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Avatar f tn I'm sure this is why Prince Charles and the Queen of England both swear by homeopathic treatment. Anyhow, here is a great article on homeopathy that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine: A Critical Overview of Homeopathy http://www.annals.
Avatar n tn Earlier this year, my doctor ran all kinds of blood work, and said that everything looked fine. He thinks that I have Fibromyalgia (based on my tender spots). From what I have read, this is extremely rare for men to get. The muscle aches and pains are always worse in the morning and evenings and especially worse in cold weather. Recently, the doctor put me on Zanaflex, but that does not seem to help either.
Avatar f tn Hi My doctor tells me I have fibromyalgia. I have so many of the symptoms eg pain in back,hips,thighs kness,neck.shoulders so on, burning,aching. numbness, itching, muscles weakness. poor sleep pattern. Symptoms are worse with stress, monthly cycle and activity. I also have eye pain and intraocular pressure of 26 in my left eye, and foot pain. I could continue. There is one thing which greatly puzzles me and this is that I have painful lumps in my fatty tissue.
Avatar m tn please google myers cocktails and hydrogen peroxide drips, you will find lots of useful information on the benefits from these 2 therapies. any practitioner that believes in homeopathy shoiuld be familiar with this.
253566 tn?1219683299 Mine was normal both before and during treatment, but dropped and remained low normal for over a year post treatment. My symptons aren't as bad as yours, so haven't supplemented the testosterone, but you might consider at least trying it, even if you're in the low or perhaps even mid-normal range. You also mention your lab results are out of whack. What tests specifically aren't right?
Avatar n tn hi rupa1991 we've treatment in homeopathy. but u've to use little long time until u cure. homeopathy is great way to cure with out any side effects. sometimes migrane attacks happens due to unsufficient sleep. so need 8hours sleep.
Avatar m tn I have been having pain in the bones- hips, back, neck, ribs, shoulders,elbow, on and off since last 12 yrs. Earlier i tried homeopathy, allopathy, physiotherapy , ayurvedic treatment - all based on symptomatic diagnosis but all in vain. I got all tests done for rheumatoid arthritis and spondilytis but that was negative. The pain in general has increased in recent times. I dont know what is the cause and need assistance in this.
1075109 tn?1281839291 Hence my question about alternative therapy for my Fibromyalgia. I understand that Homeopathy has a relative high success rate helping with the different issues. But this would be a problem for me because there is no way I can mix the two without severe consequences. I know that alternative therapy offers much more than that which I am definately looking into.
Avatar m tn I've tested almost all possible tests as per my Alopathy, Homeopathy doctors... But verry sad!!! that all reports are OK and all doctors are saying nothing .... They becomes helpless. All most all doctors said that only seeing the pain we can not provide you any medicine. But I'm facing a serious joint pain almost every day. History: Pain starts any time. Stayed in that location for atmost 24 hours. After that this location becomes as if there was no pain in last day.
1926402 tn?1322954664 Hi, I'm not a doctor & have no solution to share. It is just that I hope some doctor can diagnose your problem, the root cause of these symptoms only then can a treatment be started. You have gone through a lot at a young age and I'm sure you've tried a lot of different ways to manage life. I'm just wondering if you've tried alternative medicine like naturopathy, homeopathy, relaxation techniques. Have they helped you?
1316708 tn?1310919782 Thank you Lady Rhea for your question and now we all are benefitting from these answers. I have an "addiction" question. Why don't I go to the store and buy myself vitamins? Why don't I spend the same amount I did on pills on a massage once a week? Why am I drawn to things that are illegal, stupid, or even slightly on the edge? Ibruprophen is a big help. I need to take it when I am hurting. Anyway, I'm gonna get me some cal/mag Vitamin D and other WHOLE-istic things.
Avatar f tn Of course the drug that Dr. Moore must be referring to for treatment of CFS is ampligen, an experimental drug that is administered intravenously and is still waiting for FDA approval for treatment of CFS/ME, HIV, renal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Also, it doesn't affect the strength of my muscles whatsoever Ok so now that you have some background I'll just list what treatment I've tried and what success I've had in chronological order so I don't make this too long. I underwent all of these for several months to years before moving on and trying something else to make sure I gave it a fair shot.
Avatar f tn I hope you will also check out our Health Pages... there are various treatment plans posted for fibromyalgia and CFS. These treatment plans are recommended by the experts... some of who have had CFS and/or fibromyalgia themselves.
