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Avatar f tn How many people out there with fibromyalgia have experienced neuropathy????? This could be related to a B-6 and B-12 deficiency. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am glad you found us but sorry to hear about all your medical problems. Yes you can have both neuropathy and fibromyalgia. As Jan explained they effect different systems. Just as you can have asthma and COPD. They are two very different diseases. You can have one and not the other. Generally diabetic neuropathy does not appear until the disease has progressed and not during the early stages, or in your case "showing signs.
Avatar m tn My age is almost 45, and I'm suffering from various hbv related illnesses like chronic kidney disease, neuropathy, and various debilitating muscle and skeletal problems. In addition to this, I remember my uncle/brother of my mom, died when he was about 50 years old some 24 years ago from hepatitis, not sure which, but since I'm from Africa, most probably it was hepB. Despite getting modern hospital treatment, he died. After learning about the disease now, I think he might have died of hcc.
541431 tn?1225897960 I went to my doctor and he said I may of had Lupus, Fibro, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, or 6 other things I can't pronounce. He did blood work, upped the dose on the Neurontin and my Darvocet at night (when it is worse) and called me when my labs came back. Said he wanted me to come in today. He told me he spoke to my Neurologist and my labs came back showing an official diagnosis of Neuropathy. He said it was caused by my other official diagnosis of Hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn Successful surgery and chemo (7 rounds) with no spread of disease. Was hospitalized Christmas Day with severe neuropathy in legs and fever. Is being treated with Dulaudid, Toradol, Tylenol for fever and Ativan for anxiety. Has a history of depression, fibromyalgia and arthirits. Has become worse instead of better. They have isolated the bacteria (strep) and are treating with antibiotics. She has become unable to form a sentence and nothing seems to relieve her pain for more than an hour.
Avatar f tn // ... Also found another reference, from 2015: http://www.medicalmarijuanainc.
Avatar n tn This is for the many posters on this board who report variations of peripheral neuropathy and MS-like symptoms, especially the many who are frustrated that conventional medical testing and workups have left you without solutions, or even diagnoses.
Avatar f tn Many individuals with other liver diseases do not suffer the pain seen in hepatitis C. And there is a high prevalence of fibromyalgia in hepatitis C patients; this is important for clinicians to appreciate, as the recognition of fibromyalgia in patient with hepatitis C will prevent assumptions of pain being due to liver disease—and perhaps allow for a more focused and correct treatment approach.
Avatar n tn 51 yo female DIAGNOSISES: Fibromyalgia; OA; non DM neuropathy-both feet; DDD; DBD; DJD; scoliosis and others not relevent to question. PAIN MEDS: Lyrica 150mg BID; Voltaren 100mg BID; Baclofen 20mg TID. SURGERIES: 4 spinal fusion sx(1 cervical, 3 L/S); scoliosis repair L/S; total RT knee. LABS: WNL, electrolytes WNL, hydration excellent (only H2O or decaf). QUESTION: Is there a relationship betwwen fibromyalgia and SEVERE muscle spasms?
Avatar f tn I have early kidney disease and diabetic neuropathy. My ankles and feet are so swollen I can't find shoes. My feet and ankles sometimes hurt so bad I can't sleep or walk. I am on Lyrica for fibromyalgia and it makes the swelling worse.My blood sugar is coming down slowly with the insulin.I was put on another blood pressure pill but it made the swelling worse. I take Lisinopril and a water pill and am trying another new pill. My blood is still high. I wonder if I should go off the Lyrica?
Avatar f tn Hi there........Oh I do feel your pain! I have had fibromyalgia for the past 20 years and 3 surgical fusions in my neck as well as 2 in my lumbar spine........and the migraines since I was a teenager.......sometimes you just don't know what to deal with first, right? My neurologist started me on Topomax for the migraines and it has made an amazing prevents the migraines from happening about 90% of the time and it also stops neuropathy or nerve pain in my legs.........
975514 tn?1325001538 I think I have been misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia. And I feel as though I am getting weaker and weaker lately. I need some opinions from the group because my doctor doesn't seem to want to help me. First, I have a strong family history of autoimmune disease including RA, Reactive Arthritis (my father), thyroid and diabetes. I have been diagnosed with DDD, degenerative facet disease, and facet osteoarthritis.
209591 tn?1267418314 But its off-label uses include the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headaches, migraines, and reducing neuropathic pain.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are getting a little bit of the run around here. You really need to see a Rheumatologist who is friendly to Fibromyalgia. I looked at your profile and didn't notice where you live. Are you in the states or outside? Below is a really good website to find a doctor or provider who knows how to treat and diagnose FM and CFS. Depending on where you live, I may have one more site for you.
215021 tn?1224886057 RedLabsUSA is a national lab that apparently is able to diagnose both Fibromyalgia and CFS. The test is still a research test at this time. So there is a fibromyalgia - thyroid connection, but there are also people who have been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia. And on top of that... some fibromyalgia patients can go for years without a fibro-flare.
