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Avatar f tn Hi, A combination of Lyrica and Methadone has been found to be effective in controlling Fibromyalgia pain. Methadone may be administered alone without a combination because it is a potent analgesic. It is a narcotic analgesic similar to Morphine. However it is not used commonly for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. It has some serious side effects. Risk of serious side effects may occur even if patient has used other narcotic medications and if the drug is used improperly.
Avatar f tn I took methadone for 3 years for Fibromyalgia. Luckly I am a VA vet so they mailed me 20mg a day in one months supply for $8. It stopped working so well. I went off of it cold turkey (some people don't recommend that) and had very mild agitation, little sleep and wierd dreams for about 5 days. After that I was off of it. I switched to Lyrica. seems to work better than methadone. If you have not taken methadone as suscribed then you might have to taper off of it.
Avatar m tn I deal with chronic pain, I am wondering what to do, should I ask my doctor for methadone because its used for chronic pain and doesn’t abuse the liver like opiates do. I think if I were on 40mgs and took it as a split dose, where i took 20mgs in the morning and 20mgs in the evening would work. With opiates, you build up a tolerance and soon the perks wont work. Whereas methadone you don’t build a tolerance for it and it helps with pain.
374262 tn?1215201805 I tried the methadone treatment again... I hate that stuff. 3rd times a charm. I thought I would die this time. Always, by the 3rd day I am deathly ill. Can't even keep my saliva down. Now, my back and bones ache. I feel like death. 2 days without that. Good thing is I don't withdraw because I throw up so much that I guess I rid myself of it that way. I don't know how people can take it. I think I have a serious reaction from it. My throat nearly closes up and I can't breath by the 3rd day.
Cat Tradmodol is a narcotic-like pain reliever that is indicated for treatment of chronic pain. Methadone is a very long acting narcotic pain reliever that is often used for maintenance therapy for persons who have been addicted to morphine or heroin. It is also used for chronic pain. Both drugs cause habituation, and both have the potential for addiction.
1852582 tn?1319563812 Your doctor is right, your medical conditions do not warrant methadone maintenance as treatment. Arnold-Chiari malformation has lots of different symptom, but pain is not a main one. So we will leave it alone. Fibromyalgia has significant pain associated with it, however opiates are not a first line treatment for it, not should it be last.
Avatar n tn because of all pain throughout the years I became addicted to narcotic pain killers and am now in a methadone treatment program. When I dont have the lmethadone I hurt so much worse.I think I have included everything but hey my memory sucks so maybe I am missing something.The only place I have to see a doctor is either the ER or the neighborhood clinic and both places blow me off and say its minor, it will go away.
Avatar f tn Savella is working great for my fibromyalgia with the methadone!
538633 tn?1292539961 I've been taking Methadone now for 16 weeks 10mg 5x daily. I take it for chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and OA pain. I am very short tempered and seem to over react to things i normally wouldnt over react to. I only noticed my severe personality change when last month the doctor tried putting me on a different medication which i only took for 2 weeks (Nuaycta) and had to stop due to chest and breathing issues. Is it possible that the Methadone im on is having a profound effect on my personality?
Avatar n tn My girlfriend is on 43mg of methadone currently to deal with her fibromyalgia. I am not sure how long she has been on methadone (probably over a month). We are finally in a position to start seriously looking at options to help her get off methadone. I have to be honest, I did not think too much about methadone because I didnt know too much about it and just thought it was something to help with her fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn You may have developed the thyroid problem irregardless of methadone treatment, but maybe not. I just found a research study from 1988 that concludes that methadone actually can cause you to make too much T4 or T3. Therefore, the blood tests for hypothyroid are skewed as a result. You're T4 and T3 levels can actually be higher as a result of taking methadone. My problem was that my thyroid medication was causing me to ache, or so I thought.
216046 tn?1193947004 I was just prescribed Lyrica for fibromyalgia pain and take 100mgs of methadone daily for pain as well. Hopefully i can come off the methadone soon. My question is, has anyone heard of lyrica causing withdrawal symptoms when taken w/methadone? I was given Tramadol(Ultram) w/ methadone and thought I was going to die with the interaction it caused!!!
Avatar f tn Most pain clinics in TN will not consider methadone treatment. Does any one know of a pain management physician in NC, KY, or GA that is not afraid to treat a real chronic pain patient with methadone?The advisors at SAMHSA suggest I go to another state and try "pain advocacy organizations". I am trying. I am also looking for a doctor named David J. Wilmont that wrote an excellent paper called "Prescribing Methadone for Pain". Can't find him on any registry.
897749 tn?1241764082 I know there have been many members that have said if they had it to do over again they would have never started methadone. Methadone also causes bone loss and gets into the bone marrow thats why it is so very hard to detox from. Please talk to the doctor and ask why he is considering the change because your husband as the Pt and the one who pays the doctor has the choice of how he is treated medically.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old woman with diagnosed fibromyalgia. I went through many different doctors, many tests, etc to get this awful diagnosis. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. The diagnosis came after shortly after having Lyme Disease. I have tried many different therapies for relief, but nothing has worked for any length of time. For example, I have tried massage therapy in combination with a chiropractor, acupuncture, lyrica, yoga, etc. I don't want to be on pain meds my whole life.
