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525545 tn?1293181194 Hi, Thanks for writing in. Jones fracture or dancer’s fracture is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot. The fifth metatarsal is at the base of the small toe, and the proximal end, where the Jones fracture occurs, is in the midportion of the foot. Patients who sustain a Jones fracture have pain over this middle/outside area of their foot, swelling, and difficulty walking.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 24, a former ballet dancer (stopped when I was 16) with a stress fracture in the second metatarsal of my right foot that has not healed after 3 years of treatment and a possible new stress fracture in my left foot from over compensating. Why is it that my feet aren't healing and keep fracturing? I don't do any strenuous exercising like running or jumping.
Avatar m tn About two and a half years ago I broke the second metatarsal in my right foot. It was misdiagnosed as turf toe by two different doctors so it was allowed to heal without any treatment. The swelling went down and I went back to the doctor because my second toe was still misaligned. I then found out that the metatarsal had been broken, but it was already healed so the doctor didn't want to do anything more.
Avatar m tn There is pain, tenderness and swelling at the outer border of the foot, most marked at the site of 5th metatarsal. Diagnosis is easy by an X-ray. Treatment is by below knee walking plaster cast for 3 weeks. Take care!
5577688 tn?1434099370 Ortho doc was faund by X-RAY that I had fifth metatarsal fracture (shaft) immediately I vas get in to a Surgery.. A week after the surgery the Dr who operated me send me home, with no Fixation (or cast) My question to you, dear Dr. : the doctor who operated me told me that I can try to set foot Is that ok? I feel I can du that, but should I let the bone healing? When can I start to walk / drive?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed (MRI) with a nondisplaced coronally oriented fracture at the base of the second metatarsus. I have had pain and swelling on that foot since 3 years I twisted the foof but never went to doctor. I only had pain if I was standing for too long or wearing high heels. Last week when I got the report the ortho ordered 4 weeks with crutches. I am having a hard time with them so I want to know if I could use anything else, like an ace band?
Avatar n tn I had a hairline fracture above second toe (metatarsal). It has healed. Now I have moderate swelling around ankle and on top. It recedes overnight. I have an air walker/boot and bandage/wrap during the day. Xrays negative by podiatrist. Perhaps it's early but what is the problem?
Avatar f tn When I ran cross-country in high school and college (7 and 6 years ago, respectively), I experienced 2 metatarsal stress fractures (one in each foot, subsequent years) and had low bone density (osteopenia) as a result of an eating disorder. I had been on fosamax for awhile, take calcium, and my weight is back to normal, so supposedly my bone density is fine now. I was also not running like I had in the past, but took regular walks and we blamed the pain on worn out tennis shoes.
Avatar f tn I have had numerous radiologists state different opinions on my foot X-ray. I'm 37 and recently rolled my foot, I was told that I fractured one of the sesamoid bones in half and also fractured the base of the fifth metatarsal. It is completely separated.
Avatar f tn Went to urgent care and got X-rays and they said I had a tiny fracture of my fifth metatarsal with no displacement. They gave me a boot and crutches and said it should be good in a month. Question 1: does it look like a pseudo jones fracture or jones fracture? Question 2: I keep reading comments about weight bearing and am unsure what that means-- does that include weight on the foot while wearing the boot or without?
Avatar m tn How do I treat a fracture of the left 2nd metatarsal? I injured myself at work with excessive walking and climbing, I'm a letter carrier. I have been off work I and I used a cam boot walker for approx. 3 or 4 weeks. that helped initially but now I am not wearing anything on my foot. Is there anything I can do or wear to help speed up the healing process. I am a 44yr old female. I still have a significant amount of pain present that sometimes goes into my big toe.
Avatar f tn My 5th metatarsal has been broken for 9 weeks. I think it was a jones fracture (looks like 1-2 from online research, but not sure) My week 6 xrays showed that the bone was mending, but it was still very swollen to walk on. The foot wasn't cast, but placed in a walking boot. I was told no put no pressure on it and to keep elevated. The student doctor advised that at 6 weeks, i could keep the walking cast off as long as i was in bed and placed no pressure on it which i then did.
Avatar f tn I fell while playing and my ankle is sprained . there was swelling around the outer side of the foot and it was unable to bear the body weight. Got xray done and doctor told me that it is a fracture and put a cast on my foot.
Avatar f tn High arches increase the chances of a metatarsal stress fracture. So does extra weight and high impact exercise. Spasticiy can cause similar pain in the foot and lower leg.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I had surgery to place a screw into my fifth metatarsal on 3/19/09 to repair a Jones Fracture of the right foot that had been bothering me for close to a year. I saw the Xray for the first time yesterday at my doctors office. The screw they inserted was sort of diagonal through the bone which is probably normal due to the angle at which the screw enters the bone...
Avatar f tn I have untreated celiac disease and have had a stress fracture 2nd metatarsal that did not heal for over 4 months. Was in a plastic air boot and crutches for 8 weeks. Then tried to get back into regular shoe and started p.t. But had continued pain and limping. Went to a new ortho for 2nd opinion and he took a 2nd MRI. Radiologist came back with 3rd metatarsal now has a stress fracture. So back in boot and crutches for 6 to 8 weeks. It has so far been 5 1/2 weeks.
Avatar f tn After 11 months of pain, doctors, physical therapy, two podiatrist, cortisone shots the Navy finally ordered a MRI. ***RESULTS*** bone spurs, bone marrow edema, stress fracture of 5th metatarsal, and a partial thickness tear of my peroneus longus tendon. Thought? Will,I need surgery? Referral was put in for orthopedic but if your in the military it could ghost e a month before I get in.
Avatar m tn My podiatrist thinks that my x-ray demonstrates a jones fracture however I believe it is a Avulsion fracture due to the location. Can someone please clarify what fracture I have? Thanks!
Avatar f tn You need an x-ray. I fractured a metatarsal bone (upper top of foot) while in the military and it took a year to heal, and I still have pain decades later. Generally there is a "window of opportunity" to immobilize such a fracture, and if missed the bone won't heal without surgery.
Avatar f tn After 11 months of pain, doctors, physical therapy, two podiatrist, cortisone shots the Navy finally ordered a MRI. ***RESULTS*** bone spurs, bone marrow edema, stress fracture of 5th metatarsal, and a partial thickness tear of my peroneus longus tendon. Thought? Will,I need surgery? Referral was put in for orthopedic but if your in the military it could Be a month before I get in.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering with hairline fracture on my right foot in metatarsal is now 5th week should i remove the plaster now ...i gave full rest to my foot ...
Avatar m tn I have a fracture of the left 2nd metatarsal that is still healing and my Dr. has ordered physical therapy. What I want to know is will physical therapy help in the healing process of a fracture or is that something that should be done once the bone has healed?
Avatar n tn I am feeling pain at the fifth metatarsal bone of my left ankle. I am on crutches since three weeks though there is no fracture at fifth metatarsal bone. The pain is less compared to the first week now but I don't know whats going on in my ankle. can anyone tell me what could be the problem in my ankle.? what should i do in order to heal faster? The pain is coming from base i.e head of the fifth metatarsal bone, some what at joint i.