Avatar f tn I told dr i couldn't any more injections and that they werent helping. And that the savella wasn't helping either and he wants me to give it another 3wks and come back. i asked him for some more samples since it was going to cost me little over 100 dollars for the month so he gave me a months worths of samples. Im going to call and make a apt with a rheumatologist since i got my ssi denial and we will see where that goes. I guess it couldn't hurt anything.
Avatar f tn My ankles have no reflexes. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and chondromalacia patalla. As a result of an EMG/NCS conducted at the Emory Clinic in May 2008, my neurologist concluded that I don't have neuropathy, but diagnosed diabetes as a result of an oral fasting glucose tolerance test (fasting result was 117). Yet all of my A1C tests have been in the high normal range.
33004 tn?1279899784 I have Hashimotos and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I'm being treated for fibromyalgia but due to the numbness and tremors that won't go away, I'm taking all the meds that they put me on and most have not done anything but cost me lots of money. I have also tested low for vitamins B12 and D so taking those supplements too. I'm scared to think that it may be MS which my aunt has.
1507079 tn?1291517183 Hi people, my question is to anyone who has thyroid problems and has ever been diagnosed with neuropathy. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid 5 yrs ago and off and on I would get treated for it, I say off and on because I'm uninsured and can't afford testing, medications, and Dr. visits, by the way I can't afford a specialist so I go to my family Dr. who treats me when I can afford to go.
Avatar f tn Did I happen to develop RLS and PLM of sleep while taking the drug? Did the effexor cause this neuropathy and permanant nerve damage? Did the withdrawal cause it? Would it have been permanent? Am I stuck on Effexor for life? Let me know if there is any info out there on this connection. Thank you !
Avatar f tn I have lupus and fibromyalgia along with degenerative joint disease. All these things were diagnosed after I had a near fatal car accident in August of 2000. My neurologist is also my pain management doctor. He also told me I have radicular neropathy which I really don't understand. What are the symptoms and how is it treated?
483733 tn?1326802046 Has anyone had this? I'm suffering from tingling, pins & needle like feelings, itchy and sometimes a burning feeling in many areas on my body and it keeps moving around - arms, back, buttocks, legs, ankles, etc. It's driving me nuts. Is this something serious? Help!
778275 tn?1326917223 A rheumatologist found very low Vitamin D - all immune systems disorders and infection were negative. She believes I have a mild case of fibromyalgia but also believes I don't have Myasthenia Gravis. I do have extreme fatigue some days. Question: Do you think I have an immune mediated neuropathy, possibly small fiber and not actually have MG, in some sort of remission ? How long must I be in remission to be safe. What can I do to halt reverse the MG?
Avatar n tn For example, if you have been exposed to HSV-1 (Cols Sores), HSV-2 (Genital Herpes), Chicken Pox, Mononucleosis and possibly HHV-6, do you run more of a risk for neuropathy? (I know for sure I have or have had the first four). Recently, I have been using acyclovir because I was having genital herpes outbreaks almost every month right before my period.
Avatar f tn Have you ever been checked out for Lyme / Borreliosis? It can cause the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, and many other neurological, gastrointestinal, and other issues. In Europe, arthritis is less common than it is in the US. Here is a document that has a thorough list of symptoms seen in the US. You can also do some research online to learn more about it.
Avatar f tn is there any way to manage trigeminal neuropathy (not neuralgia)? I regularly get 2-3 extreme episodes a month. There is constant pain in my entire head ,face and throat. When it flares up it lasts 3 days before I can actually talk or drink much.Cannot be effectively treated is the answer I have received from my pain specialist. Have gone off all narcotics, opiods, etc.
372680 tn?1228165210 I was in limbo from October until late January of this year. I don't have MS but I do have neuropathy. My neuropathy remains constant and has had its fair share of flairs where what you thought couldn't get worse does. I take 300mg gabapentin 3x a day and it basically makes me feel high to where I still feel the symptoms but can't feel the pain. It makes me foggy and aloof but happy and it allows me to get through the work day. I'm fine with the physical aspects of neuropathy.
Avatar f tn i have never had nerve pain before i was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 in aug 09. The pain comes and goes and my gyno-oncologist said it is the herpes that is causing it. i had tryed lyrica, got relief but gave me alot of side effects. so i am on nothing but i would like to see a neurolist just to ease my mind that it is not something else causing this. i saw this post and i had to share cause we can relate with herpes.
Avatar n tn if you google " interferon and neuropathy or fibromyalgia' see what hits you get. You get hits on a search for hep c and neuropathy also, if he still has hep c. was his treatment successful or does he still have hep c? I remember reading that thyroid problems can contribute to the pains also. Has he seen a rheumatologist or a neurologist? a pain management provider can help him cope on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed neurontin for the neuropathy. Hope this will help with neuropathy and burning in legs. I have those differential diagnosis's as well.