Avatar n tn In cases of extreme opiate addiction (using a significant quantity for a very prolonged period of time) they do use methadone as a treatment (there are methadone clinics all over that are doing this). However, as I learned with my g/f, methadone is highly addictive, or if you would rather say - the body becomes very dependent on it. After 3 years of self research, I learned in most cases, it becomes a maintenance drug, rather than a detox drug - because it is that difficult to get off of.
Avatar n tn i have been off of methadone for a long, long time and the w/d for methadone are the hardest opiate w/d's there are in my opinion... i agree with the folks who suggest a slow tapering off it at all possible. that is the easiest on your body. no matter how i ever tried to taper down going down the rest of the way to nothing kicked my butt... let us know more about the reasons you were on methadone in the first place, opiate dependence or pain control...
Avatar n tn However once she went on it, and then could not taper off, I did research and found that most people end up staying on it for life (maintenance) hence the term MMT (methadone maintenance treatment). There is a site (orgainzation) about, and most of the regulars in the forum there promote it as MMT and liken Methadone to insulin. Be VERY WARY of going on Methadone to get free of addiction. It is prob one of the top 3 addictive drugs in the world.
Avatar n tn the buprenorphine is said to flush the methadone out of your system, so when the treatment is completed you will not feel the withdrawal. i'm not a big fan of covering up one addiction with another drug, but i am going to support him in this. maybe it's something you should look into. i've heard nothing but positive things.
Avatar m tn may I ask u what u were on and how long you were on it?.Do u plan on being on methadone forever? do you realize methadone is probably one of the hardest drugs to come off of?What is the problem with the sub ? The counseling is great you want that regardless of any med route you might go down.
Avatar m tn I finally found another Dr after three months of methadone clinic hell. He said he would give me methadone but only 30mg and zanaflex, and after a month, well see what we can do. Im in serious withdrawal on day five. What can I do? I dont want to bother the dr its my last hope!! But I have two kids to take care of! I have severe scoliosis, sacrolitiiis, hip bursitis, and fibromyalgia. Any ideas, help?! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I know that many of us have experienced anxiety and depression on treatment. I'm going to talk to my doc about my increasing anxiety today and see what my options are. I'm already on Celexa, which seemed to work for awhile, but now life seems to be getting hard to manage again. What are others on treatment doing to help with anxiety?
Avatar f tn Here is some more info CDC: Alarming Increase in Methadone Deaths Fibromyalgia Slideshow Deaths From Opioid Painkillers Have Tripled Since 1999 By Salynn Boyles WebMD Health News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD Sept. 30, 2009 -- Methadone deaths have risen sevenfold in less than a decade, according to a government report that largely blames the increase on the growing use of methadone for pain relief.
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Avatar f tn experience depression once I stop methadone That has come from many of the recovering addicts that used methadone for treatment to get off there addiction to pain meds they informed me of what THEY went thru & that they were so depressed along with other symptoms.... I am relying on my yoga, walking 5 miles 3 x's a week along with Biking as much as posible. Also, from ALL the reading I have been doing while going thru this "next chapter in my life" as I like to call it .....
541465 tn?1219431486 I, too, was 120 pounds @ 5'7'', but Ive been on MMT (Methadone Maitence Treatment) for about 4 months now and weight 150.... However, I feel as though Im actucally eating LESS than I did when I was using herion and other narcotics.... I do believe it makes women espically retain water weight!! Ive been really trying to drink lots of water while on it-I mean about 9 bottles a day, and Ive started losing, slowly but surely, some weight again... about 10 pounds.
Avatar n tn Hello! i've been on methadone for 12 years .On tues.feb,17, 2003 i took my last 3mg dose(liquid).prior to that date i have been having trouble sleeping for about two weeks. i have been reducing my dose over the last 16 months from 80 mgs daily.I am not afraid of the withdrawl but do not truly know what to except.the program i was on was about keeping people addicted not helping you get mentally or physically well.i.e(money).Can anyone give me some additional information. Thanks alot.
Avatar f tn I had to say it, but I feel more lousy off treatment than on. My herniated disk in my back for the last 5 mon. is seriously causing me to contemplate surgery. This pain is excruciating. I'm still having pain even through the Oxycodone. Yea, I know it's not good for your liver, but being unable to function and walking around in circles crying due to pain isn't good for it either. I haven't slept for the past 4 nights due to pain and this is w/the Oxy.
Avatar f tn I tried a few times to get off of Methadone I went to rehab and everything,,I have fibromyalgia so when going thru the w/d my Fibro goes out of whack and Its the most horrible experience. So my doc suggested the Sub I hate the idea of going from one hell grug to the next but at this point I have no idea what else I could do. I started at 30mg and worked my way all the way up to 160 now only 10mg and 5mg after the 6 weeks of this last attempt to w/d so Im not taking a high dose anymore.