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Avatar m tn I never shared a needle, alway bought fresh needles but may have shared the vial. The oil is in a glass vial and the needle is stuck into the vial to draw out the amount of oil to shoot. If I had vial that was drawn on by by another person with HIV is it possible for the virus to survive in the vial until I drew the oil for my use?
Avatar f tn The trick I learned in trying to get most fluid out of the vial was to insert the needle at a 45 degree angle or so, and to tilt the vial as you withdraw -- gets the fluid into a corner instead of spread out over the entire surface of the vial cap. I usually tried not to re-insert the needle, just tap it to make the air bubbles rise, push them out, and draw in the rest of the fluid. Hope that helps, and good luck!
Avatar f tn s a multi dose vial it does need to be refrigerated after opening. Sooo, which is it?? The vial contains 4 weeks worth of medication for me.
Avatar m tn I have seen a dentist to use same syringe for 2nd use xylocaine ijection (local anasthesia) from multi dose via for the same patient though new syringe is used for separate patient for the same vial. Can it make the rest of the vial nfected by HIV. Though no trace of blood seen in the xylocaine solution . what is the posiblity of getting hiv infection solution. how long HIV survive in the xylocaine even if some infected blood is entered in it.
Avatar f tn New syringes have been used every time but my concern is that the vaccine has been injected from multiple vial ( same bottle has been used for all of us). What if the vaccine vial is contaminated with HIV or other viruses? I'm so worried about this and not able to sleep. 2 years ago my mother has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and I have photodermititis which is chronic since 2 years. I have this constant fear that it is because of HIV.
Avatar n tn When she reached over, she spilled some of the developing solution out of the vial. She went ahead and put the swab into the vial. Before the saliva began to travel up the device (before it began to turn from white to pink) the nurse took out a new developer vial, removed the swab completely from the vial it was in, and put it in the new vial. After this, the device seemed to operate normally. The pink traveled up the device. The line appeared on the control line.
453798 tn?1262633421 I found out yesterday at my first RE appointment for dosage instructions that I need to take 150 iu yesterday, today and tomorrow. THAT IS 1/2 THE VIAL! UGGHH! I had no idea. For those of you that use this medicine, about how many ius do you use each month? I did find that Schraft has the cheapest price if you buy in bigger bulk. If you buy at least 1500 ius, they give you $100 off and their price is $718 for each 900 ius.
264121 tn?1313029456 s addressed this yet but I noticed that procrit, or at least - when I received my 20,000 unit bottles of epogen yesterday this was true - has a new multidose vial. This would have been all kinds of helpful to me when I was treating. I did some kind of dodgey things back then, like using non multi-dose vials more than once and/or storing epogen in an extra needle if I wanted to divide the bottle in half. Short of getting two different strengths of epo at the time, it was my only alternative.
Avatar f tn Just administer that amount of air into the vial then draw up the proper amount of saline and put it in the vial, then gently shake. The formula for know how much HCG do draw up: take the total amount you have in the vial divided by how much your dose is and multiply that by 2.
Avatar m tn I have read dirty syringes are a risk for hiv because hiv lives in the air tight space for up to four weeks. I have also read that if a negative person was to use a vial of steroids that an hiv positive person had used (with a dirty needle) that there isn't a risk as long as the negative person uses a clean needle. (the reason being because hiv can't live long outside the body) I'm confused because I was under the impression that vials are air tight like syringes.
Avatar n tn Step 6 Insert the tip of the syringe into the vial and depress the plunger to push air into the vial. Immediately turn the vial upside down with the syringe still inside the vial. The tip should be below the medicine level and the liquid should flow into the syringe to the correct dosage line. Step 7 Pull the syringe from the vial; carefully expel any extra liquid inside the needle, if necessary. Step 8 Wipe the injection area with alcohol to remove any bacteria or other contaminants.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went for my regular checkup...and got injected with antibiotics... I am sure they used new syringes but it was a multi dose vial.. Can't sleep whole night... Can I get hiv through multi dose vials as I saw Doctor used same syringe to refill it for second time on some other person....please help...
