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1481230 tn?1287977381 Anyone else hear that Sandoz quit manufacturing the 50 mcg of the Fentanyl Patches??? This is what the pharmacist at Walmart told me when I went to go get my script filled for a higher dose. I have tried Mylan and Sandoz. and I liked Sandoz a lot better. Now I am using Watson...which is weird....I can at least visually see the medicine now but it leaves marks on my skin and my pain hasn't been controlled lately even with the increase.
374225 tn?1269902862 There are two types of generic Fentanyl and at least one of you claims that one is superior to the other. Which one is the better of the two? My doctor is probably going to let me try the patches over the methadone and I just want to be sure. It amazes me how much knowledge we all have accumulated and outside of these boards so much of it is wasted. I'm so glad this place exists and I found it.
1187071 tn?1279373298 I saw my pain doctor today and he put me on Fentanyl patch 25mgs every 72 hours. I have read all the papers on it and searched it on the internet. If there is any info on the patch that you don't read on the paperwork I was wondering if you could share. I put it on about a hour ago. My pharmacy gave me some things to go over the patch so it don't get wet, she said I can also buy them she gave me 2 of them.
535089 tn?1400677119 Is it possible that after 9 months after being on the Fentanyl patch that I am becoming allergic to them? It has also come to mind that after I have put a new patch on, I seem to have added muscle and joint pain. The muscle and joint pain will settle down after that initial first day. Any thoughts???
Avatar m tn My doctor has written me an rx for the fentanyl 12mcg patch to add to the 50mcg I am currently on. She suggested that I use the gel patch but I need to know who makes a 12mcg with the gel. Does Sandoz still make this patch? I called a major chain pharmacy and asked but they acted like I was a drug seeker so I thought if I could find out the mfg. company's name first then I could ask them to order it.
Avatar f tn I have been on Fentanyl Patches for about 3 years. I don't remember the name of the first brand I was on but I had problems with it staying on no matter were I put it. Some time ago when I got new patches they were an new brand, to me, called Advast. . They work very well for me. When I got my last patches they were a different brand called Apotex . I don't know if it is a new Brand but I have never used that brand.
1176986 tn?1264921442 In Duragesic fentanyl patches and authorized generics such as the Sandoz fentanyl patch, this reservoir will be filled with a fentanyl gel." "There is no fentanyl gel in a matrix style patch. Mylan pharmaceuticals makes a matrix patch. A matrix fentanyl patch places the fentanyl in adhesive. There is therefore no gel to link." END The matrix design is considered inherently safer because it cannot leak the fentanyl gel. However they are more costly.
767538 tn?1276578920 Congratls on getting off your meds, I tried that for the last three months and for me it was able to be. I couldn't continue to work without the Fentanyl. Let me know what your Doc says.
Avatar n tn Will I need more than the two Norcos per day directly after application of the patch due to the time it takes for the fentanyl to hit the system? I have researched quite a bit and I have found the "conversion" tools to try to understand what a "like for like" I am dealing with, but I really don't understand the charts. I really appreciate anything you can tell me on this. I am, of course-a bit afraid to start the new patches not being sure about the Norco dosage to stop.
Avatar m tn I have recently been switched off of the Percocet to a 25mcg Fentanyl Patch. Its been almost 1 week and I have not had good results with the patch. I'm supposed to change the patch every 72 hours, however, after about 48, the skin becomes irritated and itches severely. I realize the Fentanyl would take time to build up in my system but after 5 days I have not had any relief. I intend to call my doctor tomorrow but was looking for any feedback or comments.
592774 tn?1325397342 DH just started with fentanyl patch and we are having trouble keeping it on. I have been taping around the edges but it does not stay attached in the middle where the medicine is. We have tried his upper arm, upper chest, upper back. I would love any advice on how to keep these things on! I tried using a hair dryer to dry his skin and then warming up the patch with the hairdryer before sticking it on tonight. His movement just makes it separate from his skin.
Avatar f tn When we arrived and they saw the Fentanyl Patch, the first thing they assumed was overdose. They did a tox screen and found no opiates in her system. The patch had been replaced approximately 24 hours prior. She has been on the Fentanyl Patch (100 mcg) for about 3 years and uses a tegaderm patch over it to hold it in place. It was on her stomach. She always places the patches on her stomach or upper arm in a fatty area. This is the 4th ER visit in the past 12 months due to withdrawals.
Avatar n tn I am on my sixth day without any fentanyl at all. I have been on it for almost 5 YEARS. I had a terrible car accident in 2003 and have been on as much as 75 mcg. every 48 hours. I have been tapering down since about March of this year, and did the "cut the patch" thing (with MYLAN only) on the 25's for about a month and got it down to about a third of a patch for about 2 weeks and then nothing. I am miserable.
