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Avatar n tn Your husband's CHs may, indeed, have been triggered by the Flomax either because of some other combination of drugs/food interacting with the Flomax or all by itself because of some unusual physiological makeup he may have. Or the CHs may have been triggered by something else when he just happened to take the Flomax. Or--and this may be unlikely, but worth exploring--this round may not be CHs, but some other type of really awful headache triggered by something else.
Avatar m tn If you take Cialis every other day it will greatly improve the quality of your erections and relax your prostate gland as well. If after this you still can't have intercourse then you might consider Testosterone Therapy although it may not come to this.
Avatar m tn Sometimes I had to urine every 1.5 – 2 hrs. I would wake up 3-4 times in the middle of night to urine. Afterwards I would feel pressure from inside of my lower abdominal area, just like you would have gas and not being able to release gas. Eventually I would get shooting pain from my anus to my lower abdomen, right above my pelvic bone. At times when I am trying to pass gas I would be in so much pain right before passing it. It would be so hard to push until I get rid of a little pressure.
Avatar m tn I am 63, male, under the following medication every day 1)amias 8mg every night for high bp 2)finasteride 1mg every night for baldness 3)statin 20mg for high cholesterol about 210 please advise. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/225250'>Pain in kidney area</a>.
Avatar m tn This condition is very frustrating because sometimes there is no explanation. But medications that relieve muscle contractions ( Flomax and other alpha blockers) usually ease the symptoms when the problem is prostatic. Make sure there are not other meds that aggravate it such as anti-histamines or decongestants which can make a prostate miserable. Avoid cold, and warm the area with hot baths.
Avatar m tn Over night going out one time and not on every night. Starting with 2005, the specialist put me on Flomax which helped to remove the symptoms on the beginning but on 2007 the doctor said to take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am still on Flomax, once a day for now how the specialist prescribed. End of July 2009 the urologist performed DRE and he told to me NAD - supposed to means that nothing detected. I will go for transrectal ultrasound on next week.
572651 tn?1333939396 Unfortunately I am still retaining urine, despite being on FloMax, about 375ml this morning right after I had voided. So I am stopping the FloMax since it obviously did not work for me. She wants me to increase the self-cath routine to multiple times a day to see if that helps keep me out of the bathroom more than 45 minutes at a stretch. And this part I will post on the forum as well - she gave me literature on Interstim Therapy.
Avatar m tn during that first examination,there was no blood or discharge,just the constant urge to pee but not that much,i got a rectal examination.urine culture came back negative,they put me on sulfa 2X a day and tamusolin1x a day for 14days,the syptoms ceased but i felt it wasnt working.so after i finished the two weeks i went back cause it was the same deal.the doctor gaveme a 2nd rectal examination and a prostate massag(forgot to mention i already got one)and he askedme to void after the massage.
Avatar n tn going to urinate on the basis of time, whether you have the urge or not, can be effective in keeping your bladder fairly empty. You would urinate every 2-3 hours, preferably around the clock (day and night). Intermittant self caWhen you say a "distended bladder" I am assuming you mean one that fails to empty. This is not common in females of your age and the cause should be sought. Is there a nerve problem? previous surgery? medication use that has caused this? diabetes?
Avatar f tn I take bupropion, celexa, trazadone, prilocex, albuteral, flomax, vitamines, b12(shots every 2 weeks), b6, iron and sometimes asprin. I have seen my reg doc and ENT lately.
Avatar n tn I had a few urine tests, and even an MRI. Nothing has come up positive or out of the ordinary. The problem is there more or less every day. It is usually worse later in the day. I do not have pain when I urinate or ejaculate, but sometimes when it is extra bad, the pain makes me feel like I have to pee often. Sometimes it can get a bit better if I go many days without ejaculation, and then will always get worse again hours after ejaculation (though not immediately).
Avatar f tn It gets to be very frustrating and now it is just a part of my every day life that I just accept the fact that I will have to waste days feeling like crap :( Just had to get that off my chest and I hope all of you are doing well and having a better day!
Avatar f tn And just yesterday had a cystoscopy and was told that his bladder has stretched is not ever emptying his bladder completely and that he would have to catheterize himself 4 times a day to empty it. Is there another option for him? Other than a permant catheter.
Avatar m tn My doctor told me to drink more water, I'm drinking 8 glasses or more a day and I'm just urinating more with foamier urine. He said, everything was fine. I never had foamy urine until a year ago. What else could cause it ?
Avatar m tn My urine stream was only normal again after taking flomax. I have taken about every medication out there for OAB and none seemed to really help. Another thing to consider is the fact that I am only 26 and this problem started all of the sudden. My urologist said that a person my age just waking up one day with OAB is highly unlikely. Most of the uncomfortable feelings I have when I have urgency comes from the bladder neck and urethra.
