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Avatar f tn Hello, This constant burning pain has been present after the foot was stabbed, hence it looks like a local nerve trauma and nerve irritation. You need to consult a neurologist and get a nerve conduction test and nerve biopsy done. Also then other important causes of burning feet like diabetes and peripheral vascular disease need to be ruled out. It is important to get your fasting blood sugar levels done to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I have chronic lower back and mainly in the "S1" area of my right foot along with numbness, tingling, burning like frost bight for about 4 years and it just seems to get worse. Sleepless nights.Full body tremors, headaches & dizziness when taking 150mg 2x a day. Doctors say I have stenosis in the L4/5 area but not bad enough to operate. GOOD! however, I have been taking Norco, Tramdol, and 150 2x a day of Lyrica. I did take 50mg 2x a day and it did nothing.
Avatar n tn L4, so I have the burning in my thigh, tingling, numbness etc. I am just wondering if this burning pain is associated w/ that.
Avatar f tn I am woken up during the night with hot burning pain in my left foot only, mostly in the middle toes. It is really painful, and I get up and rub Aspercremem on them. 2 questions...Why only this foot....and could it be gout. I have polymylgia rheumatica and spine problems.
Avatar f tn Anytime you have surgery nerves are cut which causes them to react with burning pain. I would check with your doctor. You wouldn't have redness or swelling with nerve pain. If you do have those symptoms you should see your dr so he can take a look and check and treat for infection.
Avatar n tn This year I started having a burning in the center of the sole of one foot. Now I suffer from pain and burning on the soles of my feet. It gets worse if I have been on my feet several hours. Nothing has helped relieve the pain and I am not sure who I need to see about this problem.
Avatar m tn This causes severe burning pain in the region and the treatment would include nerve blocks by a pain physician in a specialized clinic. Neurontin would give some relief but should only be started on a prescription. Take care and all the best.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, my left foot started to hurt during the day in the heel area and moved up into the inside arch area. This has continued today. The right foot does not have this pain. Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on?
Avatar f tn I have burning itchy painful foot, I went through surgery 1,5 months ago, because the cut I had on the inside ankle of my foot were infected, and I was wearing the pre opt.boot for a month, and now the bottom of my foot and behind the ankle is really painful and itchy; could anyone tell me what this problem is? I just went to visit the foot doctor last week, I don't want to go back to the doctor just for him to say it's just nothing.thank you.
Avatar m tn In the last 2-3 years have acquired severe pain in ankle and foot! I get a burning pain in center of foot and at the ball behind big toe it stays sore to the touch.. .. Any recommendations!???
Avatar n tn I have a burning sensation in my right foot on the side and around my ankle that is moving up the side of my leg. There is a little swelling in the foot and ankle. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar n tn I have sharp pain in the right foot on the outside of the foot. The pain sometimes is similiar to an electrical shock. I have tingling, burning at times. My foot feels tried most of the time. The pain radiates to the toes and sometimes up the lower leg. Sometimes it is sharp pains that are almost unbearable and would be if they lasted for any length of time. I have had no injuries.
1456948 tn?1285467972 Yes, I too have experienced these odd senstations. Usually it is a kind of burning in my foot (right) and many times a sensation of water running down my arms, or legs. These senstations come and go and fortunately they have been gone now for weeks but I never know when they will come up.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 15 years old and I've been having foot pain on the middle top part of my foot for about 2 years now. The foot pain is only present with strenuous exercise, especially after a long period of rest. When there is pain, some burning feeling is also present. I think that this pain started when I either dropped some textbooks on my foot or when I jumped down on it too hard. There is no swelling or redness.
1091845 tn?1263165600 my one leg is much worse than the other and on this side I too have pain down into my foot...the foot will burn but not the leg/legs....with the legs its more of a tightness/muscle spasm feeling and the non stop ache... (hey I too need SPELL CHECK, you are NOT alone here either!) I have discribed my leg pain as they feel like they are encased in cement...maybe more accurate is they feel like they are CEMENT...heavy,hard to bend, and SOLID...
Avatar n tn sharp stabbing along with burning, it goes from big too, along outside of foot and surgery site. also along the botton of the arche, I had a scan done in march which lited up all over my foot. Pain does also raideate up my leg, as far as past the knee. Im so tired of pain... specially when Im on it its worse. Went shopping for 2 hrs and pain is debilitating. haven't worked but maybe 2 weeks since one is helping, what can this be?
Avatar f tn Rarely, in some cases a lumbar puncture provides useful in formation, and very rarely a nerve biopsy is required. Treatment for neuropathic pain (pain coming from nerves) includes neurontin and lyrica, and medications such as elavil (which is an antidepressant but has actually been found to be helpful with neuropathic pain as well). I recommend that you be seen by a neurologist. He/she may order laboratory tests as indicated above and may order an EMG/NCS.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had foot pain, as if the whole bottom of your foot is bruised. I also have Type 2 Diabetes but tested negative for neuropathy a couple of years ago. Do have painful feet, mostly at night until recently. Stood 2 days to cut out patterns and now every time istand for any time, it gets worse again. If I soak it in warm water, is better until I stand again. This is mainly in the left foot.
Avatar m tn I am having all sorts of pain in my foot and leg and can't seem to get a diagnosis. So far, I've seen two podiatrists, neurologst, PCP, and will see an orthopedic surgeon in about a month. Last year I rolled over my big toe with a pallet jack that had a pallet on it at an old job. Well at the time it didn't break my foot or cause any bruising or any type of problem that required medical attention so I let it go.
Avatar m tn for a year now i have been having foot pain that goes into my calfs somtimes and in the fromt of my leeft lower leg with a bit of burning pain in my feet i was told it was planter muscle but my god its been over a year and i have tried everything is there anybody else like this ??
Avatar n tn I have been having for 4 years or longer pain in both feet. I am in pain all the time never without it. On my right foot between my big toe and the 2 one it is numb with pain that is there most of the time. I am getting the feeling that something is crawling on my ankle. Sometimes my feet feel like they are in a vice with sharp shooting pains and pins and needles. I have a lot of pressure in both legs, laying down makes it worst.
Avatar n tn after he gave me the result (took test at six week, 2 days), he suggested for me to get on with my life, etc...he thought foot pain, etc was from anxiety... do you think the foot pain could be hiv-related? any thoughts are much appreciated!
1723975 tn?1309991499 Hello, i have burning pain on the top of my foot, the neurology didn't find any thing, i have AS the R doct. says it might be for the AS , do you have any idea why i have that terrible pain?
Avatar f tn i'm begining to feel some what worried as the pain is becoming unbearable. my doctor says theres no cure, what is this burning sensation and what can i do???? please help.
Avatar f tn All of a sudden, I am experiencing VERY FREQUENT SHARP BURNING PAIN on the side of my foot( the one with the ankle sprain) and on the side of my wrist (the one with tendonitis). Both happen to be on my right side. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Tell me what to do to STOP or at least RELIEVE this BURNING SENSATION!!! PLEASE!!! RSVP to me at: ***@**** you!