Avatar m tn Hi. I went for my Rabies shot which has a vial that contains the inactivated virus powder and an ampoule that has water. The water from the ampoule is filled in the syringe and injected into the vial first through a rubber part at the top and then the solution is mixed which is again filled in the syringe through the rubber part at the top and injected into the muscle. Anyway, after the nurse injected the water into the vial, she placed her index finger on the rubber part while shaking it.
Avatar m tn So they dont use the whole Blood in the vial to perform a single test? They draw a portion and add the reactors, the accuracy is the same, is that correct?
Avatar f tn I had all my first blood work done at 17 weeks including all the genetic test today at 20 weeks I went back they said everything was normal except my pap smear which I have to repeat in 12 months. Anyways they took one more vial of blood today but they didn't say what for? And also said Ill have the glucose test my next apt. What would they have taken one more vial of blood for?
Avatar m tn I have taken a half filled multishot-vial for ticks to give my dog ​​from someone who keeps more than 100 dogs and when I wanted to give an injection to my dog ​​... the needle accidentally stuck my hand . my question is that, can this put me at risk of getting rabies and if the rabies virus can survive in the vial's solution?
Avatar m tn The nurse drawing the blood used a vacuette quickshield with a needle attached to it and then filled 4 vials of blood. My problem is when she got to the last vial it appeared that blood was in the vial all ready from a previous patient. I know vials are not reused but if there was a human error and she drew my blood into a vial with someone else's blood would there be a risk there. If there is no risk can you please explain.
Avatar n tn pdf I understood what u said that is if the medication is drawn though reused syringe and then injected into another person then it can cause infection, but in the diagram given in the pdf file the old syringe was used to draw medicine from the vial and was used on same patient. When the same vial is used to draw medicine for another person using new needle and syringe the other person got infected because of contaminated medicine in the vial.
Avatar m tn It's not the holder, i'm worried about, it's the vial being re-used. Would obvious blood in the vial stain the vial if it wasnt sterilized?
Avatar f tn I have written that I was having a problem with preparing my procrit injection and having problems with air bubbles when withdrawing the solution out of the vial. Well, I received a new supply of procrit and this time the syringe is the 3 ml size with the 25 g needle, instead of the 1 ml size syringe and the 27 g needle. Maybe this larger syringe will be easier to release the air bubbles since I am only filling a smaller portion of this syringe.
Avatar m tn If during a blood draw, a persons blood was drawn into a partially used blood vial containing infected blood, is it possible that the other persons blood in the vial can flow out through the needle and into the vein?
Avatar f tn Went to dentist for tooth extraction.He injected anaesthesia from a multidose vial. He injected me twice. I dont think he used a new syringe on me.After injecting me once he put the same needle in the anaesthesia multidose vial and injected me again.He might have done it with other patients too. So is there any chance that he contaminated the anaesthesia bottle with hiv or other dangerous virus.. Am I at risk of hiv contamination from used needle or used anaesthesia.
Avatar n tn I have seen that doctor used new needle and new syringe, but he drawn the vaccine from multi dose vial. My fear is as multi dose will be used for more than one person, so what if vial contaminated with HIV and then is injected to next person, what are the risk chances hear? how long HIV can be infectious in the Vial? please advise.
Avatar m tn t see an issue with replacing the caps on these and using all of the drops until the vial is empty -- as long as you take common sense precautions on not touching anything when dispensing. Does this seem like I may be asking for trouble (infections or whatever)? Side note - these latest genteal preservative free drops (for moderate cases of dry eye) in the vial are working the best - like night and day - compared to the others I have tried. I think I will stick with them.
Avatar m tn The nurse drawing the blood used a vacuette quickshield with a needle attached to it and then filled 4 vials of blood. My problem is when she got to the last vial it appeared that blood was in the vial all ready from a previous patient. I know vials are not reused but if there was a human error and she drew my blood into a vial with someone else's blood would there be a risk there. If there is no risk can you please explain.