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Avatar m tn My perspective as a post-grad biochem student is that it's even more complex. What is clear is no to hydrogenated fats, the addition of hydrogens to polyunsaturated fats, (PUFAs), tricks the body into increasing bad, (LDL) cholesterol carriers & decreasing good, (HDL) carriers. Also clear is that undoctored, expeller, (as opposed to solvent), extracted PUFAs are healthier than saturated fats.
Avatar n tn Spread on lips overnight, refrigerating the leftovers for future use. Eat foods high in calcium, magnesium and flaxseed oil. If the condition still persists or there is deep cracking in the region of your mouth,then pls consult your doctor as it can be due to infection(Angular Cheilitis).Antibiotics are needed in such cases. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you had any other queries.
Avatar n tn I suggest looking in to taking a daily multivitamin, adding a good amount of fish oil and flaxseed oil supplent, avoid lots of wind, dust, sunlight,ceiling fans, and dry hot air. Look into allergy drops like Pataday, frequent use of preservative free artificial tears, and possibly punctal plugs and restasis drops long term. Part of your problem may also be from using Opcon (a vasoconstrictor) for too long. You can get a lot of rebound redness when you stop it.
1888842 tn?1320996759 400 mg per day *Vitamin B12: 1000mcg per day *Fish oil or flaxseed oil (both contain omega 3): 1000 to 2000mg *125 mg capsule of powdered feverfew leaves a day *Coenzyme Q10: 100 to 300mg a day *Ginkgo biloba: 120 mg per day *Ginger: 500 - 3,000 mg per day (using ginger capsules or tablets) *5-HTP: 200 – 900 mg per day *Borage seed oil: 1,500 - 3,000 mg per day (alternatives: evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil) *Progesterone (Many women experience migraines as a result of e
Avatar f tn 400 mg per day *Vitamin B12: 1000mcg per day *Fish oil or flaxseed oil (both contain omega 3): 1000 to 2000mg *125 mg capsule of powdered feverfew leaves a day *Coenzyme Q10: 100 to 300mg a day *Ginkgo biloba: 120 mg per day *Ginger: 500 - 3,000 mg per day (using ginger capsules or tablets) *5-HTP: 200 – 900 mg per day *Borage seed oil: 1,500 - 3,000 mg per day (alternatives: evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil) *Progesterone (Many women experience migraines as a result of e
Avatar m tn Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3 fatty acids are involved in the regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, and blood clotting.
Avatar f tn Good morning Barbara, Have you ever tried Flaxseed Oil? It is very good for you because of the Omega 3's and other great things that it contains. I take it for that reason and I also notice that I am doing alot better in the restroom area (haha). You just take two tablespoons of it and then drink some Orange Juice real quick. I take Oxycontin and I have the same problem once in a while. Take Care, Lindy.
Avatar f tn Provide him with a diet that is still enjoyable while being heart healthy, a regular exercise regime that you participate in with him for support and accountability, quitting cigarettes (not easy from what I understand), and taking flaxseed oil capsules and magnesium- for blood pressure and mood. See PM for more info.
Avatar n tn of blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, etc -- plus flaxseed oil derived from algae (so I have my anti-oxidants and omegas covered). So, my question is: what the heck is happening? This is extremely weird. Any theories? I am not wheezing so I'm assuming I don't have asthma.
Avatar n tn Ground whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal, animal fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), liver flavor, flaxseed, soybean oil, powdered cellulose, dried beet pulp, fish oil, corn gluten meal, dicalcium phosphate, dried egg product, iodized salt, dl-methionine, potassium chloride, choline chloride, natural flavor, vitamins (l-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), vitamin E supplement, niacin, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A supplement, calcium pantothenate, bioti
Avatar f tn I went and bought a high mineral multi-vitamin, melatonin, samE, 5-HTP and I have protein powder to make shakes. I even bought flaxseed and omega3 fish oil because my goal after quitting the sub is to get healthy, join a gym, and do whatever it takes to get my body back on track. Is there anything else I need? I do need the Ltyrosine but they didn't have it at walmart so I will pick some up at GNC tomorrow.
250084 tn?1303311035 I lack in consistency of it every day but plan to stay on it during tx. Also for nausea, apricot nectar and coca cola syrup are great. And I do Aloe GEL and flaxseed oil with DHA (helps the brain and eyes) daily and is good for skin, hair. I started milk thistle as soon as I was diagnosed. At 1st bloodwork my VL was 812,000. The trial lady made me go off of them-for trial- and my last VL count is in the 4 millions!? Went up fast? (still learning !
Avatar n tn High intake of omega-3 oils (fish oil, flaxseed, salmon, tuna) protected dogs from induced arrhythmia while high intake of soybean oil failed to protect the dogs from fatal heart attacks. Omega-3 oil works by stabilizing heartbeats and surpressing excitible cells that can trigger ventricular fibrillation or other arrhythmia. Clearly, we need to have better ratio of omega-3 and omega-9 in our diet.
