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Avatar m tn Could all these symptoms is a positive sign.
1274271 tn?1453262165 i think i may be slowly loosing my mucus plug, or was it just from my exam the ob did? well yesterday i noticed some slimy brown discharge, didnt know what to make of it except that maybe it was part of the mucus plug? correct me if im wrong. baby has good movements and i just had an ultrasound so i know everything is ok with him. Now my discharge is slightly brown, what does this mean? anyone?
1231691 tn?1295733485 Lost my Mucus Plug today!! It was like a clear jelly like blob that came out & more when I wiped. Then later in the day a light green blob came out kinda on the stringy side.. Went in to be checked, I have no infection...I'm still holding at 2cm dilated & 50% effaced. But I'm now -1 station. Really don't know what the means I wonder how much longer I have to go?? As anyone had this clear jelly like stuff come out & then go in labor a few days later??
Avatar f tn No, they'll send you back. Mucus plug is not necessarily a sign of labor. You go if your water breaks (even then I suggest waiting) or when your contractions are 5 min apart or less.
Avatar f tn Dont know if you are saying you are late for your period or your period has been gon for 3 days. discharge is normally cervical mucus but it can be indication to other things. If your 3 days late you should take a test. you see this substance 3 days after your period is done then its a good chance it is cervical mucus.
Avatar n tn Tonight I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there on the tissuse was a clear glob of mucus and it streched and did not break between my fingers, I have no idea what this means I dont know if it was a good sign but just in case this morning and night me and the husband did have sex.......cant miss out on any oppurtunity.
Avatar f tn last night the mucus incr and has apinkish brown spot. not sure if its a sign of anything.
Avatar f tn Mucus plug is a good sign of labor becoming in effect!
Avatar n tn No its a normal pregnancy symptom and will last your WHOLE pregnancy. Gets really annoying. If you have a lot of it you might want to invest in panty liners.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if copious cervical mucus is a sign of early pregnancy? I generally have no mucus at all, as I am still nursing my son. I have no periods either, but I took a round of Clomid this month to see if I would ovulate (and I did). I am not getting any younger, and wanted another child, but did not want to stop nursing. Long story short, I am about 1 week past ovulation, and wondering if suddenly all this mucus is a postive sign!Thanks!
Avatar f tn It is just another wonderful pregnancy sign.
1117711 tn?1296827938 No sign of pregnancy Treatment continued nonetheless
Avatar n tn A small amount of brown mucus. Not much. Monitoring the discharge and hoping I do not bleed again. Also going to purchase a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn It can be clear, cloudy or even have a yellowish tinge to it. Green might be the sign of infection. Black, brown, red means blood and should be reported to your doctor immediately at 31 weeks. In fact you may want to go to urgent care if you are having any bleeding at 31 weeks.
1452614 tn?1312303518 I do not know if that is a good sign or a bad one. Anyway 47days and counting.
270512 tn?1333177636 so is HCG an early sign of pregnancy?
538174 tn?1234725096 As long as there is no pain or itchiness involved, it is reasonably safe to assume that what you are experiencing is just increased cervical mucus that many women produce during pregnancy. Your body has to create a mucus plug to seal the uterus once a pregnancy has been established. Increased cervical mucus is something that can be experienced during any trimester, or in many cases, all of them. Most women complain of an increase again however, during the last month (or so) of their pregnancy.
4154024 tn?1363755731 My GBS returned abnormal. I will need a minimum of 2 doses, administered via IV during labor to prevent passing on to newborn via birth canal. i freaking gained 3lbs in a week? Seriously?? OMG! Ok, from this point forward, i need to be extra cautious with what i eat and if possible, i should increase walking exercise. bottom line, dr shay everything looks fine.
Avatar m tn But yestarday and day before that i had a vaginal discharge (just on wipe)dark brown mucus. Other than that i am normal. Does that a sign of pregnancy ?
Avatar f tn If you miss your periods to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. Keep me posted. Take care and regards!
134578 tn?1578157483 TTC: Trying to conceive 2WW: Two-week wait (until you can take a pregnancy test) AF: Aunt Flo(w), your period BBT: Basal body temperature BD: Baby dance, sex BFN: Big fat negative (test result) BFP: Big fat positive (test result) CD: Cycle day CM: Cervical mucus DPO: Days past ovulation EW: Eggwhite (re: consistency of cervical mucus) EWCM: Eggwhite cervical mucus (ovulatory mucus) FMU: First morning urine hCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone) HPT: Home pregnancy t
Avatar f tn 5 cm and 60% effaced and I believe I lost my mucus plug. I had my membranes stripped yesterday and today am extremely nauseous could this be a sign of labor? I have been feeling cramps but nothing regular. This is my 3rd but everything about this pregnancy is diffrent any thoughts.
Avatar f tn The mucus plug isn't often a "bloody show". It most often looks just like a big booger. Sometimes, it's even clear or white-ish. You can also lose it at any time in pregnancy. Earlier it pregnancy, it can regenerate. It isn't a sign of impending labor. Though, late in pregnancy, it can mean your body is starting the process of labor that can take a few days or several weeks.