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Avatar f tn But I think the Fentanyl may be covering the hydrocodone withdrawal. Fentanyl is very strong and the withdrawals can be long and difficult. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones but it's possible that 'it just hasn't hit you yet. I found the first few drops of the Fentanyl were easy but the lower I got the harder it became. I hope you can escape them and find a way to manage your pain.
Avatar f tn i came off Fentanyl a few weeks ago and I am ready to come off the percs (I was on both). I think that the Fentanyl is all out of my system so its time. I am a little freaked because the Fentanyl withdrawal was so recent and terrible but its time. Any words of encouragement? I could sure use it.
Avatar f tn I have been on fentanyl since my first failed fusion 8 years ago. My primary care dr said I would realistically never get off of it. I want to now that my back has fused. I have a lot of pain at present after the hardware removal. My pain has not been controlled because of the fentanyl. I was warned but there was nothing I could do to prepare for it. I feel like someone was digging for hours in my flesh! I want to get off the patch as soon as I heal from surgery. How should I start?
369629 tn?1237812958 took me off the fentanyl and put me on morphine sulfate every 12 hours the switch was very easy and i am feeling much better,but its still an addiction drug but i guess i have to live with that if i want to be pain free witch i am for now i fine i am a little sore but i rather feel a little pain then what i was feeling before so thanks for your help.... i think this is a good drug...
Avatar f tn My spine doctor placed me on 50mg Fentanyl Patches 6 months ago. It definately helped me with the pain, but when I started reading the terrible side effects I decided I wanted to go off this medication. With the help of my pain doctor, I decided to go cold turkey. Today is day 3. Night time is worse. Bet I haven't had more than 3 hours sleep in the past 3 nights. Skin is crawling, stomach feels like hundreds of worms are just squirming all over.
Avatar f tn I am thrilled to say that somehow or other my pain management specialist has managed to get my medical aid (that is a form of health insurance, but different, hard to explain) to pay for the pain patch, Duragesic (fentanyl patch) out of my chronic medication allowance! This is brilliant, I am so relieved that they agreed to pay for it because it is extremely expensive and I couldn't afford it at all. Hooray!
301640 tn?1302652334 I looked up WPW and it can be controlled with meds. The good news is that, like most ventricular arrhythmias, it responds VERY well to RF ablation. The worst case scenario is that you nephew might need to have an ablation later in life. It's not fun but it is NOT difficult on the patient. Ablation is really not terribly invasive and doesn't even require general anesthesia. Around here they give you a jolt of versed and fentanyl and do the work while you are "elsewhere".
1006065 tn?1251478669 Thanks for your feedback...I didn't clarify one thing. I DID do a slow taper off Fentanyl...I went from 37.5 mcg/hr to 25 mcg/hr (for nine days) then down to 12.5 mcg/hr (the lowest dose...and you CAN'T cut the patch...it's in patch form...or it can KILL you.) I was on the 12.5 mcg/hr for 15 days (as prescribed by my doctor) and that was the jumping off point because there is no lower dose and you cannot cut it!
Avatar f tn I've been on the Fentanyl patch for a while now (75 mcg/h.) It does help in some ways with the pain, but my breakthrough pain medicine is not where I want it. i am seriously stressed out right now about my dad. (His PET scan is tomorrow and then the lung doctor the following Tuesday.) Other family news that is also bad. No wonder the pain is not well controlled. Question, though, is memory. I have NONE. I seem perfect in my responses (and intentions.
353208 tn?1260866985 I am sorry to hear this news and know your loss personally as I lost my close sister three years ago. I pray for you and your family.
Avatar f tn t nerve pain! So will let you know, if and when I wake up after the Fentanyl (and IF the Fentanyl) kicks in! It didn't help at all when I used it years ago, but i will try again, really, they don't give you any options, its that or....NOTHING! (at least in my case) I'll post later. Thanks for writing, I am so sorry for the cancer pain, I do know about that, and only a morphine pump seemed to help.
1337431 tn?1280955899 I just started Fentanyl 100MCG/HR (the patch) this week. I have chronic pain (neuropathic pain); I had a herniated disc and had surgery which apparently didn't do very much, the pain still radiates from my back all the way down to my toes. The tingling and burning sensation is unbearable, on top of all this, I also have Fibromyalgia, arthritis on my legs, and carpotunel. I have a 17 and 3 yr old to support, but only able to work part time because of the pain.
29837 tn?1414534648 Its pretty great while it last but when it is time to come off it will be really bad news. Good luck, I hope you find some good advise on here, it has helped me.
5204799 tn?1365456784 i still have not filled my script for the fentanyl and i am staying within my daily prescribed dosage for 7 days now!! if i can just keep at this pace i will have barely.... but enough pills until my refill. i wish i was done all together with these wicked drugs....but for now i am just taking it one day at a time and doing the best i can. my current strategy is to start my taper with my new refill in the beginning of may.
Avatar f tn I had a few bouts of feeling pretty good so I really hope this is a turning point for me. I can see a little of the person I once was before fentanyl and percs. I just hope I can sleep tonight!
1363343 tn?1287161630 I was on the fentanyl patch, 50mcg every 3 days for 2 weeks, I quit taking the patch, thinking I didn't need it anymore, as my pancreatitis pain had become almost nonexistant. It's been 4 days now and the pain I am feeling now is so ridiculous that I wanna just scream! I feel like the bones in my legs and arms are being broken in many pieces, a feeling I know well after suffering multiple fractures and breaks in both arms.
Avatar m tn Hi, I detoxed from the Fentanyl patch about 6 - 7 years ago so I know the hell you describe when you took it off. The good news is, is that you can do this and that we will be here to help.
Avatar m tn ve held onto a used patch to wear one for appearances, but worry about Fentanyl not showing up in urine. I just opened my last patch and have 10 days before next refil. Would ingesting or chewing a piece be enough to have a positive urine test? How quickly does Fentanyl show in the urine? My previous tests have not been a problem because I've had 'accepted level' of Fentanyl....though I don't know what that is.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken the Fentanyl skin patch for an extended period of time? If yes, do you mind sharing how it has helped your pain?
Avatar f tn Fentanyl can be extremely hard to come off. Withdrawals typically last longer than other drugs, other than suboxone and methadone. I came off Fentanyl a few years ago and it was very rough. It would be great for him to involve his doctor because he can prescribe Clonidine which helps with some of the physical symptoms. They may even give him gabapentin, which also helps with withdrawal and is non-narcotic. The Imodium will also help. Staying hydrated is really important.
614471 tn?1221179194 hi there could anyone give me advice on tramadol and fentanyl addiction. i am currently on 75mcg/hr fentanyl patch which i change every 24 hours and i also take 8 50mg tramadol daily. i take the pain meds due to my knees which im waitng to have replaced but ive been waiting now for 18 months and am so so scared of coming off the drugs as im frightened that i will go into w/d.
Avatar m tn Been off Fentanyl for 5 days now. 5 solid days of hell. How long does this last? Even though the worst physical symptoms passed after 3rd day, the aching, restlessness, no appetite and insomnia are still unbearable. Some good news please...........................
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?
Avatar f tn OH boy 23 pills is not going to help much the tramadol can cause sezuires not to mention he has been on all of this other stuff .I would suggest he consults with a doctor tell him what going on and they should be able to make a plan so he wont go into full WD before next weekend.