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Avatar n tn Multiply that by 6 and it could take up to 74.4 hours to clear the drug.You can do the math. Fentanyl lozenges-approx. 7 hours. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for a 100mcg Fentanyl patch to get out of your system for a drug test?
Avatar f tn I have a horrible cold.. am i allowef throat lozenges? Nothing is helping i have been drinkin hot honey and lemon all days and gargling salt water..
Avatar f tn I have been using commit lozenges since February 2. 2008. I am wondering if they have any negative side effects, anyone know, I am having some health issues (sore throat, flu like smptoms, and skin conditions). Oh yeah, I use about 6 - 8 per day.
Avatar f tn I quit smoking cigarettes 12/13/07 by using Commit Lozenges. However, I am still using them, very much addicted to same. A week or two after starting the Commit Lozenges, I became depressed and still am. I do not want to take prescription antidepressants. Have tried many natural things but they haven't done anything for me. I have lived with this depression almost 2 yrs., am so sick of the Commit Lozenges but am afraid to give them up as I don't know what withdrawal will do.
Avatar f tn I have a sore throat and my symptoms keep worsening. I am also on Effexor XR and I know I can't take nurofen cold n flu or aspirin... I have some sore throat lozenges at home which have dequalinium chloride as the active ingredient along with ascorbic acid. I have tried searching the internet for possible interactions but I can't find anything in regards to that. Is there something about it I should be worried about? If so, what alternatives would you suggest?
Avatar f tn Anyone have to take the progesterone lozenges for low progesterone??? I had a m/c in November. This time I found out I was pregnant early and Dr did a progesterone level and I was low. Have to take lozenges 100mg twice a day. Anyone else have this issue??
Avatar f tn I swear by zinc lozenges on the first onset of a sore throat. I'm only 5 Weeks pregnant and wouldn't you know it, I have the start of a sore throat. anyone know if it's ok to take the lozenges? I know, I know, I need to ask my OB but I don't even have one in place yet since I'm so early on.
Avatar f tn I want to quit chewing tobacco and want to use the gum or lozenges or patch to help me. But I don't know how much to take or if these methods are safe/effective. Anyone know? All of the instructions refer to cigarette smokers, not chewers like me.
Avatar f tn I agree with Jade. I wish I could offer more but addictions of any sort needs to be dealt with in the same manner......just stop and deal with the withdrawals. Nicotine addiction will generally last 72 hours and once it's over, it's over. I would imagine, because Commit lozenges has a certain amount of nicotine in it, it may take the same amount. Try substituting. Jade gave a very good example.....perhaps celery and or carrot sticks too.
Avatar f tn I just had the same thing - try zinc lozenges - other lozenges are safe too ( I asked my midwife the same thing) - and drink honey and lemon in hot water to sooth the throat. Sucking on chwable vitamin c instead of just chewing it helped me not cough sometimmes- good luck- it ***** to be sick! Get tons of sleep where you can!
5531927 tn?1445274919 I work in an endoscopy center, you should feel a little soreness for two days or so and maybe spit up a little blood where the biopsies were done....some lozenges should fix that though if it's still hurting I would call your doctor.
11928406 tn?1431049111 So I got lozenges for my sore throat but I havent taken it yet. Is it safe to take while pregnant?? Im 30 weeks 4 days... if not or if you dont know is their any ideas you have on how to help my sore throat and stuffy nose..??
Avatar m tn Hard candy helped me as well, mainly in the form of throat lozenges. And yes, water helped me when I felt a coughing bout coming on. Nothing stops it near as I can tell, but water and lozenges helped control it some. Good luck!!!
Avatar n tn What are the long-term effects of using commit lozenges? I have used them for a couple years and can't kick them. Are they are safe replacement for smoking?
Avatar f tn hi is there long term effects using nicotine lozenges? I stopped smoking nearly one year ago i still use 5 per day of 2 mg strength.
Avatar f tn Hot tea (like chamomile) with honey and lemon always works great for me. And lozenges are goo too. If it's really and though then go ahead and give your doctor a call and see what they say is good to take as far as otc medicines. Hope you start feeling better soon.
8367118 tn?1442605420 Throat lozenges, salt water gargle, cepacol, cepastat. This is per my doctors list of what is safe to take during pregnancy for throat.
Avatar f tn Yeah theres really not much you can take at all....basically all the stuff that does nothing!! No decongestants or cough suppressants unfortunately... Be careful the lozenges you use. Herbal is safest. And teaspoons of honey help coat the throat. Doesn't last long but it feels nice for a bit. Decaf chamomile tea with honey too. And sleep propped up. Last week I was diagnosed with just a virus..well by Sunday it worked its way to my lungs and now i have bronchitis ..it *****!!
Avatar n tn Use Cholarseptic spray, it helps
Avatar f tn re being taken care of and if you can - find another narcotic to keep you levelheaded while the fentanyl leaves your system. I give props to those who have kicked fentanyl without any other narcotic to ween down with. It was very difficult even with low doses of Vicodin for a good five days or so. Good luck and remember that you aren't alone. Many of us have successfully detoxed from fentanyl and you can, too.
Avatar f tn I'm presuming you're talking about the fentanyl patch? Fentanyl is a very strong pain med, as I'm sure you're aware. It does come in other forms - pills, IV and "lollipops" - perhaps one of those other forms would be less expensive for you - I'm not sure. The main thing is, none of those are as long acting as the patches.
Avatar f tn Well if you have a doctor call them and let them know.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor when it first started and he said it must be something viral and there is nothing he could do about it. After 5 weeks i went back and he prescribed me some lozenges, which are doing nothing. He said if they dont work, go back to see him and he will refer me to an ENT specialist at the hospital. Any idea what it could be? Im really worried, partly because I had skin cancer some years ago and have since become a bit of a hyperchondriac!