Avatar m tn But due to financial constrain I will not be able to afford all the three treatment continuously altogether at once, although I wish I could do like Stef2011, But I would like to try one of the option below to help regress the Fibrosis. My Question is which one of the option below will help me the most to regress from Liver Fibrosis in YOUR OPINION ? Option are 1. Gcmaf 2. HepTech Protocol 3.
Avatar n tn Last year I felt pretty bad, fatigue etc, my viral lode was 1,050,000, AST 152 ALT 98 approx, and then started in on my homeopathic treatment. My husband's doctor in Italy has treated many Hep C patients, and I was very willing to give it a try after reading about the horror stories of interferon. Some doctors in Europe (mine included) think our Hep C treatment here is not only useless but dangerous. He is even completely against live biopsy's.
Avatar n tn , a theory about and treatment program for fibromyalgia that I am in the process of trying. I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years--since before it had a name--and have also in the past been considered a hypochondriac. The reason it seems as though there is always something wrong with you is that there IS always something wrong with you if you have fibro. I agree with the person who said to try to have your lymph node biopsied---that would rule out one concern and give you peace of mind.
Avatar f tn He is 33 years old and has stenosis in his cervical spine, quickly advancing arthritis in his cervical spine and low back, and has additional pain from having multiple knee surgeries (one of which was botched by kaiser), a complete thyroidectomy (due to thyroid cancer 6 years ago), and a car accident in the past which rotated his sacrum. He has also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
501663 tn?1238381313 I know of other MedHelp members who have had elevated Parvo virus titers. One of them has a diagnosis of MS and the other is still undiagnosed.... possibly early MS. I did post a study in the fibro/CFS forum (health pages --- "latest research on fibromyalgia") about many fibro patients having elevated parvo virus titers. So how are your physician(s) going to treat you ?
Avatar f tn PART 3 Designing Your Chronic Fatigue Treatment Plan Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment is a very individual thing, based on each patient’s symptoms and response to different therapies. How you describe your symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome will often guide your treatment plan. “A lot of it has to do with how patients answer the questions,” explains Morris Papernik, MD, a doctor in private practice with ProHealth Physicians Group in Glastonbury, Conn.
1684282 tn?1582660848 There are better (in my opinion) treatments for chronic pain that are much safer than opioids,such as physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-depression medications, and treatment of underlying psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety, dietary and life-style changes, etc. High dose long term opiates have not been shown in multiple studies to improve long term pain scores of chronic pain patients - and that is the most important fact of the whole article.
Avatar f tn I also have fibromyalgia and he hates fibromyalgia complains. He goes straight to pschiatric medicine. So I looked up the psychiatric medicine side effects. Yep, the antidepressant also has side effects of liver problems, nausea, and thoughts of suicide. Hum. Nope - not gonna take that pill either. So I began a journey into homeopathic medicine to find what works for me. I now drink smoothies which are really just predigested foods.
Avatar n tn I was a very healthy man until around age 30 I was involved in an accident that seems to have been the beginning of my medical downhill slide (though I know the accident didn't cause it all). Even after hearling from bruised ribs, muscle spasms began to mount up and keep me in heightened state of frustration and confusion. My hereditary essential tremor became exponentially worse, and mild, manageable ADD became severe. In 1996 I had double pneumonia with collapse of my lung.
Avatar f tn P.S. --- Remember if you get a diagnosis (whatever the diagnosis may be), to always keep your health insurance. If you let your health insurance lapse, even for a day or two, then chances are you will lose your coverage.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I've posted under Neuro but find myself here for reasons I've seen before...I, too, have been through test after test to try to find a diagnosis for a myriad of symptoms...Can you all advise me? Bottom line - how do you find a doctor who "specializes" in Fribro/CFS? I've experienced horrible fatigue for years - but docs all said, well - you have a lot of stress in your life (quadruplets, financial woes, crazy schedule, etc)...
Avatar n tn I am 2 years status post treatment, 2nd year in a row with no trace in my blood. Thank God for that. But-I still have joint pain every day, still have low energy and now have developed DIABETES. I saw a rheumatologist as I had a positive rheumatoid factor. She said I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, no damage to the joints. Can't take nonsteroidals because I have damage to my liver. When I ask for something for the pain, I get treated like a drug seeker.
1348686 tn?1310657843 I forgot to add, have you been checked for low blood sugar, this will sometimes cause anxiety and panic, so will being near perimenopause, an over-reactive thyroid can also contribute. So, as I said, try to find a nutritionally orientated doctor and ask about these tests, they may prove very helpful.