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Avatar n tn I have had ball of foot pain for years! What kind of damage can you do to the ball of your foot that would hurt this long and even effect my big toe especially but all of my toes? The bottom or ball is what kills me! I can't weight bear on the ball of my foot? I hope I can get any help from anyone? I have had several old injuries. One being kicking a steel door several time many of years ago! also having something fall or hit the top of my foot that was pretty heavy!
Avatar f tn Why do I have pain in the ball of my foot (painful to put weight on it) and what can I do to correct it?
Avatar n tn What could be the problem with the ball of my foot? I workout doing aerobics twice a week. What can I do for the pain?
Avatar m tn The instructions I read say to make a little wad or ball of cotton batton an place it under the toes and use strips of masking tape to secure the cotton to the foot and wrap more strips around the whole foot to keep the toes in a flexed position around the cotton ball. This technique was used for a sprained toe. I can't tell that anything is broken. No swelling or redness. She cannot use the foot at all.
Avatar m tn In the last 2-3 years have acquired severe pain in ankle and foot! I get a burning pain in center of foot and at the ball behind big toe it stays sore to the touch.. .. Any recommendations!???
Avatar m tn I am unsure as to whether the etiology of the pain is the Neuropathy or changes in my foot following my weight loss but would appreciate any guidance that anyone can offer. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I was play wrestling around with my girlfriend a few days ago, and i tripped on something on the floor and my knee came straight down with all my weight onto her foot (yeah I'm real popular with her parents now). She had previously broken that foot about 2 years ago. Its hurt a lot for her to walk on since the injury is swollen. She went to her regular physician today who said the bones were probably cracked and there was nothing they could do. he didnt even bother xraying it or anything.
Avatar n tn I was play wrestling around with my girlfriend a few days ago, and i tripped on something on the floor and my knee came straight down with all my weight onto her foot (yeah I'm real popular with her parents now). She had previously broken that foot about 2 years ago. Its hurt a lot for her to walk on since the injury is swollen. She went to her regular physician today who said the bones were probably cracked and there was nothing they could do. he didnt even bother xraying it or anything.
Avatar n tn I just googled "the ball of my foot is vibrating" and found this site - I'm glad to see I'm not alone. Just yesterday I was sitting at my desk - I'm 25, in very good shape, not on medications and no health conditions beside a slipped disc in my back 3 years ago - my right foot started "buzzing", in the ball of my foot closest to my big toe. I thought I was stepping on a cord that was vibrating at first, but quickly realized it was just my foot itself.
632093 tn?1230349566 A shooting pain in the ball of my foot, causing limping and swelling. Next day, my foot was swollen more. Could not walk on it. Big toe was targeted for most of the pain. Hospital trip, misdiagnosed with Gout, on crutches. No tests. 2 days later, swollen even more, looks like a cartoon.I also feel some kind of pulling up the back of my calf. My feet feel numb, cold and prickly (asleep). 2nd toe is purple and my foot is dark red and cold. Hospital trip. Vascular tests.
Avatar m tn Lately I'm hearing a lot about hind foot pronation in running, and I don't really understand what this means. Can someone shed some light? If I have over pronation of my hind foot, what does mean? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Foot-Care-Podiatry/Ball-of-foot-pain/show/1413367">Ball of foot pain</a>.
Avatar f tn After a MRI, he has been put in a walking boot for 8 weeks, then follow up with the doctor for possible Physical Therapy, or possibly have to wear the boot for an additional month. I wanted to know if the injuries below could of come from the trauma of the baseball hitting the leg, again between the ankle and calf? 1. Prominent marrow edema of the medial aspect of the navicular w/o discrete fracture presumable representing osseous contusion.
Avatar n tn Okay so in soccer last Wednesday I had soccer, and well there's this girl with a really big kick, and i was a forward and she was defense and we both went after the ball, and i got to it first she was about to kick when I passed it and, she kicked the top of my foot really hard and instantly it hurt to walk&run on it. And its been hurting ever since, it hurts to touch it, and sometimes it hurts to walk on it. What do I do?
Avatar m tn i had a MRI been to see 2 different podiatrist - one gave me a shot in the side of my ankle - in early January 2011 I went to U of M the doctor there gave me a ankle brace and told me to call back in 3 months that it takes time for these types of injuries to heel. It has been since July and this foot is not any better if anything is getting worse! They seem to keep treating me for a ankle injury my ankle is not what is sore!
Avatar n tn I think i have a stress fracture on my left foot kind of under the big toe (ball of the foot) that hasn't gone away since last November. Not only that, but on the top of my left foot when i flex it hurts and it might be another stress fracture so i'm told, and a left leg pain-i don't know if it's a shin splint because it's higher up, but it hurts when i run on it.
