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Avatar m tn Are you seeing a Rheumatologist for your Fibromyalgia? I am seeing a Rheumatologist for my severe Fibromyalgia. It is always best to check with your Doctor. Keep me posted....Thanks!
Avatar f tn I posted my intro here yesterday, so I won't go into all my details, but after 2-3 years of odd symproms and random/chronic muscle pain my neurologist has suggested that I have fibromyalgia. She said I should discuss it with my famil doctor at my next appt, which is in July. Both doctors have run me through countless tests to rule out other neuro and autoimmune diseases including MS. My family doctor really felt like I may be depressed.
5682570 tn?1372290919 Hi sallyalewis and welcome to the forum. I have filed some notes and a couple replies to members on this- It just happens that I have a report relative to this for my Naturopathic studies, so it all came in handy. First some natural remedies you may want to look into: My daughter who's a holistic health practitioner and aromatherapist uses a few drops of Organic Peppermint Oil over the itchy areas. You may also try Aloe Vera gel, as this works well too.
5586759 tn?1370438872 I've had Fibromyalgia since I was a teenager and I have gone through one pregnancy already, but at the time I hadn't been diagnosed properly for the ailments that I have. It's now round two, I am pregnant again, and I'm wondering about good suggestions to help maintain lower levels of pain. Last time I was put on bed rest at 8 1/2 months and that was torture for my sciatica nerve. I'm trying to stay active and strong. I've been going through physical therapy and things of that nature.
Avatar f tn I have been treated for fibromyalgia for over a year now. The dr. never really stated I have fibro. I'm being treated for high cholesterol and trigylcerides. I'm taking welchol powder once a day and trilipex for this. I'm taking lyrica 150mg. bid and mirapex at bedtime. I went to get a lab slip yesterday for blood work and was informed i needed to be fasting for my cholesterol and trigy. levels.I have never been told this before. When I first started with this dr.
Avatar m tn • Seem to get sick from antibiotics I have been tested for a lot of things and am running out of things it could be. I spent some time at the mayo clinic seeing various specialists and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia basically because they just couldn’t find anything wrong with me so I struggle with accepting the diagnosis. All tests and bloodwork seem to come back normal except a moderately elevated anti-histone and slightly elevated liver enzymes.
1852058 tn?1320162300 They are the waste products of the bacteria after they have gone into another cell. Go to Youtube and search for BABESIA, you will see people there talking about their illness and some videos of the bacteria in the red blood cells. Its like Malaria. It causes the red cells to baloon up and then they cant squeeze through the capillaries causing cold sensations in feet and hands and headaches. lack of oxygen.
Avatar f tn why Medicine purposefully ignores the facts and brain wash people who suffer? Fibromyalgia and all these syndromes with "unknowed causes" untill we get cancer are caused by the toxins released by Candida colonies invasion. A mutant yeast, causing systemic invasion, opportunistic fungus which feed himself with our cells, sticking on our organs sucking glucose wherever he finds it. Our immune system is trying to get rid of it untill he gives up.
358304 tn?1409713092 I'm also a worry wart, and I worry about having fibromyalgia. Everything started about 1.5 years ago. August of 2014. After doing a lot of exercise and running, out of nowhere, I noticed one night, that when having intercourse with my wife, my erections would sometimes HURT. It was bizarre. I just thought maybe I strained something, and thought nothing of it. Then after about 2 weeks of erectile pain, I went to the Dr., and he was not concerned and said to give it time.
1688444 tn?1305693229 He tested my ANA and all I know is that it was high and positive. He suspected Lupus. Sent me to a Rheumatologist. This dr said I had Fibromyalgia. This was 10 yrs ago. I have had complicated pregnancies, that being an understatement. Almost four yrs ago I gave birth to my last. My stomach issues started getting worse. When my baby was 9 months old I went to the ER with the worst migraine EVER. He used me as a pin cushion. Attmepted 6 times to do a spinal tap. Then the specailist did it.
Avatar n tn Anyone that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS, MS, and many other diseases and conditions should be tested for Lyme disease, no mattter where you live in the country. There are tons of myths on this disease, first you don't have to have a bull's eye rash and second, the test your doctor will most likely give you is very unreliable. Please do some research on lyme disease and co-infections. youtube (under our skin) has some informative information as well as other sites.
Avatar n tn If you have been suffering from chronic pain; CFS or Fibromyalgia please read this. You may have been infected with a tick borne illness, LYME DISEASE and co-infections of lyme disease. Testing for lyme disease is very unreliable, many have to resort to getting tested at a private lab, such as igneix. Many doctors and specialist do not want to talk about lyme disease. Please educate yourself on this.
358699 tn?1297650042 It is my understanding that there may be a link between Lactic Acid build up and Fibromyalgia. What vitamins or other methods can reduce the levels of Lactic acid in the body? And I also wanted to know what good low impact aerobic exercises are good for this and overall well being for someone suffering from Fibromyalgia?
