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Avatar f tn An MRI showed that I incurred a stress fracture in my ankle as a result of severe osteopenia, almost 4 months ago. Treatment consisted of a period of rest for 2 weeks, then wearing a boot for a month. I was then put on complete rest of the injured foot-no weight-bearing at all for over 2 months, as x-rays showed it was healing quite slowly.
Avatar f tn An MRI showed that I incurred a stress fracture in my ankle as a result of severe osteopenia, almost 4 months ago. Treatment consisted of a period of rest for 2 weeks, then wearing a boot for a month. I was then put on complete rest of the injured foot-no weight-bearing at all for over 2 months, as x-rays showed it was healing quite slowly.
Avatar n tn While reading through the records, I discovered that I had a cuboid fracture to my right foot that I was never told about. I am pissed! I am only 22. I have been dealing with pain ever since the accident. I can't go rock climbing because of the pain. My doctor just told me that it would get better, and that I had to give it time. How rediculous! I have scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist.
Avatar n tn I only had a calcaneus fracture from a bad car accident. When I couldn't put any weight on my foot I had pain too. I had surgery and still have the hardware. I'm going on a year in 3 months and I don't have pain but, I do have a-lot of stiffness. Oh, the slight pain I have is a burning one that I get when I work hard at the gym to get my strength back.
Avatar m tn Am I putting to much stress on my recovering ankle too fast? Ultimately, I just want to be able to enjoy the activities I love.
441781 tn?1204844957 I have a spiral fibula fracture. I could not put my foot in walking position. My lower left leg was casted for the first two weeks and I was no weight bearing. Doctor told me at the end of the two weeks I would get a walking cast. During that time the pain was terrible. I passed out because of the pain. At the two weeks, I visited my doctor and he said looks good see you in four weeks and I was still no weight bearing. No explanation.
Avatar n tn I stepped into a hole in my backyard and was found to have a Cuboid fracture of my left foot. An MRI showed excessive amount of fluid around the tendons in my foot that overlap the cuboid bone. I was unable to bear any weight for a week. I wore a walking boot for 2 months and then a permanent cast for 8 weeks. After it's removal I attended 2 weeks worth of PT. My range of motion got better but was still quite limited.
Avatar n tn I had a stress fracture in my foot 13 years ago and it never healed. I got it from running too much, I went from 60 miles per week to 100 miles per week. At that time, they told me cycling was a good way to keep fit. Recently I started cycling and the same foot is starting to hurt again. I have been doing a lot of hills, so there is a lot of force on that foot. Not good, will cut back on hills. I hate this! I like exercising. I wish someone could tell me how to fix this.
Avatar f tn I nearly tore all the skin off my right rear foot. I had a very severe burst fracture of the t8 and t9 verabrae. Luckily there was no paralysis and i am able to walk somehow. One of my Drs told me to go play the lottery. I also collapsed both lungs(chest tubes are not fun), broke 10 ribs, broke my clavicle, and had many lacerations to my face and bruises all over my body. It has been 9 months or so i am doiing PT with my sister who is a liscened therapist.
Avatar m tn Is that correct? She is paralyzed on the LEFT side with sensation now in the left leg; none on the left arm. She has left-side neglect but that seems to have lessened slightly. She can now eat pured food but has a feeding tube that they hope to remove around the 19th of Sept. She talks, remembers, can now smile and can read (basically the right side of the page). Realistically, what is the outcome for her in six months?
1309064 tn?1273506622 I was in a broadside collision at the end and fractured C7 and L2 TP. My L foot began to burn on the plantar surface. Shortly thereafter I began having increased pain in the L hipsocket, buttock and lowback. It's now 16 months later and I've had a Piriformis injection, steroid dosepak, 3 Lumbar facet injections, 2 Lumbar MRI's and a EMG and no one can find the source of the pain.
615197 tn?1221232447 bilateral knee(torn medial meniscus post terior horn and shredded cartiledge on left, and a stress fracture of the 5th metatorsel right foot, has caused me to be in daily pain and unable to weight bear thus cant walk and am wheelchair....frustrating in that the orthos are hesitant to arthroscpe..b/c of ms and it maynot help since my quad musles are sooooweak........ugh!!!!!!
1131131 tn?1275112088 I have lost about 55 lbs in the last two years. But I am kind of stuck at this weight now. I recently broke my foot, (a jones fracture) and am in a walking air cast. I have been in the cast for six weeks and was just told that I have to be in it for at least another month! I understand that jones fractures take a long time to heal, but I am getting frustrated. I had just started to increase my activity.
Avatar n tn When I had told him about the burning in the area of my lowest back and down my right leg to just above the knee he sent me for an MRI (1 month after fall) he only had a scribbled result which stated there was a stress fracture on my lower right sacrum. He said oh that could have happened before, and sent me to pool therapy. When I got in the pool my right leg would tingle, become full of pain and I was unable to swim, let alone keep myself up! Dr.
Avatar f tn I saw the mS nurse about the possibility of a relapse - she thinks it probably isn't but residual fallout from a perfect storm of a couple vigorous infections i can't shake and a stress fracture in my foot. Even if it was a relapse, treating with steroids is not an option because that would interfere with the healing of the bone. Students graduated this past weekend and this week we have a number of adult events on campus, and then next week it will be very quiet.
