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Avatar m tn 1. Do not stop taking avodart. That medication and other like it such as flomax can cause "floppy iris syndrome" here's the deal even if you stop it can still happen so don't stop. The eye surgeon needs to know ahead of time you're on the medicine so special drops and techniques can be used. 2. Swimming is BAD after surgery and should be avoided. I ask my patients not to swim for 6 weeks. There are lots of other exercises like walking or cycling that you can do after a few days.
Avatar m tn Before the Jayln, I was taking just the FloMax which was not really satisfactory. Would like to eliminate the Flomax. The Proscar (Finasteride) has an available generic, but the Avodart would require staying with the brand and its higher costs. Is there really any advantage of Proscar vs Avodart?
Avatar m tn -). I've been on one Flomax and one Avodart once daily since then. My urologist said that I can stop taking the Flomax if I want because it gets back in the blood stream at theraputic levels quickly. He didn't order me to stop. It was just a recomendation. I really am scared to stop because with these have been working very well for me. With my insurance, both have been pretty cheap for a three months supply. Now that Flomax is generic, it will be even cheaper. What do you think?
Avatar n tn i am 58 years old had problems off an on since my late twenties really got bad about 4 years ago frequent trips to void, up at nights 4-5 night doc said have enlarged prostate i have been on flomax, utroxal,detrol la,saw palmetto, vesciare, hytrin, an more,on avodart for about 8 months i could tell no results from avodart only thing for sure was 10 mil of hytrin this help my stream still had to get up at night a lot all this was with no alchol no caffine, no water are food after 6pm i would have
Avatar m tn No do not change your medicines if Flomax works. Even if you stopped or switched to another type you could still have floppy iris syndrome. If it works keep on it and tell your eye surgeon. Special techniques and instruments and drops make FIS not the problem it use to be when we first saw it.
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with prostatitis & prescribed Levaquin for the infection + Avodart & Flomax. My 1st Dr. visit was last week and although no infection was found, the Dr. prescribed a Z-pack just in case. Well, the urinary problem (flow) got worse & then got better, but not all the way normal. I went back to Dr. today & urine test confirmed infection & DRE confirmed inflamed prostate. Dr.
250398 tn?1225266891 Is Peyronies a possible side effect of Flomax or Avodart?
Avatar m tn Jayln is a combination drug containing (Avodart®) and tamsulosin (Flomax®). It is used to treat BPH... enlarged prostate.
Avatar m tn I did not associate it with flomax until recently. Is it harmful if I stop taking the flomax and is this the cause of my retro? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/226027'>Retrograde Ejaculation from Flomax......permanent or not?</a>.
Avatar f tn These symptoms include incontinence, urgency, weak stream, and going at night often. Has your husband tried medications (Flomax, Avodart)? Possible complications for a TURP include bladder neck contracture (a scar where the bladder meets the prostate), retrograde ejacuation (ejaculation into the bladder), and worsening of his incontinence. Surgical alternatives to TURP include laser therapy for removing prostatic tissue.
Avatar m tn I called my eurologist and he put me on Flomax , which I have been taking for two days I have been on avodart for six months I was tested for UTI's and found to be negative Should I be concerned about the increase in frequent urination ?
Avatar n tn About a year after the operation I started having excessive bleeding and during my last vist he proscribed Avodart due to an enlarged prostrate ,82, to be taken forever. My testosterone level is 80 without help so I take 200 mg testosterone shots every two weeks. Viagra and Levitra do not work however Cialis helps somewhat. I cannot ejaculate since the operation and that makes my E.D. problem worse.
Avatar n tn My urologist has me scheduled for an ultrasound to see if kidney stones may be present. I am also on flomax, avodart and prilosec. Could this pain be a result of the medication and an enlarged prostate, or a combination of all? He feels confident no cancer is involved after doing several tests (digital exam, PSA of 2.4 and cystoscopy). Just curious of another opinion. Thanks......
Avatar m tn 3 different antibiotics constant pelvic pain, always bloated, shooting penile pain...Tried flomax, avodart, Had a cisto? They said they found nothing. My p.s.a. is .07.... I am at wits end... The penile pain is to much at times. Perpetuates anxiety.. They are talking about a surgery to open the mouth of my bladder. I know thats not it. What should I do. 3 doctors 3 different opinions... Need Dr. House.... Have changed diet, no smoking, no drugs, no caffiene... HHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP.
Avatar m tn If I remember correctly one of the drug companies just came out with a single pill that has both Flomax and Avodart in it. Just for your understanding, Flomax will give you relieve in just an hour or two so you can pee freely, but does not reduce the prostate size much(which is the the long term goal) where as Avodart slowly reduces the prostate size over months. Obviously, two two together will give you the best outcome.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Flomax and Avodart for BPH for the past two years. The medicines have resulted in a significant improvement in my symptoms. However, I am still far from a desirable level. I am using Flonase for year round allergies that I have had for the past fifteen years. Both times I stop the Flonase, my BPH got substantially worse within two days or so. Might cortisone help my BPH and would it be safe. Are there any other treatments that are non-invasive that might help.
