Fingernail indentation

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Avatar f tn Hello, Pls describe the indentations in detail so that a list of differentials can be made.Pls describe the color,texture and associated symptoms of these indentation. Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I recently noticed on my left thumb an indentation (significant) and didn't think much of it, later (3 weeks) I started to notice that my right thumb nail is starting to indent. I looked on the internet and I found an identical picture and they labelled it "spooning"....what do you think is causing this?
Avatar f tn My fingernail has a dent in it! How did it come down and how do I get rid of the nail dent?
Avatar n tn Its like an sore that does not heal. Both are the size and shape of my middle fingernail. In other words if you took your middle finger pressed the nail against your skin and it made an indentation, that is what the size of the lesion is. I am not sexually active, could I have scratched myself and since they are in warm moist area that gets no air they got iritated and will not heal. They cause pain on washing or drying but otherwise not noticible.
Avatar n tn I really didn't pay much attention to it because it was so small and hardly ever bothered her untill here recently the circles got 3 times the size they were and multiplied to at lease three on each leg even down to her ankle and just below the knee. So my grandmother said to put clear fingernail polish on them because she swore that they were ringworm. So I did, and oh my gosh, they are almost completely gone. It's wonderful because it looks soooo much better.
Avatar n tn there is no blood .... nothing ..... just there is a horizontal indentation where I bit myself .... am I at risk due to deep kissing and self-biting? I have no oral sores, blisters or cuts ....... 2) When I took off the condom, my penis was very wet. Could it be that it was broken (I did not check but it seemed intact) .... Could it be her saliva from before the intercourse (but how come it did not dry?), lube from the condom, or my pre-cum (but it was too much to be precum).
Avatar n tn The doctor wiped my wrist with an alcohol pad, then with his fingernail, made an indentation on the surface of my skin on the wrist area to mark the area that he was going to inject the needle. He pierced my skin with the needle, and almost instantly, it felt like the nerves bursted in my middle and ring finger and it was very painful. I vocalized this to him and he just sorta looked at me and said ..'huh? what do you mean?
Avatar f tn It is about the size of a pinky fingernail. The bulge is only visible during an erection. The bulge is skin colored and he has not experienced any pain or discomfort other than the stress of not knowing what this is. He says that the bulge is soft and feels similar to the feel of a vein when touched, In the four days that he has had this there has been no change in size, texture or color. He went to a urologist today, but the urologist could not seeing anything while he was flaccid.
Avatar n tn Scar tissue forms in the tunica albuginea [the thick sheath of tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa], causing pain, abnormal curvature, erectile dysfunction, indentation, loss of girth and shortening.
Avatar m tn I am having the same problem for the last week. I have an indentation in the middle of my left thumbnail since I was in high school or college (at least 20 years). It never gave me problems. But all of a sudden, it's starting to hurt more and more each day. The only thing I did was paint last week and I don't know if the excessive scrubbing off the paint from the fingers and fingernails would have made it worse.
Avatar n tn I thought that maybe I had been cut by a fingernail. I have noticed that rubbing/mild self-stimulation not on the sore area, but slightly above near clitoris, quickly eases the pain for a bit (enough not to leave the bathroom with a terribly pained look on my face). That's the thing, though. This is a severe amount of pain, while the itching feels similar to mild yeast infections I've had from antibiotics.