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558118 tn?1216812116 I was searching the internet and found an interesting website for those who want to know a bit more about fibromyalgia, these are some websites you might want to browse through to find out much more, by copying and pasting it to your browser.
Avatar f tn s daughter has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and that was the inspiration for Mrs. Whittemore to start this national research institute.
Avatar f tn Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment in Fibromyalgia and CFS videos: ---------- “Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS” by Lucinda Batemen, MD, director of the Fatigue Consultation Clinic in Salt Lake City ----------“Updates in Diagnosis and Treatment of FM” by Dr.
7356842 tn?1405617843 treatment of severe FM
Avatar f tn I am more hopeful than ever that soon there will be more answers for the cause and treatment of Fibromyalgia. Very informative article. Thank you.
Avatar f tn org/health_pages/Fibromyalgia/The-Latest-Research-on-Fibromyalgia/show/520?
Avatar f tn I am a college student studying the effects of exercise on fibromyalgia-related pain. I need females with fibromyalgia who are able to exercise regularly to fill out my short survey to measure the effects of exercise on fibromyalgia symptoms. Thank you in advance for answering as accurately as possible. Here is the link:
587071 tn?1218542387 Every thing came out okay but I still have the lumps.My family doctor thinks fibromyalgia is all in my head and its not a real disease.How ever the rumatodaligist thought the other way.Since I had know swelling of my joints they ruled out arthrities. Even though I dont think I have fibromyalgia it could be that I do.I just have a feeling that there is more going on with me.Some days I'm so scared because my body hurts so bad and I cant do any thing for it.
2126606 tn?1346345124 Fibromyalgia can be very challenging to treat, and although there is limited evidence showing that opioids are an effective form of treatment, it seems these prescription painkillers are prescribed frequently for fibromyalgia patients. According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, approximately one-third of the patients who participated had been prescribed opioids for their condition; and two-thirds of them had received “strong opioids.
Avatar n tn This is a great suggestion. Although this probably won't be a tracker, we'll look into how we can allow our users to track news on research, treatment and clinical trails.
393685 tn?1425812522 Since thyroid conditions cause inflammatory symptoms, fibromyalgia patients also benefited greatly from the T3 research and treatment Dr. Lowe believed and practiced. Through his years of service, Dr Lowe enforced the importance of T3 treatment and the benefits it was to patients. He also provided stellar research on many hormonal complex issues. Dr. Lowe was author of The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia. He was also editor of the homepage, FibromyalgiaResearch.
5265383 tn?1483808356 I have had no other treatment for TCC, so although this is anecdotal, it seems to be the case. I will continue to be followed, and will update either way. I do have side effects from the LDN. Most people don't, other than insomnia when they first start taking it. My adverse affects are are insomnia (that does not disappear) and increased spasticity of my right (weak) side.
Avatar f tn org/health_pages/Fibromyalgia/The-Latest-Research-on-Fibromyalgia/show/520?
Avatar f tn Be sure to keep checking for more information.... some of the research is posted on a research website for mostly medical professionals. It is the best way to stay informed and make sure that your physician is informed.
Avatar n tn Research is underway for the cause and treatment of Fibromyalgia. New factors are being discovered in this relatively new recognized diagnosis. Fibromyalgia continues to be a disputed diagnosis and very controversy, even to the extent that some medical providers doubt it's very existence. However no one has a lot of definitive answers as of yet. There are several theories but not a lot of concrete answers.
Avatar m tn widespread pain, disturbed sleep, and exhaustion from head to toe shortness of breath, numbness and tingling sensations, muscle weakness I get pain in my neck, like muscle stiffness and that comes and goes leg cramping, fatigue, trembling nausea I also had weakness in the left arm, pain and numbness as well I was suffering from migraines and one had caused an anxiety attack Fatigue, muscle weakness, trembling muscles, some muscle spasms, cramping in my right calf, tingling in hands feet and
Avatar m tn doing some research on Adderall...3rd day on it, helps out, but severe headaches, constipation and stomach upset.
Avatar m tn my heart goes out to people who have fibro not diagnosed correctly and in severe pain is too soon to hope time will change and fibromyalgia suffers will get the medical treatment they need....good post. thanks for sharing it...
Avatar f tn I saw the rhumatologist today, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After a whole year of pain and searching, I have finally got an answer....i guess i was expecting to have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.....not so, Im 28 years old, and will be in pain the rest of my life....
Avatar f tn i have fibromyalgia amongst other complaints.fro about 2 years i have had a swollen abdomen-lumpy and tender which progressed to sore and protruding ribs.have had ct and mri scans which gave no clues.doctors seem to ignore symptons,now i have a feeling of tightness around my ribs and am sore all around feels like ribs are digging in me.