Flomax and grapefruit

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Avatar n tn I am very active and work in my business about 50+ hours a week. About three years ago Flomax was prescribed for BPH/prostate. After a few months, I noticed a tremor in the calf muscle of each leg. I discontinued the Flomax, and the tremors stopped. Shortly after that I noticed swelling in my ankles. At a routine check up with my GP I mentioned the swelling in my ankles and upon checking the doctor identified A.Fib. A cardioversion was very successful.
Avatar m tn On Friday She gave me some pain meds and some flomax. And a strainer for me to p in. She told me if I was still hurting to come back Monday morning to get a ct scan. My pain had stopped before Monday morning and my pee is clearing up but nothing has passed through yet? I'm just wondering I'm I gonna really feel it later, has it just found a little nesting place?
147426 tn?1317269232 Well being hard headed I decided to play a bit with some and have completely weened myself of the neurontin and stopped taking the detrol and only use the flomax off and on. I still have a pill box full each day but I felt that I wanted less so I went for it. I do have more of that nerve pain from no neurontin and have to pee with little warning but I fell less tired. Oh yeah I also started taking my full dose of cymbalta in the am to get me going instead of morning and afternoon.
Avatar n tn Many have been put on beta blockers like Flomax as well to ensure that the prostate is relaxed and therefore makes urination more efficient. Using this medication does what it is supposed to do but also relaxes the sphyncter. As Dr. Singh mentioned there are meds that can be tried but they all have their side effects. These meds also do not have the same effects on every person. So the medications might work OK on one person when the next person is not at all effected.