Avatar f tn I can't imagine what I would do if I had 1-5 a minute. I guess at some point, once a doctor can reassure me that it is not dangerous, I will stop being so intuned to them and hopefully try to relax a bit, but in the meantime, they are driving me crazy. I worked out this morning, keeping my heart rate up to about 70% of max for about 45 minutes, and I had no problems other than a couple of flutters. No pain, no dizziness etc. My nerves are shot though, and my doctor has left me for a month!
Avatar f tn What about supplements? Should I be taking something more? Supplements now. Good MV, Flaxseed oil caps, Bcomplex, Iron with extra Vit C. Probiotics, Vit D 5,000 u I like my internist but should I seek out referral to an endo? So many questions but if anybody has any advice or words of wisdom or your own experience with this disease I would very much appreciate it. Just for reference TSH 6.03 (.350-5.5) F4 1.0 ( .77-1.
1840891 tn?1431551393 I went out last night and bought some CoQ10 and some flaxseed oil to add. I was already taking vitamin D, C and Biotin, plus Turmeric and a Glucosamine/Chondroitin mixture. My GP had earlier suggested that it was better not to take a multivitamin, and has only recently suggested that the Omega3 (fish oil) capsules were superfluous for me, so I stopped taking them - mostly because the number of pills I'm swallowing twice a day keeps getting kind of ridiculous.
Avatar n tn Full Ingredient List for Eye Contour Day Balm Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Arachis Hypogaea (Peanut) Oil, Beeswax/Cera Flava, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Anthyllis Vulneraria Extract, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Hypericum Perforatum (St.
Avatar n tn The most important thing right now is rebuilding your body and nutrition. Start with chicken broth, juice (fresh squeezed is best), and smoothies with flaxseed oil or Omega 3 fish oil. Avoid dairy, sugar, caffeine. Just put little tiny bits into your body at a time.
1323357 tn?1274826939 Thus there are a variety of causes, but what is common to each case is that the person at some point focuses on the DP, and tries to understand why they are having these feelings. The excess fear/worry has nothing to focus on; there is nothing specific to be worried about, so the fear is projected onto anything and everything This also makes the fear self-perpetuating; there is no threat, so you assume that something is wrong with your mind.
Avatar f tn Odansetron (Zofran) is good for the nausea and helped me get through it. I tried flaxseed oil and coconut oil as the amount you need to take is minimal but they ended going right through me and exacerbating the "loose stools" The morning dose was the hardest to get the fat and the last few weeks I ended up on hot dogs washed down with whole milk. Yum!
Avatar f tn Moderate avocado, flaxseed oil, nuts (not peanuts, stay away from peanuts as some have a fungi on them that hurt the liver), sunflower seeds, lean cut meats etc are good sources. and you need to eat properly to get your metabolism on the right track so don't be afraid to eat if you're hungry and make sure you eat breakfast. If I were you I'd also look into researching a 3 day juice fast. Start with a small amount of fresh beet juice ('cause it cleanses the liver).
Avatar f tn I think your right about the overall general health. I'm really trying to eat better and maybe i'll try the flaxseed too-anything at this point. I work and this is making it very difficult as I'm sure it is for everyone else. My episodes used to be farther apart but now its every other month and sometimes twice a month!!!
Avatar n tn So maybe that is what it is!! What is the fish oil for?? Is it like Flaxseed oil, if so you are only suppose to take that after ovulation. I sort of got the results of my DH sperm count. I posted a theard if you want to check it out. The nurse told me that it said at the bottom that he needed to be retested. The doctor is out of town until next week and there is no one else to interpret it for me. So I am basically waiting until next monday.
Avatar m tn The disease is believed to be caused by weak immune systems in people that have contracted the tick-borne Lyme Disease at some point in their life. It can also be a fungal infection like Tinea corporis. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn And get back to breathing good, like when i did smoke. they said quitting would make me feel great but it has drove me crazy with this breathing thing.Any ideas on how to make it go away? My husband just says quit thinking about it,you can make it stop if you want to but then Im like ya I enjoy not breathing normally. Well Thanks I think im going to save this site to show him i not crazy other people have the same problem as me.
Avatar n tn (I also take co-enzyme Q-10 and flaxseed oil because they have proven cardiovascular benefits. However, like Dr. Baum, I find magnesium to be king.) I hope this information helps.
Avatar n tn I don't have money to spend on beauty products, nor on many supplements. So my routine is so basic it's ridiculous. I use simply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil (organic). I lather it all over my arms, legs and face, and off I go for a run. By the time I've finished, it's absorbed and my skin is fairly dewy with sweat and moisture. I don't shower afterward either, because I want to keep my skin looking that way.
Avatar m tn ALA is highly concentrated in certain plant oils such as flaxseed oil and to a lesser extent, canola, soy, perilla, and walnut oils. ALA is also found in wild plants such as purslane. Once ingested, the body converts ALA to EPA and DHA, the two types of omega-3 fatty acids more readily used by the body.