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710094 tn?1229312306 I haven't heard of fibromyalgia causing this type of disruption to anyones body. If you are vomiting on a daily basis, you are depleting your electrolytes and could also suffer from dehydration or malnutrition. Any of these could cause problems with dizziness and forgetfulness. It could be contributed to fibromyalgia, but I pray that you are still under a physicians care for your gastric problem because your symptoms could be a result of that as well.
Avatar m tn Very uncomfortable feeling, worse when I first wake up from sleep, but sometimes also all day long. Am I suffering from what is called fibromyalgia, does hepB cause this disease. I've already read that there are lots of other diseases that are caused by this terrible chronic illness.
Avatar f tn Does anyone who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia know of the best medication to take to help relieve the discomfort associated with this disease?
681148 tn?1437665191 Is it common for people with Fibromyalgia to develop repeated kidney issues, such as renal failure? I had this happen about three years ago. Now, I'm having similar symptoms as I had back then and will be seeing my doctor soon to see how my kidney function is. I'm finding only minimal information online that suggests that there could be a link between the two issues.
Avatar m tn Hello, A detox diet helps in getting rid of the toxins of our body. It may help in controlling few of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Before staring a detox diet it is better to consult a doctor. People with eating disorders, kidney diseases, cancer, autoiimmune diseases, and anemia should not try this diet. A fibromyalgia detox diet means avoiding cheese, transfat, caffeine, chocolates, candies, alcohol, processed meats and restricting use of salt, sugar and fats.
Avatar f tn The doctor ran kidney, liver, lupus, rheumatoid factor, B12, thyroid, and some other stuff. All apparently was fine (except for blood and protein in the urine which apparently they thought weren't significant). The only result they got was that ANA was "positive". At this point the doctor is saying, basically, he is fine. He is trying self-medicating 1000mg of naproxen sodium/day to see if that helps at all with the pain to try to get some quality of life back.
434278 tn?1324709825 The pain across the back of your shoulders is very typical of fibromyalgia. It is not uncommon for lupus patients to also have fibromyalgia. The one thing that seems to help with fibro is sleep. I take a benadryll and a melatonin to help me sleep. I'm not saying that you only have lupus. I was also told that all I had was fibro and deep don I knew I had more than fibro. I know people w/ fibro and they have never been as sick as I was.
Avatar f tn I posted my intro here yesterday, so I won't go into all my details, but after 2-3 years of odd symproms and random/chronic muscle pain my neurologist has suggested that I have fibromyalgia. She said I should discuss it with my famil doctor at my next appt, which is in July. Both doctors have run me through countless tests to rule out other neuro and autoimmune diseases including MS. My family doctor really felt like I may be depressed.
4861077 tn?1360159739 Hi all just a quick question I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and live with pain everyday. I find it hard to do all my daily things to the point that it hurts to peel potatoes what kind of help can I get for this as it is all new to me. I take lots of medication and am still in pain please help.
Avatar n tn Since I've had Fibromyalgia, I have constant bursitis in my greater trocanter (hip bursa) as well as a constant inflammation of my SI joints. I receive shots in my hips every few months, sometimes monthly. I do the exercises given to me by my DO, however, I have only short term relief from the shots. I apply ice. I still have the bursitis and it won't go away. I never had any hip injuries prior or since to cause bursitis. Does anyone else have recurrent bursitis with their Fibromyalgia?
Avatar n tn Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue (15 yrs), Papillary thyroid cancer 5 yrs, kidney failure 3 months and shortness of breath with very sharp pain in my chest 3 months. When I lying down BP is 142/72, sitting130/74 standing 82/44 and I couldn't breath passed out. This just started one week ago, I am very frightened, it makes me feel like that I am dying or something. I have been eating very good meals drinking about 150 oz of water a day plus other things like herbal tea.
Avatar f tn Hi, as a fibromyalgia sufferer myself most of your symptoms do sound like fibromyalgia, however as it is part of an auto immune disease spectrum you need to eliminate MS, Lupus and Kidney problems. Vitamin D deficiency is common with fibromyalgia and kidney failure. My Vitamin D deficiency is caused by kidney failure and I take Adcal daily to replace what my body doesn't absorb. A side effect of VitD deficiency is bone pain, mild to severe.
Avatar n tn Alright, I am 23 years old and I have been progressively getting sicker and sicker for two years now. The best guess is Fibromyalgia. It started with mild headaches and has developed into pain everywhere (mostly joints and muscles in my legs) I also have IBS, fatigue, severe migraine / tension headaches, I also have been having kidney problems (stones) but In these past two years it has gotten so much worse.
Avatar f tn For a long time I was convinced that this was all caused by my kidneys, as I have had a history of kidney problems. However, my urologist is certain that there is nothing kidney related to these pain episodes. It feels like the pain is coming from deep down inside my low pack and hip/pelvis joint. Sometimes it is very hard to stand and walk. Other times I feel just fine. The pain in my legs feels a lot like growing pains.