Avatar m tn I had been using fentanyl patches for about a month. I would wear them on my side/hip, switching sides every 2 days when a new patch would be applied. I noticed while on the patch that my skin would kind of swell up and turn red and get very dry, usually around the edges of the patch (sandoz gel type). Well I havent worn any patches or taken any fentanyl in about 3 weeks. But I still have a red rash that is very dried out feeling compared to normal skin.
1575311 tn?1312798384 Has anyone ever used Sandoz or other Fentanyl patches and had a shortage in the box? Or any suggestions on what I should do? Here's the situation- I have two boxes each with 4 instead of 5 patches. I thought I was going insane and even accused my mom of taking a patch out of the box. After checking the entire area where the patches were, I checked the other box and found only 4 patches in that box as well. I got the script on January 17th.
Avatar f tn Hi , I am new here.... My doctor just put me on the Fentanyl patch yesterday. I have a chronic pain condition and pinched nerves, muscle pain, degenerative disc disease and sciatica. The dose I started is 25 mcg. Ive been on so many opiate meds and hardly anything touches my pain, so this is something I really do want to try because my quality of life is terrible right now. My question is this.
Avatar n tn I don't see why not, but ask the dr that prescribed it--I use the patches and they are great--get the Sandoz if you get a generic--the Mylan generic's are cheaper, but most agree they do not work well at all--hope this helps--Roger
1271743 tn?1320896061 From time to time the FDA recalls misc brands and strengths of the fentanyl patch. My question doesn't ditrectly relate to recall but I normally get the Duragesic brand name patches or generic Sandoz brand. These patches had a gel inside and was secreated through the adhevise into the skin. The patches now no longer are made with the gel inside. They are made like the Mylan patches . The first week of the change I hurt so much worse... almost like I did have a patch on at all.
Avatar n tn I have been using fentanyl patches for about 20 years and pharmacy recently switched to this horrible brand. The adhesive seeps from around the edges and sticks on my clothes and will pull the patch completely off. When I first put it on within 12 hours it feels like the patch is delivering too much and by 48 hours I feel like I am going into withdrawal. If the pharmacy doesn't go back to Mylan or Sandoz (having no problems) I will have to change to another pharmacy. These things are horrible.
Avatar f tn Others will be on later who do have personal experience with this matter . I did use the Mylan brand but it was several years ago. Fentanyl wasn't a good choice of medications for me. But check back. Someone else with better information will be here later.
Avatar n tn I've been on Fentanyl for several years (2) and am growing increasingly tired of it. The problem is that I'm really, really dependant and it doesn't last me the 2 days that it is supposed to, so every other day I jones for it and have w/d symptoms. Literally...w/d every second day of my life, it's miserable. I live with my girl of 6 years and want nothing more then to be normal again.
1934087 tn?1360478607 I recently had surgery that should help relieve SOME of my chronic pain (due to several botched surgeries plus 2 genetic defects in my nerve structure in my lower back), therefore I will not need the fentanyl patch 24/7 anymore. The problem is that my doc is not willing to provide any medical support while I wean down. Why is it that docs feel that you must be punished for being physically addicted to a medicine that you do not abuse, but that you actually need?
Avatar n tn I use the Duragesic Patch 100Mcg and they work well for me--have to get name brand (Jannsen) or the generic brand Sandoz--but the generic brand Mylan was worthless for me--just a thought--good luck
1271743 tn?1320896061 J owns Sandoz) and it was much cheaper and worked great. Until I get my normal rx and now the fentanyl is made into the adhesive like the Mylan patches. I have experienced increasing pain since the change. From what I understand the matrix technology works differently and my doctor thought I would be ok in the next month. That was in Feb and now it's May. Prior to the change he made it clear he would not increase my patch dose... but maybe he will be more open minded now....
1407197 tn?1281301651 I need to advise you that there are NO Doctors on this Forum only CP (Chronic Pain) Patients that help each other with their own expertise and experiences with their own pain conditions. I use the Fentanyl Patches also. I use the 50 mcg and 12 mcg. I change mine every 48 hours as I have an absorption problem with my meds. I think what you are forgetting that, yes, the first patch does take awhile to get into your system, BUT once it's in then you don't need to worry about that again.
1279189 tn?1275248468 If USED CORRECTLY, this medication also by history, requires less BT addems(other pain meds) and bi-linked system medications.Where one must use caution is in bathing. The release of fentanyl is based on temp on the patch, This is the reason, and the sole reson why we must be careful with some areas of recreaton and the hot tubs. Moreover, trust in your Doctor. seems ro me by reading your post, you are a, straight shooter and your doctor can see that.