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Avatar n tn An xray is the only way you will know for sure if a fracture occured. If this is a stress fracture, I suggest you ask the doc for a DEXA exam. This will test for bone density and set your risk for future fractures.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have been reading the various emails submitted by folks with cuboid stess fracture and I certainly do appreciate the sharing of stories. I have been in pain of the left foot for about a month now, but do not remember when I "hurt" it. I finally went to the foot doctor today (7/8/09) and the doctor took Xrays and found nothing. But, he did locate the "pain" and said it may be a cuboid stress fracture.
Avatar n tn I've get heart palpitations a lot, espicially after i exercise and I'm starting to get injured more frequently. I think i have a stress fracture on my left foot kind of under the big toe (ball of the foot) that hasn't gone away since last November. Not only that, but on the top of my left foot when i flex it hurts and it might be another stress fracture so i'm told, and a left leg pain-i don't know if it's a shin splint because it's higher up, but it hurts when i run on it.
Avatar f tn Ugh the boot, i didn't have a stress fracture but i tore 70% of the tendon in the back of my ankle. I waited to go to the doc until i could barely walk so they put me in a boot for 8 weeks. It sucked and i still have problems. So deff go to the doc, the boot will help take pressure off of it.
Avatar n tn Most rehabilitation for foot fractures includes rest and avoiding activities that stress, strain, or pressure the injury site.. Strengthening the muscles around the foot fracture hastens recovery and prevents recurrence of the injury.. Although the exercises are described for the injured-side foot or leg, you should also do them on the uninjured side. .
Avatar n tn My stress fracture in my foot(4th metatarsal) occured in November 2009. Almost 14 months later, I am still in a lot of pain and cannot even think about running. I have always been an active person and an athlete and I'm about to go crazy! Initially, the stress fracture was not found because it was too small to show up on an Xray. I eventually had an MRI done and it found the fracture. I was put in a walking boot for 3 months, and then attemped weight bearing regular walking.
Avatar f tn I don't really have any pain walking or standing on my toes or hopping on the affected foot and there is no swelling. I can stretch and move my foot around with no pain. No pain when touching or pressing any areas. I did have a triple phase bone scan done last Friday and the results came back normal, so it appears I do not have a navicular stress fracture. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn I too have a stress fracture in my right foot (3rd and 5th metasarsal) that happened 6 months ago. It has never shown up on xray, but an MRI found the fracture. I have been fitted for a custom insert, and it seemed to be improving, but anytime I move my foot quickly, it's like it gets strained, and I have a lot of pain again. I'm at my wit's end. I have been to endochronologist who has found no underlying causes. I'm looking for any kind of ideas!
331213 tn?1217168431 and then again down about half the length of my foot on the inside. I've looked up stress fractures and from what I've found, I thought it could have been the problem but it's been so long since this problem and pain has started that I'm beginning to wonder if it's my bunions that are causing it? I will be making an appointment as soon as I can but in the mean time, I would like an opinion or a suggestion on what I can do to take the pain away or what it might be? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I knew that walking barefoot was a problem in the same foot as I could feel stress in the base area of the 5th metatarsal. My podiatrist had little to offer other than don't walk barefoot. So until last year I managed the stress successfully with the orthotics. I beagn to notice the onset of infrequent stabbing pain in the same area. The pain would subside after a period of no-load.
Avatar n tn Now, two weeks later, I still feel it every time I step. The pain is on the bottom of my foot (plantar) right on the ball of my foot (center of the pad, right beneath the toe ligaments). It also hurts when I push down on the bottom of my toes on the dorsal side of my foot. I've already put an insole into my shoe to ease the pain and try to wear cushy socks.
Avatar m tn Well, without an evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of the foot pain in your case. This may be related to the fracture, plantar fasciitis, spurs or other degenerative conditions. It is possible to continue to have a stress fracture over months when it is not given due attention and appropriate care.
Avatar f tn An MRI showed that I incurred a stress fracture in my ankle as a result of severe osteopenia, almost 4 months ago. Treatment consisted of a period of rest for 2 weeks, then wearing a boot for a month. I was then put on complete rest of the injured foot-no weight-bearing at all for over 2 months, as x-rays showed it was healing quite slowly.
Avatar f tn An MRI showed that I incurred a stress fracture in my ankle as a result of severe osteopenia, almost 4 months ago. Treatment consisted of a period of rest for 2 weeks, then wearing a boot for a month. I was then put on complete rest of the injured foot-no weight-bearing at all for over 2 months, as x-rays showed it was healing quite slowly.