Avatar n tn Part of the pain tolerance is a mind exercise and since your in constant pain, you will need to develop this aspect of rehab. Talk to your neurologist about rehab and especially the rehab team.
Avatar n tn I had a severe PIP joint fracture on my pinkie finger on Aug 17th and had surgery on the 21st. I have 2 screws holding that joint together now. It's about 5 weeks post-op now and have had the cast off for about a week and a half. I'm in my first week of physical therapy. The tip of my pinkie is still numb and the finger itself is stiff as a carrot - very little movement.
Avatar n tn - Quadricep flexes - 3 sets of 15 - Calf flexes w/ resistance band around foot - 3 sets of 15 - outer Calf flexes w/ resistance band around foot - 3 sets of 15 - inner Calf flexes w/ resistance band around foot - 3 sets of 15 - Straight leg raises w/ electro stimulation machine attached to my quadriceps for 15 min. - Side leg raises - 3 sets of 15 - Bending knees 15 degrees, using a strap around foot and pulling towards body - 3 sets of 10 (holding for 5 sec) Increasing 15 degrees every week.
Avatar n tn Yes, hormones can effect your spine. Osteophoresis will make your spine weaker and more prone to fracture and/or degenertion. You will need to talk to your physician to see if hormone replacement is correct for you when the time arises.
Avatar n tn It's great that you have had such tremendous recovery. Keep resting and don't stress out about it happening again. Stress can be far more of a cause of it happening again. You take care.
Avatar f tn Began having trouble with my ankles again, hairline fracture to one. 16yrs- checked myself into rehab for 6 months of meth addiction. Began NA. Started seeing floaters in vision, decreasing acuity continues. 17 yrs- cholestesectomy-gallbladder removed for gallstones 19yrs- Colonoscopy, endoscopy, many other scans for painless but profuse rectal bleeding while running. Saw a urologist for urinary incontinence while running. Constipation issues began.
147426 tn?1317269232 Thursday I see another orthopod for a second opinion on my right ankle. When did the posterior tibial mallealor fracture happen and do I need any special PT for the ongoing feeling of instability and pain. Should we address the rigid great toe that keeps me from a proper stride? I saw my MS Neuro a couple weeks ago. My overall exam is still unchanged (I agree) with the exception of the right facial pain.
Avatar n tn vitamin B is what helps you deal with stress- so as I have been under a lot of stress I'm sure my body has used all the vitamin B I had in it & needs more & the burning calf is it's way of letting me know. The body is a cool thing indeed! Hope this is helpful!
Avatar n tn bowl of cold water, place foot inside use hands knee fex bend foot toes in the one bowl till water turn cold/hot or you can't tolerate it anymore then over to the other bowl repeat the this continuing, repetitively as often as possible... its painfull till area heald to satisfaction.....''n sagte dokter maak stinkende wonde' = ' a soft dr cause smelly wounds' It works I became a capable person after about alternative medicine/chinese work.....
Avatar n tn Just found out I have herniation at c-3 c-4,I haven't done any rehab stuff,dumbells or walking for about 2.5 months and symptoms have decreased in my shoulder and arm. Before it was like it was bein pulled out.It would come on with no warning and would last sometimes for days at a time. The first time was about 3 or 4 weeks into rehab,I think thats when the current disk went, but doc did mri upper thoractic and found nothing.
Avatar f tn Even after coronary ischemic attacks which began just before the angioplasty, I passed stress test with flying colors. After the blockage was discovered thanks to a persistent PCP, and the stent inserted, I had chest pain afterwards. Was re-catheterized, all the major arteries were given a clean bill of health, but was placed on a beta blocker. Terrible reaction to the first one, put on a second one, and finally my cardiologist took me off that one as well.
Avatar f tn I had a HUGE tear in my labrum, an impingement, and synovitis that needed to be fixed arthroscopically, and the arthritis was present, all as a direct result of the SCFE. Rehab after surgery is 6 months, and a surgeon who specializes in hip arthroscopy is hard to find but they do exist. I also thought I would make it to at least 40 with no problems; a lot of people with this issue do, but nope, not me.
1032715 tn?1315987834 Hi all,he is doing a lot better,but it turns out he had a stroke when they were bringing him out of the coma,so he will need some rehab,the pneumonia is clearing up,but it will be a long process to get him back to a somewhat normal life. I'm still in a lot of pain fron the sciatica but I'm being very strict on the codeine and I haven't abused them at all, I can feel all your eyes watching me,so I'm not game enough LOL my butts still sore from the last kicking.
604197 tn?1292308636 i had my helmet on and i hemmoraged my brain in the right occpical lobe and left frontal lobe and the falax and teritenium top of head. i shattered my right radial head and fracture my humurs head, broke six bones in right ankle and fractured my L5 vertabrea. due to many injuries some pains were worse then others as they lessend the others flared up. after many meds and problems i had to find other ways. i lost all memories of my life.
Avatar n tn As for my broken toe , I had it xrayed, it was a fracture of the phalanx...the bottom of the toe. The foot wasn't broken, but the top of the foot still hurts and the toe still hurts. I still limp, but it aches even when I'm just sitting. The dr said it's all normal. The bruising is gone now but the toe it still swollen and shorter than the other. I still can only wear sandals with velcro.