543791 tn?1216385377 1 - electric pain shooting around my very painful body 2 - Burning skin patches, usually the same couple of spots flare up and don't want to wear clothes to touch my skin 3- Constant pain in my right side at ribs, feels like pressure between ribs 4- Seems my coordination is getting worse, balance, motor skill etc 5- Recent Gallbladder scan showed my kidneys have cortical thinning but kidney speciliast says function is good and can't explain the scan 6- Recent Colon Biopsy found high rate of Eos
Avatar m tn The only one I believe I have is ADD and the medicine I am on really helps me. I have a lot of abdominal pain. I have had ovarian cysts and kidney stones in the past. Most of the time there is no diagnosis though. I have had a lot of stomach problems, diarrhea followed by constipation. I had a colonoscopy done and they could find nothing but inflammation from all the Ibuprofen I take for all my pain. I am also being treated for Endometriosis for my lower stomach pain.
894326 tn?1279787685 593.9 Unspecified disorder of kidney and ureter 722.10 Displacement of lumbar intervertebral disc without myelopathy 724.4 Thoracic or lumbosacral neuritis or radiculitis, unspecified 722.52 Degeneration of lumbar or lumbosacral intervertebral disc 729.1 Myalgia and myostis, unspecified 354.0 Carpel tunnel syndrome Can someone explain this to me, and what exactly does unspecified mean???
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have hundreds of lumps in the fat on my body. They are extremely painful and in all parts of my body. I started having them on my rib cage forty years ago and they have now spread over my whole body.They are in strands near my joints and the slightest pressure hurts. I need to know if other people who have fibromyalgia have these lumps. My rheumatologist says he has never seen a case of Dercum's and did not want to hear about it.
Avatar f tn Hi! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I have horrible pain and my doctors are trying to work with me to find a treatment that doesn't involve heavy pain meds. I have serious issues with my digestive system and so most pain medicine such as vicoden(sp?) or any of those types constipate me. I was hoping for a natural suggestion to talk with my doctor about.
470168 tn?1237474845 I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my son with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I am noticing he is getting some muscle/joint pain, only lasting 24 hours, but it is similar to how my conditions started. Does anyone else have a dual diagnosis or have both within the family?
Avatar f tn I went on insulin two months ago. I have early kidney disease and diabetic neuropathy. My ankles and feet are so swollen I can't find shoes. My feet and ankles sometimes hurt so bad I can't sleep or walk. I am on Lyrica for fibromyalgia and it makes the swelling worse.My blood sugar is coming down slowly with the insulin.I was put on another blood pressure pill but it made the swelling worse. I take Lisinopril and a water pill and am trying another new pill. My blood is still high.
659608 tn?1318292966 What is your recomendation and feelings on using Medicinal Marijuana for Fibromyalgia symptoms? There are so many conflicting articles, it's hard to know the real truth, so a doctor's view point wuld be very helpful.
Avatar f tn can someone with some knowledge and experience please tell me what seems to be the best treatments out there when it comes to dealing with fibromyalgia? i am still trying to gather information on which is better lyrica or neurontin, and i am also told they are the same med? any truth to this? any advice on how to deal with flare ups would be just great also, at this point i am up for anything new that may help...
Avatar f tn I know how you feel, although I haven't had spasms everyday, I have experienced them on occasion. It is worse than kidney stones. Undescribible pain!! It could be a number of things. Your kidney could be floating, you could have hydronephrosis, your renal artery could be obstructed and the blood supply is cut off intermittantly, and of coarse the old kidney stone is a possiblity. You really need some test done to see what is going on. I know how hard it is to find a good urologist.
Avatar f tn Hi! Was wondering if anyone can tell me how one tells/is diagnosed with fibromyalgia vs. chronic fatigue syndrome. I was diagnosed with FMS 17 years ago when pain was my primary symptom and I do have the trigger point pain along with most of the other FMS symptoms. But the majority of the time for many years now fatigue has been a bigger, or at least more frequent, issue. My doctor started me on Provigil in January, which has helped some but one dose a day doesn't seem to be enough.
1657422 tn?1302260971 I am not sure the urine is directly the cause either, but it could be somehow related to the kidney or bladder.
4942618 tn?1361335384 Hi! Yes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are common in people inflicted with Human Herpes virus 6. Also, the condition is worsened due to post viral fatigue as a result of HHP-6 and mono. Just as mono causes recurrent flares, HHP-6 too is known to cause recurrent flares. Thus the fatigue, body aches and pain persist. Antiviral therapy is known to reduce the fatigue and other symptoms. You can discuss this with your doctor.
1577469 tn?1296336056 personally i know no one who shares this condition (fibromyalgia) which has only been recently diagnosed eventhough i have spent the last 2 years fighting for an answer that could give me peace of mind.