Avatar f tn Hi, The possible diagnosis could be fracture or any bony growth. The symptom of pain at the bottom of foot suggests that you might have a stress fracture, Calcaneal bursitis, or retro-Calcaneal bursitis. You can get X-rays, including AP, lateral, and oblique views, should be obtained, but it must be remembered that X-rays may not show changes for up to 3 weeks after a stress fracture. Bone scan and MRI may help confirm the diagnosis and may be positive as little as 2 days after stress fracture.
Avatar f tn You didnt mention inflammation of what? If it is inflammation in the bone, this is what is known as a "stress reaction" and is a precursor to a stress fracture, and this may require some time off your feet.
Avatar f tn Sudden, sharp , stabbing pain on the top right side of my right foot. No trauma of any kind. Just feels like a brick was dropped on that part of my foot! Two days now with no relief. No swelling or redness, just bad pain.. I'm stumped and hurting. Anyone have any ideas???
Avatar n tn My ankle is gets stiff (especially when I wake up in the mornings) and I cannot run by any means but I move around pretty good. My main area of pain is in the front of my foot (on the bottom ..ball of my foot toward the little toes).. Feels like a bruise or something. I was told by a friend of mine that it was probably a "bundle of nerves". Well whatever it is ... it hurts and it even causes bruising on the top of my foot. Will this ever go away?
Avatar f tn Correlation of these findings with MR imaging of the left/ankle could be considered both to evaluate the plantar fascia and to exclude bone marrow signal alteration which would be compatible with a calcaneal stress fracture, based on the patient's symptomatology. No acute or displaced calcaneal fracture or talar fracture is seen. There is a prominent os trigonum observed. No aggressive or destructive lytic bony lesion is evident. There is no evidence for an erosive or inflammatory arthritis.
Avatar n tn I am having to walk on the side o my foot and even this is painfull,and my ankle is starting to rebel because I am walking in this manner. Could this be a stress fracture of the underside of my toe joint ? the skin and tissue are not sore; just the bone at the joint but only undernieth. it also hurts when I bend my toes although this has become difficult to do asmy toe has become stiff and the area very swollen.
459853 tn?1283144114 I did notice that the pain had gotten considerably better, about 90% better, then all of a sudden this morning the pain is back full force! It feels swollen and it's right on top of the tibia about 3 inches from where the foot bends, and extends upward about an additional 3 inches.
Avatar m tn I hit an uneven spot and when my foot rolled inward, I felt a sharp pain in my knee. It wasn't bad at first, so I went to class that night and Friday night, though I was limping by then. By Saturday I couldn't put any weight on it without intense pain. I limped on it for 2 weeks before my MRI was approved, which showed a medial tibial plateau stress fracture. The crack is longways in the bone and on the inside of the bone.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure what topic this would go under, I have been having foot pain on the top of foot, below the bend on the top of foot, and its slightly brused, can anyone give me an idea of what is happening, my activites are daily walking, running and bike riding 7 miles a day. recently I have not done so much in my activites due to sore foot. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I got up early in the night and initially it painful putting weight on my foot, however after a few steps the pain decreased. On getting up this morning the lump on my foot has disappeared, however I have some redness stretching from about 1cm below my big toe to just above my ankle. It is tender to touch however not painful to walk on. I have only slight tenderness in my lower leg now. Please could you advise what this could be and if I need to see anyone.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 15 years old and I've been having foot pain on the middle top part of my foot for about 2 years now. The foot pain is only present with strenuous exercise, especially after a long period of rest. When there is pain, some burning feeling is also present. I think that this pain started when I either dropped some textbooks on my foot or when I jumped down on it too hard. There is no swelling or redness.
Avatar n tn First he took xrays and told me I had a old stress fracture that has healed and gave me a cortisone shot for the pain and some anti-imflammatory medicine. The pain disappeared for about 2 days and returned. I just went to my follow up visit last week and told him the pain is still there. I told him I have done alot of reading on the internet and it seems to me that it might be Morton's Neuroma.
Avatar n tn after he gave me the result (took test at six week, 2 days), he suggested for me to get on with my life, etc...he thought foot pain, etc was from anxiety... do you think the foot pain could be hiv-related? any thoughts are much appreciated!
Avatar f tn Before the xrays he also said there are tendons that are in the area where I'm having pain and that could be causing the pain as well. I should also add that I have low bone density so I think if it is a cuboid fracture that definitely could have contributed to it.
Avatar m tn However, I am still having bad pain in my heel when pressure is placed and pain walking on the outside of foot that radiates around and under foot. They performed another surgery to stretch tendons. Still have pain. Also, When I try and point my foot it kills me in the Achilles area and the outer part. Any ideas???