284078 tn?1282620298 ) Her ocular pressure was actually only slightly elevated and with cessation of the Topamax, her pressure returned to normal in a day, while it took over a week for her vison to return to normal. It was extremely impressive the way the lens moved forward initially. After a week, the lens moved back to normal position and the eye looked completely different as if from another person. It was really something I will never forget.
Avatar n tn My wife got me scheduled with urologist two who also agreed that there was some obstruction and at first treated this with Flomax. One day while at work, I had a problem with loss of control over my bladder. After contacting the urologist, I was scheduled for a TURP and resection of the bladderneck. 6 months after the surgery I once again started to have simmilar problems. A urodynamics test was scheduled and detrusor spincter dysynergia was diagnosed. Flomax was increased with no real result.
Avatar m tn I use to urinate about 4 times a day. now i urinate almost every 2 hours. i have been seeing a urologist for the past 5 months and have had little accomplished. He did a uroflowmetry test and said my speed and everything was good. He has put me on a month's worth of cyproflaxin, i have also taken detrol LA, and flomax, none of which have helped me. I have a urine stream that is always split. He did a cystoscopy on me and found no scarring or no blockage.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what lifestyle changes I could make, other than perhaps having more regular ejaculations. I do 12 minutes on an exercise bike every day but other than that don't ride a bike. Toward the end of the treatment things started to get slightly better, in that I might have a good afternoon once in a while and I was able to sleep better.
Avatar f tn Meanwhile, he finished 9 days of antibiotics for UTI and has been taking Flomax every day that our GP prescribed. He said after a day on the meds..."well, I can finally pee". He told me (after the fact) that he had felt his bladder was always full, etc. So it seems that they took his baseline PSA at the GP when he was retaining a lot of urine and had a UTI & now the urologist is treating his PSA and not the kidney stones.
Avatar f tn These symptoms hit me very quickly (it almost seemed to be from one day to the next) and I immediately went to my general practitioner who performed a “clean catch midstream" urinalysis, which did confirm the presence of bacteria. I was prescribed 10 days worth of Bactrim and 4 days of Phenazopyridine to alleviate the burning sensation/pain during urination. At the end of this treatment cycle I had still not noticed any relief whatsoever from any of my symptoms.
Avatar f tn My husband drinks about 18-oz of vodka a day. He also takes cymbalta, gabapentin, alprazolam, metoprlol, and Flomax. I can not convince him this is going to kill him.
Avatar n tn 5 MG--1X DAILY(break in half)decreased 2 Aug 99--heart PRILOSEC-20MG CPSR-1X DAILY @ night--Stomach MONOKET-30MG-2X DAILY (1 1/2 Tablets)--Heart Coumadin-- 2.5 mg-- 1 X every other day (will change as needed) Prednisone-- 5 mg. 2 X daily (one @ 3PM)--Lungs Flovent-2puffs every 12 hours (ONE @ 3PM)--Lungs Mixed in Nebulizer & used every 4 hours Albuterol Sulphate .5%--.5ML mixed with 2.5ML Sodium Chloride Atrovent-- 2.
Avatar n tn It's only been three days but all the flomax has done so far is make me have to pee constantly like every few hours. Other than that tomorrow is my last day of the antibiotic and I am still not feeling any different and the pain is really severe again tonight where hydro's are barely doing anything. I can't get comfortable. I have had a lot of UTI's in the past while I was pregnant (I'm not and have my tubes cut) and I know this isn't UTI pain.
Avatar m tn Prazosin does the same thing as Flomax and is okay for women to take. The class drug is called alpha blockers. The other name for these drugs is mini press and they are sometimes used for high blood pressure. Prazosin is also used for PTSD/nightmares and it works for most people.
Avatar m tn feel weak and shakey and lots of pain alittle worse every day and im on cipro and flomax and uta and ibuprofen.no 24 hr. urine did have ct scan of pelvic area and psa level test but hasn't come back.thank u for your help.
Avatar n tn now has me trying Doxazosin to see if that helps me to void on my own. Are there any other therapies that you know of for DSD? I self-cath every time I have to go to the bathroom, otherwise I can't go, so even if I could reduce the number of times I have to self-cath, that would be ideal. Thank you!
Avatar m tn I usually find myself experiencing these episodes while having down time at home or for no other apparent reason. I currently take flomax .4mg (3 years) and just started 60 Mg of Propanol LA to try and control them but it does not seem to help. The increase in PVC's increases my anxiety level. Zoloft as well as xanax have also been suggested but I am really not willing to take anti anxiety meds at this time. I have had bouts of anxiety but I thought I was working through them (maybe not).
Avatar f tn I started off with cystis and the dr putting a treatment directly into my bladder but they didn't help. I've tried several meds including flomax and urocloic. I'm new to Ms and extremely nervous as to what my bladder problems are going to bring me.