769745 tn?1345750012 I DONT KNOW WHATS HAPPENING TO ME!! I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis!
591546 tn?1244640145 Hello community I was just diagnosed yesterday with fibromyalgia, I really didn't expect that diagnoses at all. I started having alot of different problems since I had a hernia repair in feb this year. At first they where tossing around the thought of ms...but never did any real blood work so I found this great rheumatologist, she was great and x-rayed me from head to toe and took about 10 viles of blood.
2010625 tn?1329375656 I am not officially diagnosed but have possible fibromyalgia. Today has been different as I have pain and numbness. It is like everything just feels like pressure. I also have anxiety and thought maybe it could be an episode of depersonalization. I am not really sure but the numbness is freaking me out.
Avatar f tn Please check out the youtube video 'under our skin' you can find excerpts of this on youtube and lots of other helpful information. lyme disease is being shown to mimic ALS MS PARKINSONS ADD FIBROMYALGIA AND OTHER DISEASES AND CONDITONS. Please check these site out and how to get properly tested for lyme disease, the testing that is available is often unreliable and give false/neg. good luck and health to you.
Avatar f tn com/fibromyalgia/understanding-fibromyalgia-treatment#1 I have a YMCA close to me with lots of different things that help like yoga classes that are cheap and youtube has many.
Avatar f tn Over the past two years I have had a decline in my sense of taste and smell. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I also have degenerative disc disease in my spine, have had lung surgery, and a stroke at 35. Could this in any way be a misdiagnoses? Upon reading everything about Mitochondria Disease I would like to be tested for it but don't know where I should go for the testing and a reliable doctor. I live in N.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was diagnosed with depression in the early 90s. I have fibromyalgia along with mood swings, short term memory problems, and confusion. I also suffer with anxiety which makes social situations hard. I consider myself to be a good person. I don't harm anyone. I am quick to give, even to strangers. I don't use alcohol or drugs. I have had problems communicating since coming to the USA with a Carribbean accent. Made fun of by other kids, etc.
Avatar f tn My daughter, 32 yrs. old has myasthenia gravis, celieac disease, fibromyalgia, and currently going to be tested for MS. SHe has had M. Gravis for 7 yrs., celiac for 4 yrs, and just recently fibromyalgia and the possiblilty of MS. I am at my wits end for her. I feel so bad for her. Actually the celiac is minor (she is on gluten-free diet). She is experiencing pain with walking and can't set for a long period of time. She is on medication for the M.G. and Fibro. But with all of the meds.
3065262 tn?1342126161 Fibromyalgia IS an established medical condition. It is a diagnosis by exclusion of other diagnoses. No there is no specific blood test. There are specific medications FDA approved to treat fibromyalgia. Plus there are other recommendations for handling it.
Avatar n tn I've been wondering if it could be hormonal. I have been told I have fibromyalgia - but have never had any kind of tests! Sorry I have not been of any help, just thought I,d let you know you are not alone with these wierd , scarey symptoms. Let me know if you find any answers please. Thinking of you. regards Jayne.
3195704 tn?1345125052 I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago , now I am having bad fatigue and now bumps are coming up on my joints that hurt if they are hit accidently. Can anyone else tell me is this a sign of arthritis or is it Fibro too????? Have become very depressed not knowing what is going on with me and it is taking a toll on my house work and work....I just want to cry all the time, I am also on zoloft 100 mg and its not helping me at this time.
Avatar m tn PART 1 Alcohol was probably a contributing factor in your Fibromyalgia. All disease processes happen because of one main factor. Loss of cellular energy. Anything that interferes with cellular energy, is contributing to some imbalance in the body. And when the imbalance overwhelms the immune system, then disease processes start, as body parts, organs and systems get weakened and start affecting each other.
Avatar f tn It sounds like Fibromyalgia... but since it's a new mattress, it could be the formaldehyde in it that's causing you problems... New mattresses need airing out before using. Wish I could tell you how long... but you might want to strip the mattress and sleep somewhere else for at least a week. Also, you are a little younger than my mom. Mom takes supplements which help her with her aches and pains. The most pleasant is Apple Cider which she drinks every day.
Avatar f tn Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant. To my opinion though we cannot find a better method to test thyroid function than Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test. (there are several versions now) I have devoted countless of hours, scanning through the studies and groundbreaking work of Dr. Barnes, The Father of Hypothyroidism, lol! Simply brilliant and way ahead of his time!
Avatar f tn I suffer with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, regenerative disc disease and a couple of other annoying maladies. Recently I have been experiencing more severe pain which is accompanied by hives. Is this something I need to bring up to my doctors or is it just coincidental?? What could be causing the hives. They itch and the area that hurts gets warm. I'm wondering if one has anything to do with the other?