the stomach problems came severe nausea in the mornings, and nausea after going to the washroom. That eventually subsided once my new symptoms kicked in.
Avatar n tn On occasion, I would feel pins and needles in my left foot and then in my arms (focusing on the medial two fingers) when I would wake up. Concerned with MS, I was evaluated at the UCLA Department of Neurology. After an exam and MRI (with flare, contrast, etc.) of the brain and cervical spine, my neurologist said she did not see any indication of MS. She related my symptoms to (1) stress and (2) chemical imbalance of the brain (b/c no focal syptoms).
182884 tn?1259316506 She said my LDL was 184, and she was putting me on several other meds while waiting for a med induced stress test, I can not exercise because of a back problem and bad feet. She prescribed Zetia to add to my list of meds to take as well as Atentol and nitroglycerin for the chest pain. Also told me no physical exertion. I had the stress chest a couple of days ago and am waiting for the results. If my tests comes out normal does this rule out any heart disease?