First sign of pregnancy discharge

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676143 tn?1312941771 So, today I noticed nipple clear whitish fluid. With my 1st pregnancy this didn't happen until I was really close to my due date..interesting. I did read it's normal for it to start between 12-14 weeks of pregnancy and this is 13 weeks today.
270512 tn?1333177636 having some cm discharge 4days after transfer of 5day old blastocysts. Pregnancy symptom or meds?
2032758 tn?1331625043 When I first started thinking I could be pregnant!!
1364792 tn?1278051187 I dont think i could get pregnant this fast but im a bit paranoid. Is having a lot of discharge a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn This is my first pregnancy and I'm 7 weeks. I'm have a pinkish discharge sometimes when I go to the bathroom. I just found out I'm pregnant and haven't had a chance to go to the doctor yet. Should I be worried?
1609417 tn?1389642778 I think its a sign of infertility!
349463 tn?1333571576 ve never gone more than 37 weeks to the day and that was with my first 13 years ago. Maybe all this is just the impending reality of a baby being here so soon. 26 weeks appointment is in two days. I plan on talking to my ob and I hope she can put my mind at ease.
1549562 tn?1304004489 yea that's what i thought but Ive never had it like that with previous pregnancys it was just weird and like sticky...tmi i know sorry :( but yea i googled yellow mucous like discharge and that's what i found I know sometimes google isn't the best place...
1106300 tn?1258070957 I have a lot of discharge as well and this is my first pregnancy. I have group b strep but I dont think discharge is a sign of it?
Avatar f tn Those are all signs of pregnancy, but they're also signs of an oncoming period, so it really could go either way, I tested positive for my son 4 days before my period was missed, but every woman is different, I would wait and see if you miss your period, if you do, then you should retest, if it's still negative from 1-7 days past your period due date, then it's unlikely you're pregnant.
Avatar f tn today my period is supposed to be due, I haven't seen anything yet. is a white sticky discharge a sign of pregnancy? I noticed it today.. I don't usually have white.. I usually get clear just before my period.. Yesterday my boobs were sore for a little while, but I thought it was because they got cold. sometimes when im cold enough they will hurt.. help?? been trying for9 years...
9442948 tn?1406816451 The production of mucus discharge during pregnancy - first trimester is mainly triggered by hormonal changes that take place within the body during pregnancy and a thick mucus discharge is a sign of pregnancy. This is mainly a result of an increase in the estrogen levels. The increase in the hormone estrogen also causes an increase in the flow of blood to the pelvic region. This further increases the quantity of mucus discharge during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Now for the pass week I have had white creamy discharge it doesnt bother me in anyway. I read thats another sign of pregnancy aswell. Could the test from my doctpr have happy to early? i did have my period well i think it was it was for 2 days and it qas like a light a soft reddish watery texture Not normal for me at all.. Could this be me preparing for a blessing?
Avatar f tn I had protected sex with a condom 2 days ago. I'm not on birth control. I'm sure the condom didn't break either but I've been really paranoid about being pregnant. Today, I have white thick clumpy discharge and it smells. I'm scared it might be a sign of pregnancy.. It was my first time having sex so I don't know much. What does this mean?
Avatar f tn It is a sign of pregnancy pregnancy. I'm 6 weeks but I noticed an increased discharge at 5 (week after first missed period) take the test.
Avatar n tn I had sex with my partner btwn 1 or 2 weeks of her first day of period and i used the withdrawl method. She now has a colorless discharge from her vagina. Is that a sign of pregnancy ? kindly advise on this and give some more details.
1117711 tn?1296827938 No sign of pregnancy Treatment continued nonetheless
Avatar f tn I read that an early sign of pregnancy is a white discharge (w/ no odor, itch, or color) happens when fertilization has occurred. FYI- I had my first IUI 10/18. some discharge started today. (plus i'm bloated and boobs are a little bigger than usual:) Anyone experienced this? Any truth to it??
Avatar f tn my husband and i been trying to have baby after 8 days of my period my husband and i had sex 2 days after white discharge keep coming is this a sign i can be pregnant please help???
Avatar f tn I gave birth 6/23 and my bleeding slowed down the first week of July and started up again followed by period like cramping. So I was thinking that was my period. Now its a month later and no sign of my period. My fiance have been TTC also, I've taken two pregnancy tests and both negative. Is it normal for it to be irregular?