Avatar m tn 3 different antibiotics constant pelvic pain, always bloated, shooting penile pain...Tried flomax, avodart, Had a cisto? They said they found nothing. My p.s.a. is .07.... I am at wits end... The penile pain is to much at times. Perpetuates anxiety.. They are talking about a surgery to open the mouth of my bladder. I know thats not it. What should I do. 3 doctors 3 different opinions... Need Dr. House.... Have changed diet, no smoking, no drugs, no caffiene... HHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP.
Avatar f tn He had to have a catheter inserted a week ago because he couldn't urinate. His Uroligist put him on Avodart and said he needs to keep it in place for at least 3 weeks or more. He seems to be flling the bag at a good pace but runs to the restroom because he always feels like he has to empty his bowels everytime he urinates. He is very uncomfortabe with the catherter beside having these other problems. His Dr.
Avatar n tn The bladder image with contrast dye looked good. And yes..i have been on flomax and avodart all this time too. Any advice apreciated...Thanks!
Avatar m tn The symptoms include, prostate pain, pain in the groin on left side, pain in left testicle, pain in the area the doctor checks for hernia on left side, (pain on left side of base of penis, especially after ejaculation). I have been on antibiotics flomax avodart and doxazosin. Is there any hope for me the pain seems to get a little worse all the while. Urologist says I have chronic prostatitius and treats me for that. I am an active man love sports, hunting, fishing, ice fishing.
Avatar m tn .5 mg Avodart daily .4 mg Flomax daily 5 mg Altace daily 75 mg Effexor XR daily 2 x 7.5 mg clorazepate daily. (I usually only take 1 since it's a long acting benzo) Now the hydro 10/500 3x daily as needed and the Flexeril Ambien CR as needed (Don't think it will be needed) The clorazepate and hydro really make me sleepy alone and I have never taken the Flexeril, so I have no clue. The Effexor even makes me a tad bit sleepy, but not too much.
Avatar m tn Happy Holidays everyone, i have been having this question on my mind for so many years my urologist can't answer it for me, i have chronic prostatitis, since 2007 or around 2008 I am 26 years old, i have the same symptoms with this issue such as -- premature ejaculation lower back pain burning/stinging urine prostate pain depression -- My urologist put me on avodart and flomax, i know when ever i get off of this crap which is probably never but if i ever decide to get off it one of these days t
Avatar n tn If there was a way of shrinking the prostate without surgery that would be a miracle. I have used Avodart and Flomax for 5 years now and Avodart does not appear to be working but then maybe my urinary flow is slow because of the IC instead of my prostate. My internal sphinster may not be relaxing like it is suppose to because of my nerves opening the sphinsters. The pain get so bad that I wished that I could have both bladder and prostate removed.
Avatar m tn http://www.drugs.com/condition/benign-prostatic-hyperplasia.
Avatar f tn Ran all kinds of test, with no abnormalities, cat scan, MRA, MRI brain, chest, liver test. SO, we went home, and that night he passed out, they did give him flomax as doc thought his prostate was enlarged, infected. I thought it was due to flomax, they did not, but told him to discontinue, just take the avodart. Still suffered from the sever fatigue, and still no weight gain. We went to a doc that specialized in vertigo, and dizziness.
Avatar m tn The MRI for the cervical spine did find a right posterolateral C5-6 disk herniation that mildly contacts and flattens the ventral cord extending to the proximal right C5-6 foramen. I was on flomax/avodart for 7 months with no change in urinary habits. His recommendation is for a procedure…TUMT/TUIP or TURP. I recently went to another doctor for a second opinion. The results (history/tests) from the first doctor were forwarded to the second doctor.
Avatar n tn 1st was negative,6 months later,another biopsy,it's negative,so he puts me on Flomax to help with my pee problem and schedules another PSA check in 6 months and scheduled,yep,another biopsy. Well before that happens my insurance company drops him and sends me to another urologist.Oh,before that happened,my 2nd urologist told me "The cancer is there somewhere,we just have to find it" lol . Well my 3rd and final urologist, so far has taken up where my 2nd one stopped.
Avatar m tn Cipro for a month, along with tamsulosin and dutasteride (avodart) made no real difference. Symptoms 90% remained. This is making my life very miserable. Some days pain lasts for hours after urinating. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Was on meds for pain, bladder spasms and avodart for prostate. Now no blood never had stones but the pain in recurring. Some days better than others. My urologist is very nice guy, we are around the same age (39) and he said the pain may come and go for up to a year. Hang in there all. P.S. Still no answer as to what caused this issue..