Avatar m tn On my left foot, I have pain on the outer side of the ankle, but it feels like it is more inside the foot. If I were to sit still, loosen my foot, and then roll the heel towards the inside, I have a very sharp pain. I have had this for about a year now. There are times after I play a sport that it feels fine, and other times when it hurts to walk. There is no tenderness. None of my injuries are swollen. If you need help with my descriptions I can add to them. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I picked up a bunch of the paper trash and right when I was leaving the area, i stepped backwards and felt a slight pain in the ball of my foot. I stepped forward and sure enough there was a needle where my foot was. The needle punctured the rubber sole in my shoe and went into my foot. I checked it out when we were done and there was a tiny spot of blood were the pain was. The needles that I saw there were the really fine typ, no girth to them at all, hair fine needle point.
Avatar n tn I have terrible numbness in my left foot at the ball of the feet where the toes connect to the foot and burning and stabbing pains in both feet. This condition has gotten progressively worse, so bad that I couldnt even walk for 3 weeks back in late December/early January. I have a work related back injury and trying to get treatment for my feet is an absolute nightmare. I would tell your husband to try to see a neurologist as soon as possible before his foot pain worsens.
Avatar f tn When I got back into the house I took at look at my ankle and it looked like a tennis ball was coming out of my foot. I was really scared. I placed ice on it and keep it elevated. For around 3-4 days I still had the lump and it was hard to walk on. Then one morning it went away before I could get to the doctor. Since then I have more pain than usual. Well it has been 2 years and I am still having pain almost on a daily basis. To touch the spot on my foot I cry.
Avatar n tn Right under my ankle bone on the outside of my foot. The ankle bone is fine, the ball of the foot is fine and the heel is fine. But I can not put pressure on the foot anywhere to walk anymore. I was able to limp on it yesterday but today way! I have NO idea what I did to injure it and I have no idea what I need to do to fix it. I soaked my foot in espon salt last night and elevated it during the night hoping it would be better today but it is worse.
572651 tn?1333939396 So then my weight shifted ever so slightly when walking, eventually causing a huge and painful callus on the ball of that foot. Exit podiatrist. He'd had his chance and blown it big time, costing me weeks in a cast and a major if temporary adjustment in my whole lifestyle, especially since I live in a garden-style condo, no elevator, with a pooch needing care, etc.
Avatar n tn I stepped into a hole in my backyard and was found to have a Cuboid fracture of my left foot. An MRI showed excessive amount of fluid around the tendons in my foot that overlap the cuboid bone. I was unable to bear any weight for a week. I wore a walking boot for 2 months and then a permanent cast for 8 weeks. After it's removal I attended 2 weeks worth of PT. My range of motion got better but was still quite limited.
Avatar f tn His advice was to wear trainers, take anti imflammatories for a week, rest where feasible and buy a foot insole that would reduce the pressure on the ball of my foot. It's still very sore and I would like to know whether I have been given the correct advice. Also, I don't actually know what kind of insole he meant - my local pharmacy couldn't assist.
Avatar f tn Sometimes pressure on the ends of the metatarsal bones causes symptoms in the ball of the foot. Some conditions that may cause metatarsalgia include different types of arthritis, osteonecrosis, neuromas, tumors, or infections. Traumatic injuries, including fractures and ligament tears, can also cause this type of foot pain. Given your hx arthritis makes the most sense or an injury to the area when you tripped. Is there any swelling, redness or warmth in the area?
Avatar n tn 80 year old with fracture in foot, bone that is on big toe side of left foot just before ankle slipped on stair; wearing orhopedic black "boot." burning pain/sensation in insured foot on top of foot up to toes. What causes this?
Avatar f tn Can't wear high heels because of the pressure on the balls of feet. Nor do I wear 'flip-flops' anymore, cause I don't think they are helping. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Orthopedics--Sports-Medicine/Shin-pain/show/922405">Shin pain</a>.
Avatar f tn unfortunately those things tend to cause injuries and my parents dont like to take me to the doctor cuz of money reasons. well recently during my basketball season i got sort of headbutted by another girl durin a game (on the left side of my forehead and it left a bump and a not too norticeable yellowish bruise) and then hit again by the basketball being thrown like a baseball a few minutes later.
Avatar f tn I will try to make this as brief as possible. Eleven years ago, I stepped into my garage one step and my right foot "exploded". I ended up with four fractures of my heel. I could not walk for 9 months. I still do not know how this occurred. There was, of course, a lot of soft tissue damage but the follow up care was horrific. My right foot and leg have never recovered. For the past two years, I have had horrible leg cramps at night.
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